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Main Rules


Members: The members page is a list of all the active members at Land Of Four.
Past Members: This is a list of all the past members of Land Of Four, they either 'Moved' or became inactive.
O.O.C.: The out of character board is where people can talk about the site. Post their comments, suggestions and questions. This is the only place that you should be posting these comments, anywhere else and they will be deleated.
Advertising: The advertising board is for other people to post their site. The rule for this is that you can only advertising on this board and anywhere else will be deleated. If you post on this board with you're site you must also have a advertising board in the website you are advertising.
Staff Only: The staff only password and username are going to be given out to people that me, and Lyric think deserve it. Don't take offence if you don't get the log-in material, you may get it next week.
Staff: The staff board holds the information for all the staff members. Here you can find contacts, names, players, and more. If you want to be on staff send sinopa you're Ooc name, characters, Aim/Yim s/n, and you're e-mail. You must have an e-mail not only to join this site but also to be on the staff.
Links: The link page is for other rpg links. If you wan't you're link up either send a e-mail or post the following in the ooc board. Sites name, link, and description. If you're link is put up you MUST put ours up on you're site.
Disclaimer: The disclamier is a page that dedicates all the ideas to the Author of the Harry Potter books.

.:.Great Hall.:.

Sorting Hat: This page is the sorting hat, once you take the quiz, link located at the bottum of the page, you need to copy the url given so that you can put it in you're joining message as proof that you went to the hat.