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Lita's Backround


Her mother was the Saiya-jin Princess. Her father was a Great Saiya-jin named Bardock. She lived with her mother who had never told her who or where her father was. When she was four Barcock moved in with them, It was then explained to her that he was her Father, At this time she also was told she had a older half brother named Goku. A few months go buy as lita runs out of the house to the middle of a open field and runs into a happy and hyper 5 y.o hiru. Two years later her mother dies, Lita only being 6 at the time. Her father took her away, with out being able to say buy to hiru. Lita's father started training her very hard. Teaching her how to block the most horrible plain thinkable with mind control. For about a year training went no where. Her thoughts would always trail to Hiru and she would end up being badly hurt every time. Her dad explained and helped her with concentration and focus. She was now able to go through training easily. When she was 10 y.o her father was murdered. She then was determend to find Hiru, and when she did. All he did was push her away, turn his back to her, and fold his arms over his chest as he said " I am a Saiya-jin warrior, I have no time for these childish things n e more " She hen flew off his words and actions echoing and repeating in her head. A month later he started showing up to save her and help her, then leave like he was never even there. Her not seeing him for 2 years , and her now being a angry gothic 14 y.o brat. He showed up again, this time she told him she loved him, and again she was pushed away. This time he said nothing just turned his back to her crossed his arms and walked away. She started training day and night, Desciding then to revenge her fathers death and plot the killing of her grand father Prince Vegeta, With her new found hate for the saiya-jin race. A month later Hiru again returns this time he stays. Well ........ She is 15, and Stronger then she relizes, Now with Hiru at her side and the promise that he will never leave again. She is now willing to fight, even if it means death , to save there love and keep it living