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DBN 7-10

Episode 7: Explanation!

Last time on DBAM- Gohsan and Pan ran into what the Z fighters were afraid of, an evil powerful chi. Gohsan and Pan seemed to be looking at the end of their lives till Hiru showed up, still anxious to take on Zeratul. But instead of finding Zeratul, he finds Sai. Taking Sai on, he seemed to gain the advantage when he went Super Saiya-Jin two, until Zeratul handicapped him and tied him up with his mind! Gohsan and Pan seemed to be looking at the grim reaper, until another mysterious hero shows up. Who could it be?
Sai stood there looking pissed that someone has intervened again. He stared at the man in the turban and cape. He was holding the female by the shirt with one hand. Pan woke up for a second and looked up at who was holding her.
"Pi--?..." She said, but fainted again.
"Hey kid, take Pan to the others, and quickly." the man said. Gohan looked up at the man. He was green with a purple weighted clothes, and a red belt. He had two antennaes on his forehead. He was wearing a turban and a cape that flapped in the wind. "Did you hear me, kid?" He asked again.
"You-You're...Piccolo" Gohsan asked with curiosity and fear. "R-Right?"
"Yes, now get out of here with your mother and go to the others." Piccolo said. Gohsan threw his mother over his shoulder. Although small, he was able to do it. "Go, Now!" Piccolo finally rose the tone in his voice.
"I hope you two are done chit-chatting, because you two are about to put me to sleep." yawned Sai.
Piccolo watched Gohsan blast off towards the others. His head moved down and he saw Hiru lying on his side, a frustrated look on his face as he moved back and forth, trying to break free. He looked up at Sai.
"Well, seems that Zeratul is too lazy to do his own work..."
"Zeratul doesn't even have to bother coming out of his ship" Sai clicked his scouter and it bleeped once. He began to laugh wildly. "You're weaker then that kid! Only 220, Ha don't make me laugh. You're punches will feel like a leaf to me!" Sai continued to laugh.
Piccolo only smirked to this. "I'm glad your amused." He finally said. "Now, you gonna attack me or what?"
"Well, if you suggest for me to make the first move, then why not huh?" Sai held back his laughter from Piccolo's weak chi level. They eyed one another for a moment, and then Sai faded in front of Piccolo. Piccolo didn't seem to move at all. Sai threw a punch at Piccolo's chest, but he suddenly dissapeared. He felt a blow come from behind. He flew to the ground and tumbled a bit, but then rolled and gained his balence on his feet. He wiped some blood off his face. Piccolo's turban fell off, but his cape was still blowing in the wind.
"You think this is funny?" Sai muttered.
Piccolo just smirked and didn't say a word. Sai darted up again and went to hit him again, but Piccolo went to the side and kicked him. Sai yelled in pain and bent into the blow. Sai heard his scouter bleep a lot more since the last time he checked. Before he said anything though, he was being pummelled left and right. He couldn't even make a move.
"Damn, too bad Zeratul doesn't have control over this guy..." Sai said to himself.
"You are a coward for even saying those words!" Piccolo yelled, snap kicking him in the jaw.
