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Terusha's Diary

Why Me?
There are so many things that are messed up. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I found out my dad is in the hospital. He had a heart-attack. The reason....Unknown. He was perfectly healthy; he was young. First mom and now dad. My biggest phobia is coming true. Soon i'll be alone. I'll have no one to turn to, no one you loves me or cares for me. It's not fair! Why does this have to happen to me? What have i done to deserve this? Everything is so complicated...i can't even have a healthy realtionship with anyone without running away. I actaully told Kylie about...him. That wasn't easy, but i needed to talk about. Kylie caught me 'flirting' with Austin. Do i like him? I dunno. Does it matter? Not really because i'd end up scared and run away agian if anything does happen.

Buses Broke Down
Are buses always this fun? All four of the buses broke down today. Austin thinks it's the works of the stalker. I agree...why else would they ALL break down at once. I just don't really care if it's the stalker or not, actaully. My life here is just boring. Don't get me wrong i love dancing, the people are great and everything. But i just haven't really met or talked to anyone who i would have a great friendship or whatever....other than Kylie, Ryanne and maybe Austin. I barely know Austin though. Everyone is doing their own thing, i'm just off to the side. I guess you could say i'm drifting. I seem to bump into people have some small talk, but nothing major. Everyone seems a bit uninterested into getting to know and talking to me; they have their own life and relationships and what not. But, i'll just be the always smiling, happy 'Teru' people seem to know and love....lol.

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