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You are listening to the opening theme to Secret of Mana © by Squaresoft, an appropriate theme I believe for Gaea. Enjoy it a minute while you read the news and before you go into the meat and potatos of the site, the roleplaying game Gaea the Second Age©

--Sunday, April 4, 2004, 7:16 P.M. CST--

Do not let the lack of updates fool you into believing I am not working . Today will mark the first playtesting game, the campaign will be known as "When Heaven's Cry" and is involving currently a group of four adventurers, bound by some common unknown destiny. The Cast page will show who these individuals are

--Thursday, March 18, 2004, 6:06 P.M. CST--

Big update today, added some of the Players Quickplay Handbook and the Introduction to the setting, but most importantly, the character sheet is uploaded, I have three players so far though I'd like around six maybe even seven. If you with to join then take the character sheet HERE and either contact me via AIM: DEEPDARKSTEEL or post it on the messageboard under the Playtesting forum.

--Wednesday, March 17, 2004 2:22 A.M. CST--

Placed some nice music from Secret of Mana on the site to mellow the spirit and to immerse in the atmosphere of Gaea. Most of the character creation rules have been put up with only the magic chapter left to work on. After work is completed on the instructions for playing Gaea on the website, I will begin to work on a .pdf for the rules. These are preliminary rules and are subject to playtesting which will be ongoing once I finish placing the character generation, and basic play rules on the site. I am currently looking for play-testers and anyone interested should AIM me at Deep Dark Steel. On the equiptment take note that much of the information is from various Storyteller documents by WhiteWolf, but it has been altered to fit Gaea and blah blah and this is all non-profit so blah don't sue, blah, lets move on shall we?

--Tuesday, March 16, 2004 6:36 P.M. CST--

This is my first update, Gaea has been a labor of love (emphasis on labor) for over a year. While only a few weeks went in to the basics of the diceless mechanics, the setting has been an ongoing project for at least two years now. Gaea has been influenced by such classics as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, and such videogame classics as Secret of Mana and Breath of Fire. What is up now shall officially be known as Gaea v.05, meaning the first edition has yet to be released. Playtesting has to be done before I can release my first official version so I guess now I need to recruit some players to torture in long adruous campaigns of endless enjoyment. I'm working as diligent as one can on this project and information on the site shall go up quickly and should be updated at least biweekly.