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Beyond the Veil

Following your instincts and taking the second to right path you wonder down a well lit corridor of marble which ends at what looks like an office door with the words “Meeting Room 1A” written upon it, blinking curiously you turn the handle and step inside, unaware of the harsh reality that awaits you.

Stepping into the room beyond the door you find yourself in a room dominated by a gigantic black table with chairs dotted around it, looking down you’re surprised to discover that you are suddenly dressed in a suit and when the human at the head of the table speaks, you find yourself unquestioningly obeying him “ Ah, there you are, take a seat”. Taking a closer look you notice that the human who seems to be leading the ‘meeting’ has a small badge with the word ‘Pentex’ written upon it, though the name sounds familiar, you can’t quite place where you have heard it before and so you shrug this sense of déjà vu off and listen to what he has to say.

Hours pass and you find yourself rapt upon his every word but then suddenly a door upon the far side of the room opens and a small girl is lead in, escorted by two burley looking guards who place the girl upon the gigantic table and slip a dagger into your hand. Puzzled for a moment you hear the leader say something which makes your stomach churn” Now, kill her, and receive your promotion”. Your hand starts to shake as you look around the room at the other members of staff, all of which have eager expressions plastered across their faces as if they too would love the chance to be where you are now.

Unfortunately due to your conviction though you let the dagger clatter to the floor and resolutely shake your head, outright refusing to slaughter an innocent child but then the leader just laughs as the little girl upon the table produces her own dagger from beneath her clothing and plunges it into your heart. As your blood spills forth from your chest you hear a demonic voice spurting from between the child’s lips as her expression changes to one of glee” Let me tell you a little secret that Gaia forgot to mention, there is no good or evil anymore, just those with power, and those afraid to take it”.

Apparently the way to survive this strange ‘room’ is simply to possess an unhealthily lust for power.

The Throne of Skulls