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Here is a list of triggers for the various herbs and things and how they need to be used (smoked, eaten, applied). If you notice an error or have an addition please email me so I can fix it. Happy triggering!

ash, bellwort, bloodroot, caloric, compose, concentrate, elm, epidermal

An urge to visit the Goddess of Dreams overcomes you
Ooh look! A lovely lake. Perhaps you'll dive in!
Spiders are erupting from your mouth and nose!
The bubonis entity strokes your forehead and your thoughts are thrown into
Unthinking paranoia overcomes you.
You are stunned by the sight of a massive pink bunny hopping by
You are stunned by a vision of the Logos
You are too confused to concentrate properly.
You look about yourself, frenzied and wild-eyed.
You reel as the beam strikes, dazzled and confused.
Your head spins as your mind is drowned in chaos and confusion.
Your mind feels suddenly confused and jumbled.
Your vision blurs for a moment.
Your hypersomnia prevents your insomnia.
%w flings a tarot card at you which turns an ominous,
You crouch down to spring forward, but the purpose of doing so eludes
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%w bows %w head and mutters something, then flings
A sense of deep inner calm descends on you.
A set of scales appears above your head and one side of
gazes fondly at you, eyes shining with compassion and love
Justice is dealt out and your attack rebounds onto you.
throws a Lovers tarot at you and as it strikes true, you
throws a sultry glance at you, and bursts into song with
You have a bad feeling about this.
You love %w far too much to even THINK of hurting %w.
Your deep passionate love for
Your mind softens as you feel your entire being
Your will to harm anything leaves you.
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A gelatinous polyp extends a tentacle and grasps you with it, stinging
Frustratingly, your body won't respond to your call to action
gaze to you and suddenly your body
The bees sting you into paralysis
You feel a sharp pain in the back of your neck and your limbs lock up
You feel your limbs stiffen and lock
Your body stiffens rapidly
Your limbs stiffen and lock
Your muscles lock
Your muscles stiffen and lock
Your state of paralysis prevents you from doing
^{A|*}{ |*}{p|*}{r|*}{i|*}{c|*}{k|*}{l|*}{y|*}{ |*}{s|*}{t|*}{i|*}{n|*}{g|*}{i|*}{n|*}{g|*}{ |*}{o|*}{v|*}{e|*}{r|*}{c|*}{o|*}{m|*}{e|*}{s|*}{ |*}{y|*}{o|*}{u|*}{r|*}{ |*}{b|*}{o|*}{d|*}{y|*},
Being paralysed, you can't do that
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and exhales a blast of frigidly cold air upon you
You feel the strength ebb from your body as the cold
Your body slows as it freezes in the extreme cold
sends the cold of the grave
gestures grandly, and causes a deepfreeze to
sends an icy blue tendril of light that lashes out at you and
Though still shivering, you are no longer frozen solid.
You have a particularly intense shiver.
You suddenly feel that it would be a fine idea to relax your caloriC
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Fear strikes you deep in the heart
A shiver of panic runs down your spine
Heart thumping, you cannot
Sudden, irrational fear fills your mind.
You are gripped with fear - you cannot leave the ground.
You cry out as your mind is filled with abject terror!
You glance nervously around the room.
You rush about in a state of utter panic.
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mind attacking you from all sides, and you lose your
You must possess equilibrium in order to do that
Your equilibrium is upset as the horrific gaze
nerves feel
You are distracted by a distant sound and lose
your equilibrium is disrupted by a high-pitched keening
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%w looks righteously angry as %w points a finger at you.
%w passes %w hand in front of you. You feel an invisible claw brush
%w stands a tarot on %w open palm, and blows it lightly at you.
A strange fog descends upon your mind.
An unspeakable, horrific image rises from the bowels of hell to plague
gives you a vengeful stare, and dark images begin to whisper to you from
The very air around you burns with a purity and holiness
You feel a deadening pall overcome your mind, put there by
You feel your passage through time slow.
Suddenly your movement through the time stream is slowed.
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The idea of eating or drinking is suddenly repulsive to you
The idea of eating or drinking is repulsive to you.
The idea of putting something in your stomach sickens you.
The thought of food revolts you all of a sudden.
The thought of speech seems difficult all of a sudden.
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