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Lost Soul

Character Information

DM Lost Soul
Information Stats

Strentgh: 150,000

Speed: 210,000

Intel: 150,000

Hit Points: 100,000

Energy: 220,000

Ki: 520,000

Extra Points: 30,000

Name-DM Lost Soul


Planet: Earth

Money: 2,000

Weapons: Sparda Sword-35% of Str



Space Pod:


AIM: DM Lost Soul

Trainer: None

Alignment: Nuetral

Record-Wins: none Losses: none


Basic Moves:

Punch/Kick- 10% of strength
Ki Control
Sword Control
Magic Art
Power Up
Power Transfer
Martial Arts
Cheap Shot
Solar Flare
Dodanpo- 25% of Energy
Mouth Blast- 15% of Ki
Throw Down- 20% of strength
Leg Sweep- 10% of strength

Sword Attacks:

Magic Attacks:
Wind- 15% of Intel
Earth- 15% of Intel
Posion- 15% of Intel for 3 turns
Nature- Can't move or attack for 2 Turns
Cure- 20% of Intel
Fire- 15% of Intel
Blizzard- 15% of Intel
Water- 15% of Intel
Haste- 25% of Spd
Slow- 25% of Spd
Thunder-Lightning elemental damage 15% int 5,000 ki
Thundara-Lightning elemental damage 25% int 10,000 ki
Thundaga-Lightning elemental damage 50% int 15,000 ki
Thunder Blast-Lightning elemental damage 75% int 20,000 ki
Thunder Elemental-Lightning elemental damage 125% int 100,000 ki
Nova-Non-Elemental damageto all but caster- 125% int 100,000 ki
Super Nova-Non-Elemental damage to all but Caster- 250% int 3,000,000 ki
Thunder Punch 25% int 10,000 ki
Thunder Kick 25% int 10,000 ki
Ultima-Non-elemental damage 100% 50,000 ki
All-Ultima-Non-elemental damage 125% 100,000 ki