One by one, the Z fighters showed up in front of Piccolo. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Ubuu were all surprised that he was standing before them, kicking around what they thought would be impossible. Laguna looked down and saw Hiru struggling to get up. He looked tied up, but he wasn't even really tied up.
Sai jumped back in disbelief, bleeding all over the place and out of breath. "There's no way you're 220..." he said. but before he could say anything, Piccolo put his hand on his chest. "Girikouha!" he yelled, firing a huge orange ball right through his chest. Sai's eye twitched, as his head looked down at the new hole in him. He then tipped back and started falling to the ground.
"I...can' I...?...Zeratul...I served you so well...Why....didn'" was his last words in mid air until he hit the ground, a crater now formed. Piccolo turned to the others.
"Wow,'s good to see you!" Gohan said in excitement. Goten, Trunks, and Ubuu smiled also. Pan was now up and stood there, staring at Piccolo. "What happened man?"
"It's good to see you, Gohan, actually, it's good to see all of you."
Vegeta, Laguna, and Ubuu stood silent as the rest talked to the namekian.
"What's going on?" Gohsan spoke up for Gohan.
"Well, here's the long story. There's a planet destroyer going all around from the East Galaxy. His name is Zeratul. Him and his partner.." Piccolo motioned to the dead body of the huge muscular figure, "got money for destroying planets. They decided to have amusement and came to Earth. The reason why I'm here is because I defended hell from all the evil people down there, and Gokou asked if I could go with him on Kaioshen planet. Yamma agreed that I had improved in my behavior, and I haven't done too much wrong in my life. So me and Gokou monitored Zeratul and Sai's movement throughout the galaxy during our training and-"
Vegeta cut off Piccolo and finally spoke up. "Tell me, Namek, you've been training with Kakkorot all this time!?"
"Calm down Vegeta and let me finish. Anyway, We monitired Zeratul's movement to Earth. Gokou asked Yamma if I could go down on this day to help fight against them, to give me life with my memory and body still. Yemma said only for the sake of Earth and only for this day. So that is why I'm here..."
No words came from the Z fighters, so Vegeta spoke up again. "If you and Kakorrot were monitoring this man destroying planets, then why didn't you two stop him in the first place?"
"Well, GOkou is within the Dragonballs, and can't come out for another 93 years or if the Dragon Balls are summonned, but even then it won't be much help, cause he can't do anything. Me, I was only granted this day, and nothing else...that is why we couldn't anything about it." Piccolo Stated. Then he turned his head. "Sense that? He finally came out of his hole...He'll be here in ten minutes."
"Wait, what is wrong with my brother?" Laguna asked, staring at the still down Hiru.
"His mind is under control by Zeratul's computer. That is why he attacked everyone. And as long as we don't destroy Zeratul, he will remain under control of that computer. The computer is operated, and is destroyed if Zeratul is destroyed. For now, your brother will be of no help. It seems that Zeratul is keeping him on 'stable' mode." Piccolo said.
"He's here!" Ubuu yelled, pointing at the figure standing there.

