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  • Name: Calista Sue Johnson
  • Nicnames: Cali and Cal
  • Age: 21
  • Hair Color: blonde w/s Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Born In: Galesburg,Illinois
  • Grew Up In: Springfield,Illinois
  • Resides In: Tampa, FL
  • Nationality: American w/german and Irish 
  • Tattoos: non yet
  • Piercings: Navel ring and ears pierced twice

    Random Info

  • Im the only child
  • I moved from illinois to Florida to live my dream in becomming a singer and to leave my looser of a dad
  • im a big Linkin Park and Creed Fan 
  • I have never heard of the backstreetboys
  • I dont like Jennifer Reid(she's plain annoying)
  • I can be a angel or your worst nightmare
  • My mother died when i was 16 so i pretty much  raised myself the rest of my yrs. 
  • I play piano(but not many people know it)
  • Im shy when u first get to know me but goofy and outgoing when u do get to know me
  • I hate liers and cheaters
  • i get along with everyone with the exception of one
  • I think Nick carter is my dream man
  • I like to go and splurge all my money on shopping when I am really mad or upset
  • My best friend is Miles

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