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Hope was raised a farmer's daughter in the hills of Thousandsticks Kentucky ,she has seen her share of barn dances and church picnics. Not to mention the Family reunions where she'd get to see her favorite cousins, Sam and Paige and the rest of the Guthries. While always well liked in her community due to her pleasant demeanor and good manners, she was rega rded as somewhat odd. She wasn't exactly the leader of the Pep Club and had no interest in basketball (practically a religion all in itself in Kentucky). She always had her nose in a book or was painting something, whether it be a portrait or a mailbox. In truth everyone around her thought this silly and unpractical and that she was a dreamer with her head in the clouds. Hope always dreamed of being a great artist like her role model Rembrant. Van Gough amused her, Da Vinci mesmerized her. You can imagine her joy when upon graduation from high school she found out that she had been accepted to NYU to study art.

Finally in the big city, surrounded by the works of the dead masters and living legends alike, Hope has found her niche. She studies at NYU and is doing an internship at the NY Metropolitain Museum of Art for work-study.

Her parents do not understand why she wants to be in such a dirty, "evil" city as New York for any reason but they love and support her in her decision.

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Nov, 29th 2003

Okay what to report. Hmm. Well the end of the Memory loss TP thingie is coming to a head. Soon we shall find out the why's of it but it'll take a bit longer to find out the hows and such. Also, New logs are being added every day so check it out often!! I'm trying to get all caught up before the end of the year. Go to the link marked RP Logs of 2003 for the sitch.

Now as for our little Hope, recently she has found out the truth about what happened with Ryan or rather...the psuedo Ryan but is still dealing with trying to figure it out, seperating the truth in her head with the truth she now knows. She's acquired a crush on a particular Irish Lad, Connor. Also, recently she attended the wedding of the year. Kris and Geneva tied the knot and Hope was overjoyed to have been able to be a part of it as well as be able to give them a nice present. She rented out the resturant at the Waldorf Astoria for them. Whoo hoo! She's enjoying having her favorite cousin around and getting plenty of teasing about the new boy in Hope's life. Coming soon is the Grand Re-Opening of The Pit.

Oct, 5 2003

So much has happened!! I've been so remiss in keeping this updated but I promise to try to do a better job of it from now on.

Poor little Hope has been through the ringer this summer. Actually it wasn't too bad at first. She lost her memory completely. (We'll see what becomes of that little plot line soon) and traveled the nation in search of herself. A crucial and ultimately revealing clue was given to her in New Orleans when she ran into a curious but kindly Daniel who told her her name was Hope. She had been going by Ellie (yes as in Ellie May) since the trucker that gave her a lift to Denver was calling her that. From there Armand and Katrin were made aware and soon came to the rescue. Armand revealed his true nature and scared the bejesus out of the poor girl. They took her to Professor Charles Xavier to help her with her problem and that's when the REAL problems began.

At first everything was kosher if a bit shocking as she adjusted to life among the mutants. She met new friends and old alike, though to her they were all new. She was given bits of information about herself from some that lead to a kind of understanding about herself.

The real trouble began when Mastrmind was making his attack of the school. While the evil Mastermind posed as Ryan, he attacked the poor girl then convinced Piotr that she was crazy. She fought like a wildcat, scratching and clawing but didn't get away, getting tranq'ed by Piotr and taken to the MedBay. Soon her malady was discovered from the borrowed telepathic gifts that Julia had aquired and the security cameras that had been tampered with. She was moved out of the mansion and placed in the free agent, Aysia's care. Aysia, being a busy one and not exactly a high level telepath turned Hope over to one Miss Emma Frost.

An unlikely bond was forged here. Hope admired the woman's protective nature and strength of character, never knowing the real truth of the woman's past. Apparently Hope awoke some sort of feelings in the White Queen as well as Frost took her under her wing and treated her like the daughter she never had. A trip back home to Kentucky with the Queen not only helped Hope remember her family and childhood but also gained the approval of Hope's parents for Emma to become Hope's God Mother! The country bumpkin now resides in Emma's house and attends Mass Ac. Emma has become Hope's hero and role model and she does all that she can to make her God Mother proud of her. Stay tuned for more!!

