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Aerdy, Kingdom of (Great Kingdom) 
Bandit Kingdoms 
Bissel, March of 
Blackmoor, Archbarony of 
Bone March 
Celene, Kingdom of 
Chaykik Hordes (Tiger Nomads) 
Cruski, Kingdom of 
Dyvers, Free and Independent City of 
Ekbir, Caliphate of 
Fruztii, Kingdom of 
Furyondy, Kingdom of 
Geoff, Grand Duchy of 
Gran March 
Greyhawk, Free and Independent City of 

Horned Society 
Idee, County of 
Iuz, Lands of 
Keoland, Kingdom of 
Lendore Islands 
Lordship of the Isles, Principality of 
North Province 
Nyrond, Kingdom of 
Onnwall, Free State of 
Paynims, Tribes of 
Perrenland, Concatenated Cantons of 
Principality of Ulek 
Ratik, Archbarony of 
Rel Astra, City of 
Rovers of the Barrens 
Scarlet Brotherhood 
Schnai, Kingdom of 
Sea Barons 
Sea Princes, Hold of 
Shield Lands 
South Province 
Spindrift Isles 
Sterich, Earldom of 
Stonefist, Hold of 
Sultanate of Zeif 
Sundi, County of 
Tenh, Duchy 
The Yeomanry 
Theocracy of the Pale 
Ulek, County of 
Ulek, Principality of 
Urnst, County of 
Urnst, Duchy of 
Valley of the Mage 
Veluna, Archclericy of 
Wegwuir Hordes (Wolf Nomads) 
Wild Coast


United Kingdom Of Ahlissa

Crossing the plains from Kalstrand southwest towards Zelradton. The Iron Hills represent one of the wealthiest resource areas for Ahlissa.




Type Of Government

Feudal empire with hereditary rulership.


His Transcendent Imperial Majesty, Overking Zavener I


Seasonal Temperatures
Needfest Growfest Richfest Brewfest




79% Human, 9% Halfling, 5% Elf, 2% Dwarf, 2% Gnome, 1% Half-Elf, 1% Half-Orc, 1% Orc

Religions Zilchus, Hextor, Oeridian agricultural gods, Xerbo, Fharlanghn, Olidammara, Kord, Norebo, Ralishaz, Procan, others
Resources Foodstuffs, livestock, cloth, silver, copper, gold, iron, timber, herbs, fine ale and beer, historical and magical knowledge Allies None
Languages Common, Old Oeridian, Orc, Halfling, Elven Enemies Scarlet Brotherhood, North Kingdom, Iuz


Information Coming Soon





City Maps And Other Details
None available at this time.


Adventures In This Area
None available at this time.


Ahlissa - Land Of Intrigue


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