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Name: Lexus FyreStorm

Birth Name: Lexus

Age: He Appears To Be Nineteen Yet In Actuallity He Is One Thousand Years Young.

Race: He Is A PureBlood Werewolf With The Blood Of A Drow Elf Flowing Through His Veins.

Mate: Rainee Garou.



Eye Color: His Right Eye Is A Pale Silver And His Left Is A Pure White With A Tiny Black Pupil.When He Is Angry They Become A Deep Pure Crimson With White Smoke Eminating From Them.When He Is Pleasured They Become A Soft Emerald.

Hair Color: Raven Black Which Is Normally Within A Long Braided Long Ponytail Which Come To Rest Just Above His Waist.

Height: He Stands At Six Feet And Two Inches.

Weight: He Weighs At A Lean Two Hundred And Fifty Five Pounds.