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Kaze Kiai

Raging Crystal Blade Liger
Type: Lion
Class: 4
Function: Assault/Command
Alignment: Helic Republic
Designation: RZ-028
Technical Specifications
Height: 12.2m
Length: 25.9m
Weight: 224.0T
Max. Speed (open range): 140km/h
Crew: 1 or 2
Pilot Record: 8-0-0
Pilot Rank: Class B
Armaments: Twin repeating blaster cannons(on back, only useable when the blades are extended outwards. They are able to hit targets behind the Liger, and aerial targets as well.), Dual Impact Cannon(Placed under the chest cavity of the Liger),Twin Beam Cannons(On back, replacing thrusters), Dual Barrel Gattlng Gun, Wave Length Projection Cannon hardened alloy Strike Claws and teeth. All other weapons/defense systems CLASSIFIED.
Descriptions on each feature
---Twin Blades: The blades are tightly hinged onto each side of the Zoid, capable of being pointed in a complete 180 degree range of motion, meaning the pilot can allow the blades of the Zoid to point straight forwards, if he chooses. The blades are not only made of an almost indistructable metal, but they have static flowing through them, allowing the blades to take on a crystal hue, and enabling it to deal devastating blows.
---Twin Beam Cannons: Interchangeable with the Twin Electron Attack Boosters, sacrificing speed for power. The beams not capable of moving, due to the position of the Liger's head. If they did move, when the Zoid would attempt to fire the beams, the Zoid itself would take the hit. Also, the cannons give him an addition 10x zoom scope.
---Dual Impact Cannon: Placed on the belly of the Zoid, facing forewards, unable to rotate, or change angles, these cannons propel a small, visible, condensed shock wave in the form of a ball forwards. The main purpose of these are to create a dust field infront of the opponet, enabling the Zoid to flow in for an attack; however, the Dual Impact Cannons can be used as an offensive weapon if the Pilot chooses to use them as one, but the damage is minimal at best. Now linked with the AWS.
---Twin Repeating Blaster Cannons: These cannons are consealed on the back of the Zoid, folding outwards only when the blades of the Liger out outwards, enabling the Zoid to attack behind it, and at aerial targets. They can be used when the Liger is using the Proton Boosters, or the Twin Beam Cannons. They are able to tilt in a full 90 degrees, allowing the beast to attack only people behind it or above it.
---Wave Length Projection Cannon: The Wave Length Projection Cannon, or WLPC for short, is perhaps the most deadly weapon that is held on this mechanical beast. Projecting two opposing forces, that being protons and electrons from broken down atoms, this cannon is able to launch a beam of magnetic properties at speeds rivaling even the fastest of rail guns. This beam of magnetic force, invisible to most sensors, forms outside of the barrel of the cannon by a foot, the two streams of microscopic meating in almost a pincer movement. Upon getting close enough together, the protons and electrons admit a magnetic field of attraction, and due to the large amount, a quite real wave of destruction. The make up of electrons and protons, being made of wavelengths, allow them to hold their positions firmly, yet the gravitational pull still exists between them, causing a screw like action to occur. The pull causes the metal of the other Zoid to compact upon itself, and the magnetic pull continues to move through the Zoid. Along with that, the magnetic pull of the beam, draws the Zoid towards it.... This beam gun is placed over the two beam cannons, preventing the Auto cannons from coming out of their sheaths.
---Tail Gattling Gun: A Light dual barrel gattling gun that provides a full range of fire and is controlled completely by the AI of the Zoid, giving it impeciable aim, using the flexibility of the tail to its utmost potential. It's rapid fire abilities provide it with the defense against back attacks, and side attacks by assailants! This 30mm gun uses explosive shells to help aid its pilot in winning the battle!
Computer Systems:
---LPS: The LPS, or Landscape Projection System, provides a 3d landscape on the HUD for the pilot to clearly view his position against his opponet. The range is roughly 200 meters with no enhancements added to it. However, this system only shows him the land, and a faint sign of the enemy he is fighting.
---ZCS: The ZCS, or Zoid Catalogue System, is a database of all Zoids that the pilot has come in contact to, and/or has uploaded through a mainframe computer, using the data brought on by the Zoid Battle Commision Trials. The ZCS, provides the pilot with information about the armaments of his opponet after preforming a scan upon them, which automatically happens the moment he comes in contact with another Zoid. Afterwards, all the statistics are placed within the Zoid's computer for later use.
---AWS: The AWS, or the Advanced Warning System, informs the pilot when he is locked onto by another Zoid. The AWS is also directly hooked up to the Twin Repeating Blaster Cannons, retaliating automatically when a lock on, or missile launch is detected with in their range. The down side of this, is if the pilot of the Blade Liger is currently using the TRBCs, he will lose his current lock, as the computer overrides the manual controls.
---SOV: The SOV, or Spectrums of View, is the range of sights that the Zoid pilot has his fingers at. The viewing systems are placed with in the eyes of the Zoid, allowing the pilot to see heat disapations to track hidden Zoids, ion detector and electron detector that are used to lock upon the particles with in the boosters of a Zoid under those types,allowing the pilot to find its target even if the boosters aren't on by tracking the trapped particles with in the booster, a metal detector enabling him to track underground Zoids and missiles, heat scopes enabling him to find a Zoid by going to its heat source and a 10x view magnification option.
---CESS- The CESS, or Cockpit Enviromental Stabalizing System, allows the pilot to maintain existance in high extremes of high gravity pulls while close to the surface of the Earth. Also, it allows the pilot to be in a heated or air conditioned enviroment while in the middle of a fight. Defensive Systems
---PPSS: The PPSS, or the Pin Point Shield System, is a small shield that is able to cover any part of the Zoid that the computer commands it to; however the shield is only able to cover a small area at one time, roughly one meter of the Zoid at a time. This shield, due to its small size, allows the Zoid to continue moving as it is in use. With this in mind, the shield can be used as an offensive weapon if all else fails, allowing the pilot to ram into the other Zoid head first.
---Armor: Upon this version of the Crystal Blade Liger, the same alloys used in making the tips of a Ligers claws were carefully forged together in this black armor, clashing with the illuminating glow of the Liger. Eighty tons of armor have been added upon this Zoid, lowering its speed incredibly, but the amount of damage it can take is astounding! Through the testing phase of this armor, Kaze noted that it was able to withstand the force of several waves of missiles before budging in the slightlest of movements. Knowing that the lack of speed would cause a disadvatage, the designers made sure to test it against the blades of other Blade Liger. The results were satisfying to say the least. The blades of the attacking Blade Liger had snapped off, due to the several layers of armor on the Zoid. The shear density of the Zoid is also something to be taken into account, allowing the Zoid to be rammed into and scarcely move. This armor is able to be jetisioned at anytime, but it does require some time to place back on, each piece having been made to conform to the beast's mighty form. Also, a special neutral charge of magnetic properties to avoid the suit from destroying itself when using the Wave Length Projection Cannon.
---NSWGT: The NSWGT, or Neo Sound Wave Generator Transmitters, relies on specially designed projection units situated upon the armor of the Liger that are each contained in an armored compartment, which may open up at any time in battle to initiate the NSWGTs. The pilot of this Liger is allowed to adjust the frequency of the transmitters with ease from with in the cockpit of his Zoid, specially designed to deal with the waves of sound that it manifests into the air. Also, the pilot can insert a circular disk into the computer of the Zoid to play premade sound patterns through the projectors.

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