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Race: Saiya-Jin
Sex: Male
Alignment: Evil Hero
Weapon: None

Strength 240,000
Speed 200,000
Intel 235,000
Hit Points 230,000
Energy 335,000
Ki 1,010,000
Extra Points 0

Other Stats
Status Chillin
Planet Earth
Items None
Money $2,000
Aim s/n KevOnFire258

Magic Move Limit
Fire - 15% of Intel Punch/Kick 10% of Str Level 1: None Yet
Fira - 25% of Intel En-rage
Ice Sword Transform
Rock Smash- oppoent can't move or attack for 2 Turns Moon Ball
Chamber Of Ice Sword Control
Rock Armor - Blocks One Attack, once a fight Ki Control
Killer Ice Blast Magic Art
Rock Storm Bukujutsu
Dark Coment Power Transfer
Super Ice Gun - 100% of energy - 40,000ki Limit
Rock Punch Dodanpo - 25% of Energy
Death Bliss - 125% of energy - undogdeable or unblockable 50,000ki Kamehameha- 50% of energy
Slow - 25% of spd Chou Kamehameha- 75% of energy