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A path with many Forks

As the doors part Thomas frowns and suddenly steps into the shadows, vanishing from sight leaving you alone in the pitch black darkness whilst the sound of flesh tearing and people screaming fills your ears. Then just as you’ve given up all hope a light descends, in a inky red halo about what looks like the face of a woman perched upon the body of a lion, though unlike the modern lions, this one appears to have wings. Smiling pleasantly the woman speaks, her words almost making you believe she had read your mind” You want to know which way leads to the Alpha? There are many roads to the goal you seek my child, none of which will leave you unmarked and some, well, let us say those screams you heard were just the beginning”.

Confused and rather worried by the sphinx’s words you hesitantly take a step forward, your hand at your waist to unsheathe your blade when the crimson halo mysteriously expands, unveiling six passages that wind their way off deeper into the earth, as you force your eyes to return to the beautiful body of the sphinx though while you had been following the halo’s growth the creature had been changing.

No longer were her lips rosy red, no longer did her curves draw your eyes to her breasts, now she was grotesque, a cankered and worm infested beast with six skeletal arms sprouting from her chest. The sounded of her speaking again was like nails down a chalk board, raking against your ears till they bled with pain” Siiiiixx paths lead to what you seek, the foolish die, the others were weak, will you go where your heart tells, or walk the path of the nine hells?” and with that she stops, her lips stitched shut whilst she leaves you to decide your fate.

Through the Fire

Siren's Nest

Caged by Faith

Beyond the Veil

The Spider's Web