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Into the Wyrm's Maw

Come traveller, follow my lantern, for it may very well be the last shred of light you ever see down here, amidst the darkness of these caves terrors lurk that would make your toes curl, though those are just the monsters, there are greater evils here as well. I, am known as Thomas, one of the fathers bitches since Pentex created me, I was awarded to the Wyrms Claw pack as a favour, and now I am their slave.

Careful now, these stairs are slippery; blood still stains their mould ridden steps, sand beneath your feet now instead of rock, we’re still high up in our shore side hive, sometimes, when we’re lucky people wonder in, looking for treasure, we extract their screams to heighten our pleasure. Oh, worry not, you’re in no danger..yet, as long as you keep close dear you’ll come to no ‘harm’, though you might learn a thing or two. Wait now as I show you our grand entrance, a gigantic door of black marble etched with symbols of the wyrm, I’ve been told he’ll devour the whole world one day you know, that’s what the others say, but it’s not my place to think such things for long, and now lets hurry, we’re already late, and the alpha hates to be kept waiting.

The depths of the Hive