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The Community Rules
Please read all the rules listed below. Once you have read over them, you can begin the process of becoming a member of I Wanna Be Gay.

1. Your character needs to be gay. Meaning, if your character is male, his relationships will be with other male characters. If your caracter is female, her relationships will be with other female characters.

2. If your character is apart of another community, please don't attempt to join IWBG. We will not tolerate our characters being apart of of another community unrelated to IWBG.

3. If a character is already taken, please do not try to duplicate that character. We are first come, first serve here.

4. In relation to Rule 3, we will have a limit on how much a character can go without updating his/her journal. That time limit is 2 weeks. Be aware of this. We will enforce this rule.

5. We chat online using AIM. To have your character interact better with other characters, we suggest you get an AIM screen name. You can get one here.

6. In relation to Rule 5, if you take your character out of character (OOC) please use the correct symbols to allow other characters to know what you are doing. IE. {}, [], ()

7. Make an introductory post in the community journal. After that, please only update in your character's journal. We're going to keep the community journal only for intorductions of new characters and community issues that the maintainer will post.

8. Try not to post surveys. If you absolutely feel the urge to do a survey and feel it some how ties into your character, use the cut tag

9. Please do not type LyKe ThIs. It gets annoying really fast. And spell your words correctly. There is a spell checker on Livejournal. Please use it.

10. Try to keep your character realistic. Don't kill him/her unless they really die in real life. Let's hope that doesn't happen, but still.

11. Don't bring OOC issuse IC (in character). It ruins the community and it ruins everyone's fun. Just don't do it.

12. To join, go here and follow the steps.

---disclaimer---joining iwbg---characters being played---