What a Day
I thought only it could get better. Mike proposed to me...and I said yes. We went to Cali's birthday party all decked out in our costumes. He even had the ring delieverd there! It was just like the ring I wanted as a kid...he gave me his heart. The party was going well, but I found myself drinking nonstop. I'm usually not like that, I try to steer clear of alot of soda, but I just couldn't stop.
Mike and I decided to get married.
That's right. I am officially Ryanne Moore-Armstrong. Wow.
Ethan paid for everything, my dress, his tux the rings. He even paid for them to keep the room from Cali's party. He had them throw together more food and cakes. He's just the best.
We went back to the party and everything started to fall apart. Whatever was in those drinks made me extremely ill and I had to go to the emergency room. The stomach cramps were so painful, but I couldn't let anyone know, especially Mike. He was worried enough already. Everyone was...I am so grateful for that.
The EMT's took samples with them to be tested for the drugs after Ethan gave them the heads up. They all were spiked.
The bad news...I'm pregnant. I mean, I was. I didn't know, Mike didn't know, but I misscarried. What I don't understand is...if I didn't know, why does it hurt so bad? Well...I need to get some rest. I'll write again when I'm feeling better.

Oh My GOD!!!
Halloween is upon us finally...and we're in Las Vegas. Basically this is a really short, quick entry in between business...God I just had to write this down
Mike asked me to marry him...
and I said YES!!!!!!
Well that's all for now. I'll probably have tons to add after the party....
Ry Ry

Well..LA was...ok. I just don't understand the state of this tour. Cali and Kevin are *finally* together, about time! I mean come on, everyone can see the stars and hearts in their eyes whenever they look at each. Cheesy...yes...cute YES! I'm happy for them.
Haven't spoken to Adam in awhile. He's still following the tour thought. I miss him. I REALLY miss him. I hate that he and Mike are at odds. I don't even understand where all of this is coming from. He's never pulled anything like this before. He seems to be interested in a couple people on this tour...of course they are attached to people already *rolls eyes*
Mike and I...Me and Mike...wow, its so good to be in a relationship. One that may be healthy for me. I can actually say for the first time in a long time, I'm happy. I'm really happy.
Ok so this is a boring entry, but then again I've never known how to keep one of these things or what to write. We're heading to Vegas so I'm sure that I'll have more to add really soon...until then...
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Ry Ry