Mar, 15th 2002

Mucho mondo stuff has happened since my last update. Hope has been possessed by a Demoness/Succumbus done horrible things, and with the power of love, freed from the evil one's grasp. However, she still retains all the memories of the demoness and is having a hard time still distinguishing them as something apart from what she did. Knowing it wasn't her but feeling as though it were anyway. Very confusing.

To add fire to the flame she has come to the realization that she is in love. While this would normally be a good thing, it's not so good when you love two people (Jack and Amadeo). ESPECIALLY when one's a vampire hunting/killing werewolf and the other is a VAMPIRE!!! Eeeeeep!

After having shackled Jack up in a unknown part of town and leaving him, Hope-Demon went to Amadeo to try to trick him in to making the change in her. This didn't happen of course and Amadeo was able to lessen the demoness' powers enough to make Hope regain control again. Amadeo freed the imprisoned Jack who promptly had to leave town a bit as his time of the month approached rapidly, the beast within starving, angry, and hurt. Not good to stay near Hope during that time.

Many efforts were made in her behalf by many well meaning folks to help rid her of the demon (Rhiannon, Magnus, Jaeson, Wanda, as well as any others that I did not have the pleasure to play with personaly) but it took love pure and simple..love and trust. Love was the antithesis of all the demoness stood for. The demoness was about lust, suffering, hate, envy, pain, greed, all the things that bring out the worst in people. The Purity of True Love (with the help of a Candonomble Vampire Priest of course!) saved the day. (pardon the horrid spelling)

Now Hope tries to regain a peace with the world. Having confessed to Geneva that the things she told her were false and hedged around in telling her why (she has no idea Magnus had already told her) she at least patches up one of the many messes she's made.

For more check out the logs I should be getting 'em up and posted soon to make them up to date.

Other newsworthy items: eh..added a link to my pics page. Yeah..that's me. If you wanna check out the mug behind the player just click the link.

Feb, 14 2002

Sooooo much has happened to Hope in the past month. First of all (simply cause it's the first thing to come to mind chronilogically) at the Charity event, Party in the Park, Hope enjoyed a really good time, for a while at least. She ran into her friend Amadeo and shared a nice dance with him. Zoe also showed up and Hope and she shared some lively conversation. One of the performers for the evening, Sting (aka Lestat) was present and to Hope's suprise and delight, was an aquaintence of Amadeo's. Hannibal also came and shared some conversation, barely avoiding a conjured volley ball to the head al la a drunk Zoe. Hope was introduced to Sting and got an autograph. She was on top of the world till she stepped outside to get some fresh air and then was set upon buy vampires out for revenge on Jack for killing so many of their kind.

A hapless Kris heard the first of the struggle and rushed upon the scene as well as Hannibal and Zoe. Amadeo had already left the event for the evening. For more details of what happened in the scene you'll have to check out the logs section that I am adding today (YAY!)

After close shave in the hospital. Hope recovered, largely in part due to Geneva, Amadeo, and Jack's non scientific methods. Malcolm, Amberly, Kris, Jack, Amadeo, Zoe, and Geneva all spent their fair share of time in the hospital as Hope recovered enough to be transported to the Xavier School for protection thanks to a favor called in by Jack to the Professor. Bruce drove the Prof to the hospital and took Hope with the aid of Zoe to the Mansion.

She spent time there recovering as Jack went on a killing spree, going after the lead henchman and the vampire boss during the three days of the full moon which had some reprecussions on him. During a sweet moment of visiting with Hope under a tree in the front yard his animal friskiness came out and he confessed feelings for Hope. Being scared at the sudden intenseness of it all and of Jack's confession, especially since she already had a "boyfriend" who in fact lived in the school she was staying at, she hastily stood and said her goodbyes to the sad Jack.

Days of uncomfortable moments went on when Hope avoided Jack until she found out he had been brought in extremely hurt and went to his side. Later when he was well she got a note telling her to meet him by the lake. When she arrived he was transformed in werewolf form. Still troubled by nightmares and fear from the vampire attacks, she took this well and he proposed marriage which she couldn't fathom, after all she had a BOYFRIEND she kept telling herself. He also asked her to go away with him to the Savage Lands. Not knowing what to say and still a little weak and overwhelmed she asked for time, which he gave. Needing the comfort of a friend she fell asleep in the furry teddybear-like arms and was rocked to sleep. TOTALLY platonic.

