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The RPG "Inside The Labyrinth: is offically dead.  It is June 12th 2003.  And the RPG is No More.  We will some how manage to go on.


Inside The Labyrinth


Born: Oct. 2001 - Died: June 2003

The Cast 


My Labyrinth RPG

I remember the day I built my RPG. I was so excited and hopeful for it. I never knew that it would grow to become the second biggest Labyrinth RPG at yahoo. Or that almost 30 people would have joined the RPG's family.

I know its stupid to be saddened by the RPG dying. But it does bug me. I made that RPG so long ago. When i was just a child. *sobs*

Okay, that's overdoing it.

But I do miss it.

I'd like to thank mutantnatas for being there with me while I killed it. :)

It means a lot bud. :)

Anyways. There will be more, and I will eventually get passed it all.

Why is it my luck with RPG's suck?

Oh yeah...cause I have this habit of making people Mods, and then they basically overcome the whole thing.

And then they ignore everything i say.


I feel bad cause She just got out of the hospital. but She's been slowly killing my baby for the last year.

So, I really don't like her.



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