Link 'o Rama
Welcome to my crappy webpage. Well, it's not as crappy as my old webpage, mostly because I "borrowed" a lot of the layout ideas and code from the webpage for the LARP I help run. Since Angelfire decided I needed to recreate my account, I figured it was a good time to update the look of the old page into something more pleasing to the eye.

This is a page dedicated to things yours truly finds interesting. (Which is ever so different from every other personal web page out there.) On this page you will find my house rules for RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition and Mage: The Ascension. You'll also find information on the characters I used to play regularly in White Wolf's HTML chats and now just dust off once in awhile for nostalgia's sake.

In addition to all that, there are also some of my personal artwork and writings available for public mockery and an Anime reviews section that I eventually hope will consist of more than one anime.

News and Updates
06.25.03 RPG Links
The RPG Links section is up and running. I'm going to try to at least make sure the entire page works before I neglect it again...:)
10.22.02 Writing Section
The Writing section is ready and here for your amusement. I even added another story that wasn't on my old page. Though that's not neccessarily a good thing. *wry grin*
10.22.02 Artwork Section
The Artwork section is up and running. I've got a few more pieces to add once I find a scanner, but everything that was on the old page has been transferred over.
10.21.02 Hooray for Anime!
The Anime page is up. It's mostly just links to copies of what was on my old site, but it's better than a dead link, right? I'll actually update-update this section in the future.
10.21.02 WoD Characters
The World of Darkness page is functional. All my on-line characters are up.
10.20.02 Prestige Classes
Prestige classes have been added to the D&D page. All the links in the main part of that page should work.
10.17.02 D&D Page
The D&D page has been created. Unfortunately none of the links work yet.:(
10.17.02 Construction
This page is under heavy construction. If you want a page that is ugly, but works, please click here to go to my old page.

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