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The Throne of Skulls

Finally having safely passed through one of the treacherous tests that the Alpha has concocted to weed out those who are unworthy of the wyrms embrace and an audience with him you close the door you have just stepped through behind you and once more allow your eyes to sweep curiously around the rooms interior.

Several small pillars of rock riddle the massive cavern like ‘room’ which, you assume, are where the various pack members stand, in order of rank, when they are summoned to moots with their lord but at the moment it is empty and your eyes continue onward, past the pillars and up to the throne high above them. Now this throne is magnificently crafted from what looks like bone etched with black writing that winds its way around the thrones arms and legs, set at the foot of the throne though and even having been hewn over long years into steps leading up to it are what appear to be hundreds of skulls. These skulls range from being as small as a rats to as large as a Garou in Crinos form’s though they are nothing when compared to the monstrous thing that sits upon that throne.

A bellowing voice descends from the creatures lips as it waves its hand when you try to speak, silencing you without needing to bid you do so” Welcome, child, I see you have passed the little test I devised to determine who is worthy enough to join the fathers cause, so I hear you wish to become one of my dancers do you? Forsake the world-bitch for good and indulge in your carnal desires? Good, good, then by all means, I will give you a chance to prove your worth to the wyrm. His hand started to move faster than your eyes could follow now and suddenly with a faint cracking sound, the floor beneath you seemed to give way, revealing the enormous maw of some mutated wyrm toward which you plunged, but at the very last second before the thunderwyrms greedily teeth sank in to you the portal to the black labyrinth crackled around you and you felt yourself leaving ‘gaia’ for the very last time as her servant.

The Wyrm's Claw