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Attributes, also known as stats, are numerical ratings ranging fron one to eight that specifya characters innate capabilities. Higher attribute values indicate an advanced level of ability. There are six stats that determine a character's abilities.

Strength(STR)-Physical power
Charisma(CHA)-Force of personality
Dexterity(DEX)-Physical agility and coordination
Wits(WIT)- The ability to use information at hand quickly
Perception(PER)- the ability to notice one's surroundings
Vitality(VIT)-the physical ability to endure

Attribute Values
1-below human average
2-human average

Graces and Falls
There are a number of things to enhance or depress a character's abilities from the ability to heal with a touch, to nigh immortality, to blindness and deahness. Graces give characters special abilites and take away character points and cost either five or ten points. Falls give characters special flaws and give back either five or then points.

Abilities and Specialities
These represent a character's skills. These are things that a character has learned covering rather broad ranges. Abilities are rated one to five. Specialities are very focused areas of expertise that a character has. A character could have a speciality in the longsword, but not for swords in general.

Acrobatics- A character's ability to do amazing gymnastic and tumbling maneuvers.
Animals- Skill with handling and understanding animals
Artisan-A character's ability to
Archery- A characters ability with drawn weapons
Athletics- A character's skill at using their natural physical potential
Awareness- A character's ability to discern information from their surroundings
Bureaucracy- A characters knowledge of law
Climbing- A character's ability to scale surfaces
Computers- A character's capability with computers
Craft- A character's ability to create new objects
Drive- How well a character can operate motor vehicles
Firearms- A character's skill with firing and maintaining small arms fire
Heavy Weapons-How well a character can use weapons above the caliber of "small arms fire"
Herbology-A character's ability to identify, use and prepare herbs for various purposes.
Investigation- A character's ability to search and find things, includes tracking and research
Knowledge-Areas that a character may have studied but have no functional counterpart. Schooling
Lore- A character's knowledge of customs, tales, and culture
Linguistics- A character's knowledge of how to communicate despite barriers of region.
Martial- A characters skill with their hands to defend themselves
Medicine- A character's knowledge of how to treat wounds.
Melee- A character's skill with martial weapons.
Occult- A character's knowledge of the world of the spirits,and religion.
Performance- A character's ability to put on a show.
Piloting-How well a character can operate aerial vehicles
Presence- A character's aura, their knowledge of projecting themselves to others
Resistance- A character's ability to avoid temptation, pain, and illness
Ride- A character's ability to ride animals and non-motorized vehichles
Sail- A character's knowledge of handling various vehichles including motorized vehichles.
Socialize- A character's ability to schmooze and coerce
Stealth- A character's ability to make you not find him.
Subterfuge- A character's ability to lie, cheat and steal.
Swimming- A character's skill at swimming and aquatic movement
Survival- A character's skill at managing the elements and the elements of adaptationa way from civilization.
Thrown- A character's skill with thrown impliments

Ability Values
1- Novice
2- Skilled
3- Veteran
4- Expert
5- Master

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