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The Spider's Web

Wanting to get as far away from the fearsome looking monster as you can you hurriedly run down the right path, the sound of your footfalls resounding off the walls around you as, strangely enough, what look like thick spider webs start to hinder your progress. Gritting your teeth determinedly you fight on and soon manage to come to a door with a single black spider web carved into its surface, with a lot of pushing and panting you manage to force the door open and step inside revealing the rooms interior to your frustrated eyes.

Within the darkened room you discern a single figure, standing stock still in the centre of what appears to be a pool of blood but as you grow closer to the creature you discover that it has not one face, but two, with half of its skull supporting either side, as you approach one of the mouths begins to speak. “ Although there are two doors head of you, only one of them leads to that you seek “ almost as soon as the first mouth had stopped then the second one kicked in” The other door leads you a horrible death which I doubt even someone as ‘mighty’ as you would survive, but fear not, we’re here to help you. “ The first mouth added” the only problem is, one of us is a liar” whilst the second added” however the other will always tell the truth”.

A frown creases your lips as you become thoroughly confused by this but realize that you will only have time to ask the creature one question if you are to meet with the Alpha of the pack in time for your ‘appointment’. Thinking hard you speak slowly and clearly so that the creature has no difficulty in understanding you “ Which of you is lying? And which door should I take?”. To this the first mouth readily replied “ The second mouth is the liar, you should take the left door” however the second mouth now took it’s turn to speak” Yes, I am the liar, and you should take the left door”. Utterly baffled by their responses you assume that the liar will give you the wrong door and so you decide to take the right hand door instead and, turning upon your heel, flip the creature the finger before stepping through the door…..and plummeting to your death.

Evidently this room may only be navigated by someone who possesses an immense amount of intelligence to unravel the spiders web of lies that surrounded the riddle that the creature asks.

The Throne of Skulls