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This is some stuff I've thought was worth immortalizing on this webpage. If you think you have something worth being on here, take a screenshot of it and send it to me. To take a screenshot, first select the java chat so that it is the active window, then, press Alt + Print Screen. This copies it to the clipboard. After which you can paste it in PhotoShop or PhotoSuite or MS Paint, whatever you prefer.

My e-mail is

Have fun chatting!

Sometimes there is a server error...and this happens

We all know what was on her mind...

STs forsake the exit message to change their names

She meant to say "shouldn't"...honestly

Icons! Get outta the Unsanctioned room!

Paulie Three Times gives new meaning to his name

Wow...that's pretty damn bored.

That weapon isn't in the book!

What does the 29th of November have to do with this?

No comment...

Are apples ok?

For the exit messages I've collected, go here.

These are some shots that are too large to throw up on the mainpage, so I'm putting them here.

Conrad in the Porn industry

Keejo_O and the butterfly

This is what happens when STs have no plots to run or people to sanction

This is Meg with an interesting philosophy. People that should be IC.

This is just some random stuff I feel is worth taking a look at.
Some stuff I wrote myself like Dice Rollers and the interactive Calendar for Jade City.