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Siren's Nest

Opting to take the second to last fork in the ‘road’ your new path leads you down an avenue riddled with attractive mushrooms and shimmering rocks that shed a soothing blue light throughout the area, a sniff of your nose reveals the scent of perfume to be thick in the air but surprisingly, you find yourself rather enjoying it.

Pausing to look at yet another of the doors within the packs lair your eyes roll over golden lettering etched into the surface of the cute little black door “Elspeth” it reads, with a confident air you push the door open and slowly walk inside, the scene of comfortable cushions and delicious fruit unfolding before your hungry eyes. Upon a gigantic king sized bed in one end of the room a naked dancer lies, her body covered in numerous exotic tattoo’s that cause you to notice each and every one of her exquisite curves

.Feeling strangely at peace within this quaint bedroom you feel a smile creasing your lips as you gingerly make your way around the room, plucking an apple from the bowl as you pass it before going to admire some of the beautiful tapestries that are hung upon the walls. Taking a large bite from the apple you munch hungrily upon it as you continue to bathe in the immaculate decoration the room has to offer but suddenly your stomach lurches as if something is amiss, peering around though you see the same reassuring furniture and gorgeous woman sprawled upon the bed, as if she were waiting for you and so you gingerly head toward her.

The unpleasant sensation within your stomach emerges again as you near her though and as you frantically fight to control your body so you may indulge in the pleasures the woman can offer the blue light that illuminates the room starts to flicker, in the brief instances of shadow in between the pulses of light things look very different from the way they did mere moments ago. Blood seems to be dripping down the walls and the tapestries you’d thought so pleasant are now made of flesh and riddled with portraits of pain and agony, feeling your world crumble as everything good and pure shatters into a tainted display of grotesque torture you hands feel something wriggling against them and, to your horror, you notice the apple in them is infested with maggots.

Dropping the apple in shock you stumble backwards and away from the woman, who too has changed, instead of what you thought were cushions in her hands now turn out to be two vicious looking daggers, one of which still sports a human eyeball impaled upon its point. Across her face the woman wears a devilish grin and as she smiles your heart seems to stop dead in its tracks with fear. Needless to say only the strongest willed individuals can notice the deception that lingers within the Sirens Nest before it is too late and they become another play thing for dear Elspeth’s pieces of art.

The Throne of Skulls