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Through the Fire

As you choose to take the far left fork the room in which the deformed sphinx sits suddenly starts to darken and the passage before you gradually grow brighter with that same sickly red light, walking further down the tunnel beads of sweat begin to form upon your brow which you quickly dismiss due to the hot air found this deep within the earth but soon you reach another door the handle of which pulsates a glowing red.

Inquisitively you reach out your hand to turn the beautiful handle only to pull it back in pain seconds later as it burns your skin, biting back the tears you tear a piece of your shirt off and wrap it around your injured hand before turning the extremely hot handle and opening the door. Beyond the door a series of small platforms become visible, the gap between which, is filled with boiling pits of lava that radiate a strange an eerie kind of glow that sends tortured shadow dancing along the cavernís ceiling. Only the most nimble of travellers may pace this treacherous route by leaping from one platform to the next, though be warned, if you should slip, it would no doubt be the death of you.

The Throne of Skulls