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The young scout stopped, tilted his head slightly, and listened to the forest for a moment. He could feel it coming... following him. His elven instincts told him as much. He would not make it back to the village.

"So be it then," he whispered to himself, as he knelt, drew back on his bow, and waited. It would end here and now.

Excerpt from "The Olven Scrolls"

Published by Askar Sundersuun

Library of Veluna

Elves inhabited the Flanaess for centuries before the rise of humans. Their mere prescence tends to mystify the other races, who view them as fascinating yet somewhat alien. Although there are several varieties of elves, all share some similarities.

Elves are lithe and graceful, possessing a symbionic bond with the nature around them. The have slim, elongated ears that sweep back from their heads, ending in a pronounced point. Their eyes are piercing, and their facial features aqualine and sharp.

High Elves

The most commly encountered elves in Oerth are High Elves. They favor the town of Highfolk, Duchy of Ulek and the Archclericy of Veluna.

They are the shortest of their race, averaging only five feet in height. They have a fairer complexion than humans, dark hair and green or brown eyes. They tend to favor gray, green or pastel clothing. 

Gray Elves

Reclusive and mysterious, Gray Elves keep to themselves in the Kingdom of Celene and Sunndi. They consider themselves somewhat superior to the other elven races, but occasionally enjoy the company of humans whom they find to be fascinating.

They have silver or light blonde hair, and amber, blue or violet eyes. They tend to dress in shades of green or blue, and enjoy ornamental jewelery.

Sylvan Elves

Also known as Wood Elves, these elves are even more reclusive than the Grays, avoiding even other elves when possible. They make their homes in the Kingdom of Celene, the Duchy of Ulek, and the ancient forests of the Flanaess. 

Their skin is darker than that of the High Elves, and their hair ranges shades of brown and black. They dress in browns, greens and other earth tones.

Dark Elves

The Drow, or dark elves, are outlined in their own section. 


Famous Non-Player Characters Of This Race
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