It seems that Piccolo now has a day to help the Z fighters. Piccolo made handy work of Sai, and it seems he is much stronger then he ever was. The Z fighters were explain of Zeratul's ways, and learned he will be a bigger challenge then Sai. Will they be able to take him on? Find out on the Next Episode of DBAM!

Preview of the Next Episode! Zeratul makes his appearence and mocks the Z Fighters. He seems to be reckless, and the Z fighters are now gonna put up a fight against him to save Earth and the rest of the Galaxy! Will they succeed? Find out on the next Episode: Zeratul Arrives!
Episode 8: Piccolos Plan

On the last episode the Z team took on Zetral but didn't seem to be fairing to well till Laguna and Hiru stepped in the Z team seemed to be able to pull out a victory but like a dark cloud Zetral reappeared and used his Buring Rave attack to completely anhilate the z team the question remains...did it work...
"Hmph how boring,i only came to this planet for a little fun and i didn't even find it too bad"Zetral floated above the clearing smoke his arms crossed over his chest.,"i wonder if any of them survived"
The vegitation and the river that flowed there were now nothing but dry wasteland,the wind blew and there was not a sound for a moment then some rocks began to fall and Piccolo emerged from under the rubble,his tattared and torn cape flowing in the wind Piccolo locked his eyes on Zetral and began to grow even more angry with ever second.Gohan and Hiru also made there way back to there feet they noticed everyone else but them had been completely knocked out or worse.Gohan and Hirus blond SSJ hair now back to its black state the walked slowly to Piccolo looking worn out.
Hiru opened his mouth and finally spoke to piccolo "Hey namek...this guys way to strong for you,why don't you just get out of here now and get some Senzu Beans"
"Piccolo he might be right with you and the others healed we might stand,a better chance besides the three of us in our condition can't do anything to him"Gohan spoke as he grabbed his ribs in pain.
Piccolo got a strange look on his face"No...ill stay here take Goten,Trunks,Laguna,Pan and Gohsan to a safe place then get the beans,unlike the both of you i was able to defend the blast in time the only damage i recived was to my cape.Oh yeah...Vegeta and Ubuu,they won't be needing the beans"
Gohan gasped for air"Your right Vegeta and Ubuus ki.............its gone i don't sense them anywhere.....Vegeta.......Ubuu......"
"Pardon me but im really getting bored up here either of you three care to entertain me hmmm"Zetral chuckled
Without another word Piccolo floated up and came within a few feet of Zetral the two of them eyed one another,Gohan and Hiru started to gather up the wounded.Meanwhile somewhere far off on the Planet of Kaioshin Vegeta awakens but doesn't move he lays on the ground wondering what happened, Vegeta is seen preparing for the attack then fading out of site.Vegeta jumps to his feet and looks around everywhere but no one can be found he.Vegeta walks around a little while longer searching everywhere but doesn't find anyone.
"Why was i brought here,who brought me hear well come on answer me i know someone had to have done this if this is some kind of joke Kaioshin im not amused i need to be on earth to defeat that fool Zetral." Vegeta yelled his comments in rage and looked around turning quickly waiting for a responce.
A voice calls out from behind Vegeta"Wow Vegeta your still impatient i see"
Vegeta turns quickly to see who it is,his eyes widen at the site he beholds behind him"Kakarot....."
Back on earth Gohan and Hiru have gathered the wounded and fly slowly carrying them right by Piccolo and Zetral who are still staring eye to eye,Piccolo turns to see that gohan and and hiru and a bit farther now he then takes of hold of his weighted cape and tossed it to the ground,Piccolo then begins to power up and his surrounded in a clear white aura,Zetral smiles a bit"I should have brought my scouter"Piccolo contines powering up as the ground starts to shake the sheer force of his power spilts the ground. Gohan and Hiru stop and look back in amazement as they feel his powering getting higher every second.
Gohan looks completely shocked"Piccolos power,it isn't possible....hes just as strong as i am..."
Hiru looks at gohan "We don't have time for this gohan lets go!"
Gohan nods and the two head off for a safer area,It seems as if piccolo will get a turn with Zetral but does he have the power to defeat him meanwhile Gohan and Hiru fly the others to safety and senzu beans,but what has become of Ubuu,and is what Vegeta seeing real or just a figment of his imagination,all this will be revealed in the next episode.......