Days passed and Hope discovered Gaea unconscious on the floor in the sitting room from an encounter with Lorna. As she was reviving her and getting her to a chair Geneva and Jack arrived at the same time from different directions. At Jack's provocation, Gaea learned that Alex was seeing Hope and Hope learned that Alex was sleeping with Gaea. Another interesting scene ensued leaving Hope crushed, sad, angry, and guilty. Gen was furious with Jack and they had an altercation after Gaea stormed out and Hope excused herself. Hope couldn't bear to face Alex or to see him again and so decided it best to leave. After writing letters to Gaea apologizing and Jack telling him she needed time alone Hope tried sneaking out of the Mansion only to run into Gen. Promising to call Gen if she went to see Jack again Hope left.

She went the next night to Amadeo's gallery to sulk staring at the painting of Alex she did and moping. After a heart to heart conversation with Amadeo about the nature of men and human hearts they decided to spend the night focusing on something else to help Hope take her mind off it all for a while. They each painted a portrait of the other and as dawn approached Amadeo excused himself to sleep and Hope had breakfast on the balcony before going to a movie since she couldn't sleep and ran into Jack, sitting next to him. A sweet innocent scene occured as they watched the Princess Bride.

To sum up the rest and bring you up to speed (not to mention end this horridly long entry) Hope, met Amy and Jason Blackwell (now just Jaeson) at the coffee shop and ran into Kris, Gen, and Amadeo as well. Went to said coffee shop again and walked in on Jack threatening Scott as Jaeson was an unwilling participant in the conversation. And then seeing Kat dragged her in. (See logs page) Had iced tea with Jaeson, Kat, and Gen and had to hear some more Jack bashing. Got a call from a crispy Jack and found him half dead. Has been nursing him to get him healthy with visits from Amadeo. Amadeo confessed his dark secret and his love, freaking Hope out on many fronts where she ran away from him and smack dab into a gun fight. Alek, Scorp (aka Jaeson), Piotr, and Geneva were in the fight. Hope got grazed by a bullet under her left breast across her ribs and took a knock to the noggin as well as a cut and a small piece of shrapnel in the back of her head, wigged out. Got taken to the Mansion after Kris showed up and was given first aid by Gen during which Kris and Hope got the embarassment of a lifetime. Went to brood in Rockerfeller Center the next day after classes before going back to take care of Jack, met up with Jaeson, learned of his secret, met up with Amadeo again and was cruel, then felt bad, conforted by Jaeson and given some sage wisdom. And that brings us up to the present.

Jan, 17 2002

Alrighty then! What to report? Well Amadeo held his Art Show and it was quite a success. Although I was hoping that there would be a larger turn out I was very happy to see all those that attended. We even managed to have a local celeb make an appearance. That's right you cheeky monkey you, Senator Kelley himself showed up! Also making an appearance were: Alex Summers, Katrin, Amberly, and Malcolm. Very interesting little bit there between Amadeo and Malcolm for a bit. Much to Hope's suprise all the works of art that she has ICly done was in the show! (Thanny you're a Gem)

Imagine her reaction to seeing Alex looking at the picture of himself that she painted on the fateful day that she first encountered him. You would never have believed that someone's face could turn THAT shade of magenta! Ah, love's first blush! Even if it is only Puppy Love. The poor girl has a lot of growing up to do.

Also news worthy, I FINALLY found the artist responsible for the pictures that I found that reminded me so much of Hope! His name is John Chandler and can you believe this guys ISN'T a professional artist? He just does it for fun. I am tres impressed and think he should really go into the illustration business. There is another pic on his site that i really liked as an alter reality kind of Hope and Kat that is called Blood Lust. Here is the link to his site and I urge you all to go to it and see how incredible this man's work is.

