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Lonesome Travels is back, and better than before! With the introduction of new elements, and a new
society to our world of hunters, I expect we'll be more successful than ever, and hopefully,
more fun than before. However, with the introduction of new elements comes the inevitable warnings...



This page contains controversial views on various branches of
religions; with my, the creatorís, views on the relations of angels,
demons, fallen angels, and the like.

By continuing, you certify that you enter with an
open mind, and of your own will. I do not accept responsibility for any of
the consequences of viewing this site, nor will I ever do so.


Furthermore, this is an Internet RPG, and one with mildly mature themes at that. More than likely,
there will be suggestive content and or description of brief nudity, etc., and there will certainly
be depictions of graphic violence. Knowing how many role-playing games end up, it will more than
likely also involve sex. Though I wish I could, I cannot guarantee ALL subject matter will be
in good taste; Iím not a mind reader. However, I would recommend the minimum age for players
to be 17.

Of course, I myself canít read your mind, and I canít guarantee youíre not 17. Iím not going
to be anal and ask everyoneís age. However, because I have included this disclaimer, by
proceeding you automatically assume full responsibility for whatever mental traumas
you may incur upon yourself.


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