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Basic Moves

Basic Attacks

Move Description Ki Cost Requirements Damage/Add ons
Ki Control The Ability to Control your inner Ki 0 none Ki use
Power Up The Ability to raise your ki back to normal 0 Ki Control Returns Ki to Normal
Sword Control The Ability to control your sword 0 None adds 10% of Strentgh to Sword Attack
Bukujutsu The Ability to fly with help of ki 0 Ki Control adds 10000 to your speed when in use
En-Rage The abilty to take your anger and use it to your power 0 Power Up Doubles all stats but hp and ki and intel
Transform The ability to Transform into a stronger self 0 Enrage example Saiyans Transform to Super Saiyans or Ozaru's
Power Transfer The ability to give your power to someone 0 Ki Control Give whoever your stats that you wish to lose (exp: your str is 20,000 you give user 10,000 str you now have 10,000 str. In order to recieve the power and stats from Power Transfer you must also know Power Transfer
Magic Art The Ability to Control Magic 0 none Magic use
Limit The Ability to do Limit Breaks 0 none Limit use
Martial Arts The ability to use Martial Arts in combat 0 none Allows for the user to use melee attacks in combat
Cheap Shot (melee) The user punches or kicks there opponent in the crotch 0 Martial Arts The opponent is stunned for 1 turn. Can only be used 2 times per fight
Solar Flare (other) The sun's rays are amplified and shine in the opponent's eyes and blinds them. 12,500 Ki Control Stuns the opponent for two turns
Moon Ball (other) Creates a fake moon by compressing the atmosphere with a ball of energy. 13,000 Transform Causes a Saiyan to transform into their Oozaru form
Dodanpo (beam) An extremely powerful beam shot from one finger 14,500 Ki Control 25% of Energy
Mouth Blast (beam) The user shoots a Ki blast from their mouth 12,500 Ki Control 15% of Ki
Throwdown (melee) The user picks up the opponent flies into the air and throws them back to earth 12,500 Martial Arts and Bukjutsu 20% of strength
Leg Sweep (melee) The user swings his/her leg around an takes out the opponents legs from under them 12,000 Martial Arts 10% of strength