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Lorellin is a woodland elf. She hails originally from Eryn Lasgalen however she was kidnapped and enslaved as a young adult. She sees all life through her captivity and even though she has currently fled, she will always be hunted and those around her will be targets also. Her weapons consist of a sword and 2 daggers, a bow and quiver with arrows. On her neck there are Elven carvings, the markings of her ownership.

At the moment, she carries a coin whose markings match those on her body. Her one purpose is to quell the Trade Horde's death grip that is threatening the peace of Middle Earth.

The Horde is responsible for the underground slave trade that kidnapped her and killed the only one to whom she has ever given her heart.

Lorellin is always looking for those who will fight…

Will you help stop this evil?