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Keeper's Family
Alanna Keeper- owner and operator of   Keeper's Tavern and Inn.  Most call her Keep, or Keeper.

Gabriel- Was Keeper's love, however, his time had come, and in true noble fashion, he faded away to allow other warriors to come forward and leave their mark on the world. 

Haku- The oldest of Keeper's two sons.  He is 15 and master of water. He was adopted after he ran from his village and the people who would see him only as a weapon.

Chiki- The younger of Keeper's sons, at only 4.  He was originally known as Kilik, and more of an dopted brother to Keeper, until Hate killed him and took his soul.  In the batttle between Keeper and Hate, Kilik's soul was too battered to return to a full size body.  Instead, Keeper created a child-size body for him and inserted the soul.  His memory was in as bad a shape as the his soul, he no longer remembers his past, and is content to view Keeper as his mother.

Aurora- A young orphan Luna bade Keeper to take in to raise.

Elk- Keeper's newly discovered younger brother.
The Devante's

The matriarch of the Devante's.

Alli- Daughter of Lana

Rush- Husband to Alli

Kilik- son to Lana, and brother of Alli.  Killed by Hate.

Cami- wife of Kilik

Kairi- daughter of Kilik and Cami

Seto- son of Kilik and Cami
Luna- creator of Keeper