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When Heaven Cries......

We reach out for the sun,
the warmth we long to long to hold in our hands
the stars they shine watching eternally
but yet the dark looms over all.

We take the light for granted
for it may yet soon disappear,
nothing in this world is meant to last
but the dark we have always to fear.

The strength lies inside the heart of eternity
for it is the strength of old made new,
when the last fall, the one shall rise
to burn and build anew.

What is known has not always been. The world is a wheel turning within a cycle of death, destruction, and rebirth.The world has long turned and long after all are but ashes and dust, it shall continue to turn. Beloved Gaea, mother to all is the center of all life, and through the countless aeons all that changes remains the same. Men quarrel, the seasons change, the devils plot, the demons destroy. All is as it should be, or so it seems. Mother is in danger, 1421 years ago, the New Gods were destroyed, leaving the world dying, Anima waning. When the New no longer existed, something was broken of this world, the connection to what has made all that is, severed. Gaea searches for a King, not one to rule over man and elf, but one to turn the wheels of fate and to be the center of all. None who exist upon Gaea know of the truth, but alas they will be the key. The soul of the world is in jeopardy, and beings too infantile in power to understand what they're dealing with are the only road to salvation. In a game of pawns and kings on a board of unimaginable scale, beings greater than gods, who have seen all since there was none continue the game of divinity....


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