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Character Information

Cloud Strife was born in Nibelheim. He was a difficult child, one that cannot fit in with others. He tried desperately to be accepted, so he wanted to be friends with Tifa, the most popular girl in the neighbourhood. However, he still wasn't able to win the acceptance from the boys, so he decided to leave to join the SOLDIER instead. Another reason he wanted to join the SOLDIER was because the general of SOLDIER, Sephiroth, was his idol. He wanted to become like him, and he thought joining the SOLDIER will bring him closer to his goal. He worked for Shinra for a few years, then quit to become a mercenary instead after Sephiroth's mysterious disappearance.
Information Stats

Strentgh: 30000

Speed: 30000

Intel: 30000

Hit Points: 30000

Energy: 30000

Ki Points: 90,000

Extra Points:

Name- Cloud


Planet: Earth

Money: 2,000

Job: Bounty Hunter


AIM: ggoku1029 / Click here if you are using aol in order to see if I'm on

Trainer: Majin Gogeta

Alignment: ????

Record-Wins: none Losses: none


Basic Moves:

Punch/Kick- 10% of strength
1.Ki Control
3.Solar Flare
4.Magic Art
5.Martial Arts