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Tour Info
This is being put here to ensure everyone is aware of how things work. Or at least if they forget it, they'll be able to refresh their minds.

  • Backstreet boys ride on the Backstreet bus (Silver)
  • Dancers on their own bus (Red)
  • Band on their own bus (Blue)
  • Opening Acts on their own (Yellow)
  • Crew on their own, along with equipment, etc (Purple)
  • Hotel rooms fit 2 per room. The decided order goes as follows:
    Britney and Calista.
    Katherina and Alex. Jennifer and Julie.
    Terusha and Taj.
    Ryanneand Shannon.
    Misha and Kylie.
    Brian and Kevin.
    Nick and Austin.
    AJ and Howie.
    David and Tony.
    Mike and Xander.
    Cory and Rafe.
    Paige and Aaron.
    Brent gets his own hotel room when he visits beings he's not affiliated with tour. Miles stays on the bus.
  • Calista opens for BSB.
  • Julie is Miles assistant. If you need help and can't find Miles, find Julie
  • If all else fails, find their intern Taj.
  • Brent is a character that won't be constant. He'll pop in and out, he'll share a room time to time but he is not part of the tour.

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