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Elite Moves

Elite Attacks

All stats must be above 2,000,000 in order to use these

Move Description Ki Cost Requirements Damage/Add ons
10 Times Kamehameha (beam) This is just a suped-up version of Kamehameha. It is 10 times as strong as a normal Kamehameha 95,000 Chou Kamehameha and Final Flash 125% of Energy
Big Bang Attack (beam) The user holds his/her arm at right angles to his/her body and lets loose an extrememly powerful ball of energy which explodes the atoms of the target on contact 90,000 Galic Gun and Death Ball 115% of Energy
Final Flash (beam) This attack is charged with the user's arms spread out, palms facing the opponent then the wrists are brought together and fired 92,000 Big Bang Attack 122% of Energy
Big Bang Kame Hame Ha (projectile) This is a combination of Kamehameha and Big Bang Attack 130,000 Big Bang Attack and 10 Times Kamehameha 180% of Energy
Double Destructo Disk (projectlie Two Destructo Discs are formed above the user's head and thrown at the opponent 93,000 Destructo Disk 94% of Energy
Final Kame Hame Ha (beam) This is a combination of Final Flash and Kamehameha 128,000 Final Flash and 10 Times Kamehameha 180% of Energy
Thunder Flash (beam) The user shoots a massive column of fire out from the user's fists 90,000 Gamma Ray and Magic Art 92% of Energy
Super Galic Gun (beam) This is a suped-up version of Galic Gun 95,000 Galic Gun 125% of Energy
Stone Spit (other) The user spits on the opponent and turns them to stone 61,000 MAgic Art and Mouth Blast The opponent is frozen for 2 turns and can't attack back Can only be used 2 times
Ryu Ken (melee) The user charges at the opponent calling upon the power of the Eternal Dragon to deliver an almighty punch 100,000 Must have summoned the Dragon Balls at Least once and Rapid Punch 127% of Strength
Continuous Kame Hame Ha (beam) The user fires one Kamehameha after the other 5 times 100,000 Chou Kamehameha 115% of Energy
Energy Ring (other) The user shoots five of small energy rings, which pin the opponent's arms, and to a nearby wall or cliff wall 61,000 Galactica Donut Traps the opponent so that they can't attack for two turns Can only be used 3 times
Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha (beam) The user fires two blasts, then merge them together and split them so you have multiple Ki bolts raining down on your opponents 91,000 none Can attack more than one person Can split up how much damage goes to which person that amount can't go past 97% of your Energy 97% of Energy
Burning Attack (projectile) This is performed by doing a complicated set of arm movements which end with the hands being brought together in a triangle shape and a ball of energy being released 100,000 Rapid Punch and Tri Beam 125% of Energy
Magaru Kame Hame Ha (beam) This is ability to fire a Kame Hame Ha and control its direction so that it turns around and strikes the opponent in the back 95,000 Magic Art and Chou Kamehameha 113% of Energy This attack can't be dodged
Instant Transmission Kamehameha (beam) The user charges a Kamehameha as normal in front of his/her opponent, then at the last second he uses Instant Transmission to get close to the opponent and then fires the blast 115,000 Instant Transmission and 10 Times Kamehameha 125% of Energy Can't be blocked or dodged