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Date Reported Time Reported Reported By News
December 14nd, 2002 10:03PM Gbalover 12/14/02
I added alot of stuff as you can see.
December 13th, 2002 10:00PM Gbalover 12/13/02
Well with Chritmas around 11 days away the shopping season speeds up. Metroid Prime is a hit everywhere and is sold out at Best Buy's, Funcoland's, Babbage's and any other place that sells videogames. I know my parents already have both hehe but not to worry reports say that they are expecting at least 2 more shipments of games before christmas eve when the last minute shoping rush takes place. Good news on the website. A Metroid Fusion faq should be posted with the other pages by the end of the weekend i jsut need to get confermation from the faq's creater that im useing (going to use) then we will be set to go. has ranked Metroid Prime with many great awards including Top 5 GC Game sionce release. 2nd Longest Game Ever Made. Best Gamecube Game Ever Created. Best Grafic's Game Out on any system. Other News states that Gamecube will be going online within the next 3-4 months. Metroid Prime has yet to appear on the starting games list :(. but not to worry rumors have it that it will be added just beore it goes online for the "suspense" says Well im awflly tired and the pages that are already up will ahve a template once the fusion pages are up since its to busy to sopy and paste everypage. so its all good. The time is here when christmas rolls around this site will ahve a new look with News, Poll, Chatroom, Picture Of The DAY. and more so expect much after finals end friday the 20th!!!
December 12th, 2002 11:02AM Gbalover 12/12/02
I am home sick from school today and I dont feel like doing much. I have news on the website tho. By the end of this weekend the Metroid Fusion pages should be posted including... Screenshots, Codes, Faq, Background, About, and more but i cant give it all away. For some reason traffic has sky rocked the past few days so keep it up and we might get our .com website if i want to spend the money. With Christmas only 13 days away i have an idea of what i am going to be reciving for christmas... the list as follows...
Metroid Prime
Metroid Fusion
New Computer
and more. So if i get both Fusion and Prime i will be able to write reviews for both out of my own words. I have played Fusion and i love it but i dont want to play Metroid until i get it myself. I hear its one of the best games ever made so we will see. The only downside i ahve heard from it was from my friend and that the controls are "screwed up" but in some places. Well check back with'n the next 2 days for some changes.
December 8th, 2002 1:29PM Gbalover 12/8/02
Today i added the little metroid pictures, i changed some table colors, and added and Samus picture in the background of the news page. I have also started and Metroid Fusion section and that will be up by the end of the weekends when i get around 6 pages to post. The Forums are also up and will be configured this week. I am hoping to get all of your support when i submit this to planetnintendo if i feel like doing the whole FTP thing. More updates tomorrrow if im not to busy dtudying for finals.
December 7nd, 2002 11:46PM Gbalover 12/7/02
Wel the site is up and running. The design will be completed by the end of the weekend. If you would like to e-mail me feel frre to at If any body would like to do a Review for either Prime Or Fusion it would be greatly apreciated i own Fusion but i odnt have the time.