Episode 9 Sacrifice

On the last episode we learned the effects of Zetrals attacks had taken there toll on the Z warriors knowing none of them could fight in there condition Piccolo vouleentered to stay behind and fight Zetral while Gohan and Hiru took the others to be healed,but what will become of piccolo and Is Vegeta really seeing what he thinks??
Piccolo now stopped powering up reaching his limit,seeing this Zetral poped his neck then motioned for Piccolo to come on Piccolo flew at him full speed throwing a quick elbow at him.Zetral catches his elbow and throws him to the ground.Zetral floats in the air and smiles,Piccolo fades out and Zetral does the same a few explosions of light can be seen in the air as the two connect and exchange blows after a good five or ten minutes of this Piccolo cathes Zetral and sends him head first into the earth.Piccolo turns quickly with his leg extended and hits Zetral into the air Piccolo then flies up catching Zetral and double axe handling him into the ground.there is a small amount of smoke as the dirt rises up,Zetral stands up from the ground and has a few cuts on him.Meanwhile Vegeta stands face to face with Gokou waiting to find outhere why he was brought to the Kaios Planet.
Vegeta walks right by Gokou looking pissed and shoves him out of the way"Listen Kakarot the in case you haven't noticed they need me on earth so step aside"
"Vegeta where are you going....only i can send you back and im not going to at least not yet"Gokou says confidently with a sly smile on his face.
"I have something i have to explain to you,you see these past seven years you haven't been able to transform into the third level of a Super Saiyan am i correct."Gokou looks intellegent as he speaks.(for once)
Vegeta starts to sweat a bit as he looks at speaks"Yes,Damnit kakarot what does this have to do with anything i need to get back to earth now"
"Relax Vegeta Piccolos taking care of everything,now I can't give you the ability to go Into the third level but i can give you your tail back,that would help you along greatly don't you think?"Gokou asked with a smirk on his face
"Well do it already Kakarot"Vegeta retorts
"Sure Vegeta give me a second or two." Gokou points his finger at Vegeta and hits him with a beam Vegeta is then covered in a golden light. "There your all set Vegeta that simple."
"KAKAROT YOU WASTED ALL THIS TIME TO JUST DO THAT,COULDN'T YOU HAVE ZAPPED SOONER!!"Vegeta is extremly pissed off and seems like he wants to attack Gokou.
Gokou laughs as he speaks"Well Vegeta im gald your so egar to fight because theres one thing you have to do to get sent back......Beat me in a spar heh..."
Without a word Vegeta Powers up to SSJ2 and Gokou goes SSJ3 the two eye one another for a moment,back on earth Gohan and Hiru race towards the lookout.On the battle field Piccolo and Zetral haven't moved at all,Piccolo looks unconcerned but is wondering why Zetral hasn't made a move in the past five minutes"is he giving up..." Piccolo thought as he floated there.Piccolo finally lands right in front of Zetral who raises an eyebrow.
"No i haven't given up im just thinking"Zetral speaks looking bored now
"What the hell..thinking...Your...mocking me!!!"Viens begin to bulge out of Piccolo's arms and legs as his power goes even higher than he thought his limit was.
"Your far to weak for me...."Zetrals mouth drops open as Piccolo drives his fist into his gut
"I didn't come here to get lectured now fight me"Piccolo then knees him in the chest sending him back then fires a ki blast after him.
Zetral easily blocks the blast and fades he appears behind Piccolo before he can react then kicks him in the spine piccolo falls foward and Zetral fades in front of him and punches him in the gut send him the other way.Piccolo heads off in that direction and Zetral fades and kicks him the other way yet again this process goes one for a few moments till piccolo is badly beaten.Piccolo's body finally hits the ground beaten and bloody Zetral then moves a piece of his hair that fell out of place to the the side with the rest of his hair.Piccolo stands to his feet now breating heavily and running low on power.
"Don't ever interupt me foolish namek,now as i was saying your strong but your not a challange none of you are,im only toying with you out of sheer boredem sorry to let you know but your efforts were all in vain."Zetral speaks as he brushes off his clothing finally noticing that they are a bit torn.
"...damnit,im not through yet i got one thing left...."Piccolo who is worn out grins evily now showing his fang like teeth. "Are you ready....AHHHHH"
Zetral once again raises and eyebrow as the ground begins to shake,the sky also starts to turn black as piccolo stands there completely covered in his white ki aura.Piccolo puts his hands together and continues charging,knowning this is his last chance Piccolo is charging everything he has on this one,Zetral still looks unimpressed and thinks to himself"how long is he going to take its not going to work"Piccolo still charging now his eyes widen as he prepares to fire the blast.
"GIKIROHOU!!!" Piccolos voice rings out as he fires off his blast everything is completely covered in dirt that arises from the ground as the blast smashes into Zetral
Gohan and Hiru have finally made it to the lookout,Gohan has a look of concern on his face.Hiru taps Gohan and tells him to go get the beans.Gohan shakes his head and quickly darts down the stairs,There is complete silence and stillness on the battle field as the smoke fades away piccolo lays on the ground with one eye open not able to move having used all his energy in his last attack.Standing across form him Zetral stands smiling.
"Nice job,that was one hell of an attack,but as you can see your not strong enough." Zetral walks right over to Piccolo till he is standing over him and raises his hand to finish him off.
"....."Piccolo lays on the ground silent with a smile on his face sensing that the others have gotten to the lookout and are being healed he knows he did his job.
"Why the hell are you so happy,even if your friends get healed like you planed there still to weak,and to prove this to you im going to keep you alive to see them defeated then once ive beaten them into the same state as you ill destroy the planet"Zetral laughs at piccolo now "what a fun day this has been hasn't it friend?"
So Piccolos attemp to stop Zetral was in vain all strong is this guy....and whats with Gokou why does he want to fight Vegeta so badly is it because he has his tail back now,and what of Gohan,Hiru and the others will they be more successful than piccolo was in his attemp or will they sufer the same fate one way to find out read the next episode.