Fantasy Art by John P. Chandler

Jan, 11 2002

I have found the perfect hometown for Hope to be from. It's been added to the background above and yes, it a REAL TOWN! When you think of Hope simply imagine Woddy from Cheers but a little less dumb. Naive, definately but not as dumb. *8^)

Jan, 10 2002

I created a "photo" page to link to put all IC related pictures. Last night I added a Guestbook at the bottom of this page so go and check it out, already! *8^) I plan to make a seperate page that will be dedicated to posting logs that I make. Perhaps by doing this it will trigger a memory mechanism in my brain to remember to log everytime I begin play. Who knows? Also, if you have homepages for your characters out there or even just a personal site that you'd like to see a link to posted here, @mail me on the game and I'll put it up. A big thanks to everyone who has visited. Remember, visit often because you never know what you might see next. Toodles, it's late.

Jan, 8 2002

Okay, linkage is found. On the link above, titled "Hope-full Images", there are pictures that I found on the web and instantly thought "Hope!" when I saw thier faces. Let me stress that I am NOT the artist that drew these. I only tweaked them a little for the sake of the character.

While I cannot at this time remember the name of the artist resposible for these beautiful creations, I WILL find the site that I got these from and proper credit will be given. I also want to express that I, in no way, shape, or form am trying to infringe on any copyrights. I only want to be able to show my fellow gamers how I see my character as appearing. When the artist is found I will include a like to their page so that all of you can see all of their fabulous work. I could just kick myself for not bookmarking it. What can I say? No sleep, no caffine, = no brains!

While I doubt that she would publicly show these paintings due to her low self image/self esteem, she might be able to be coaxed into doing so. If you feel up for the challenge and the opportunity presents itself, feel free to try. Also, I want to express much love to Katrin for helping me bring these pics to the web. You're the best Kat Kat!

Jan, 7th 2002

I may have to find a way to link to my interpretations of pictures of Hope. Thus far the image I have downloaded is NOT working and I can't figure out why. Frustrating. Oh well, enough work on this tonight.

Jan, 6th 2002

Hope is a current character on the Mutatis Mutandis MUX. While most of her scenes are humorous in nature (ie with Alex, Six, Piotr, and Hannibal. Some are scary, at least to her (ie Curt, Thann, Six, Katrin, Zoe). This little country bumpkin does her best to fit into a big city filled not only with your real life muggers, con artists, rapists, and theives but also with the MUX realm of Mutants, Dragons, Faeries, Vampires, and Werewolves. Never a dull moment for her.

She's gotten her first kiss at the ripe age of 21 from a lovely and charming gentleman she met in the park (Alex Summers) and was floating on air.

She met her first mutant (that she knows of) when shopping for a good book. (Zoe)

Along the way she made friends at the Rockerfeller ice rink (Hannibal) as well as meeting a couple of "sports celebrities" (Six and Piotr). An unlikely friend and ally was found the day she spilled her soda on a fellow patron at the pizza parlor. (Katrin) Ran across a sweet boy in the park and drew a picture of him only to find out later that he's a dragon (Thann). Met her first dragon (Curt) after explosions rocked Central Park (courtesy of Six disguised as a police officer). Met the rock star neighbor that lives down the hall in her dorm (Larson) and his adorable British roommate(Drew) as well as a strange orange haired boy who gave her a bag of jewels to paint a picture for him (again, Curt). Met another vampire who is currently displaying on of her paintings in her gallery (Amadeo). Thought she'd been dumped by her first, somewhat boyfriend (Alex) because he stood her up for their first date (which later was found to be the fault of her NPC roommate for not relaying messages) and went on a boozing spree much at the insistance of her roomie on New Year's Eve, getting drunk, ripping her skirt, dancing onstage with a singer in a band, falling off stage and throwing up in a garbage can to be rescued by the dragon(Thann) and a werewolf (Jack). At the moment she has discovered the confusion between her and Alex and has resolved it, has made a friend out of the sometimes fatherly Jack, is planning on attending an art show with Kat wearing the stunning dress that Kat bought her, and has just this night (1/6/01) met another sweet, innocent seeming girl like herself (Gaea).

What does the future hold for Hope? Stay tuned and find out!

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