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Caged by Faith

Deciding upon taking the central path away from the disturbing Sphinx you carefully journey down a winding tunnel that leads to an almost circular door etched with green runes in the tongue of the wyrm. Unfortunately you cannot read the warning that has been written on this door for you have not yet taken the father into your heart and let him turn it as black as night so you foolishly nudge the door aside and step over the threshold, into the room beyond.

The sound of snoring reaches your ears as your eyes glide around the interior of the room, noticing small bones of animals here and there and even, to your utter disgust, much larger bones too that could be human. Drawing your attention away from the floor now though you force yourself to seek out the source of the snoring and discover what appearances to be a human man clothed in an ankle length trench coat chained to a nearby wall. The sleeping human hasn’t noticed you yet and so you walk a little closer, wondering if you should free this ‘slave’ of his imprisonment, after all, you have a kind heart and leaving him here to rot would nag at your pesky gaian conscience for eternity.

Gritting your teeth as you make up your mind and bend down to free the poor fellow he suddenly stirs, sensing someone has intruded upon his sleeping chamber, eyelids flicker open to reveal black serpent like slits in place of pupils that survey you with what seems like anger. Taken aback by the glare of the stranger you hesitantly stumble backwards only to have him spring to his feet and lurch forwards, straining at the chains that bind him and, luckily for you, pausing an inch from your face whilst rabid drool streaks down the corners of his mouth.

Heaving a huge sigh of relief that the beast is chained you turn on your heel, preparing to go out of the door on the other side of the room when, to your alarm, you hear the sound of links breaking and before you have a chance to turn your head you feel a hand surging through your back and exploding from your ribcage, its clawed fingers clutching your still-beating heart in its iron like grasp. As the hand is removed you faintly hear the creature speaking to you as you collapse to the ground, your gaze fixated on the ceiling” Only the loyalist of the fathers servants are blessed by the full fury of his wrath, unfortunately you have displeased him with your clumsy passage so now you go to meet him, and experience what true pain feels like.

In order to pass through this particular room uninjured you, dear traveller; need to show an exceptional talent for stealthy movements, that is the only way to not wake the monster known as Yen Chi.

The Throne of Skulls