Episode 10 Vegeta's Rage

On the last episode Piccolo took on Zetral in an attemp to stall Zetral worked perfectly,or so it seemed until Zetral told piccolo he knew about there plan the whole time and only let them be healed so he could have a little more fun meanwhile on the Kaios planet Gokou and Vegeta pepare to face off but whos gonna win?
Vegeta and Gokou stand across from one another surrounded in there golden auras,Vegeta leaps at and throws a punch at Gokou who lets himself get hit.Vegeta notices this then flips back kicking Gokou in the face as he flips.Gokou staggers back but doesn't fall,Vegeta is being to become annoyed by this and flies into Gokou yet again this time kneeing him in the chest then ki blasting him in the gut.There is a small explosion Vegeta backs off a bit and waits for the smoke to clear,when it does Gokou stands unhurt and without a scratch on him.
"Kakarot.......Fight me Damn you....Stop toying with me and come on!!!"Vegeta yells out of furstration with a pissed look on his face.
Gokou smiles then laughs as he talks"Heh...fine but you do the same....."
Vegeta goes into a blind rage and starts to power up even more.Gokou still smiling motions for him to come on,Vegeta flies head on into Gokou and lands a hard blow to his jaw.Gokou's head jerks but he still stands smiling,Vegeta countines with barages of punches and kicks which have little or no effect on Gokou who just stands taking the blows.Vegeta then kicks Gokou in his spine he then quickly fades appearing in front of Gokou and landing another kick then a punch.Vegeta does a few flips back then fires a final Flash which still does no damage.
"Done yet Vegeta,I hope so your a pathetic excuse for a Saiyan its no wonder why Zetral wasn't worried about coming to earth,your a discrace to our people"Gokou spits at Vegeta after he finishes talking.
Vegeta's eyes go completely white and his muscles begin to swell up as his anger grows "KAKAROT!!!!"
Once again Vegeta attacks but this time he drives his elbow into Gokous face,sending him into the ground Gokou jumps up quickly as Vegeta stomps his foot into the area where Gokou once layed.Vegeta begins his barage of punches and kicks again this time however Gokou blocks most of them ,Gokou finally grabs both his fist and holds him so he can't move.Vegeta struggles to get free but can't,meanwhile on earth.Piccolo lays on the ground unable to move while Zetral stands looking directly ahead with a wide grin spread across his face.
"Hmm well Piccolo how long do you think they will take,im sure they won't leave there dying friend out here considering how noble you all are"Zetral doesn't even bother to look at Piccolo knowing he won't answer
"You know with Sai gone i could use you and your friends,yes that would work out nicely still this planet just has to go"Zetral laughs as his long hair blows in the wind
"Thats not going to happen" a voice weakly calls out from behind Zetral.
"Oh so the tan guy wasn't dead after all"Zetral smiles his back still turned to Ubuu
Knowing Piccolo is down and the others are to far off to help Ubuu raises up his Ki a bit,Ubuu then gets in a fighting stance waiting for Zetral to react,Zetral however doesn't move an inch thinking that Ubuu isn't even worth the effort.Back on the Kaios home planet Gokou is easily holding Vegeta as he struggles to get free,Gokou frowns then knees Vegeta in the back still holding him.Vegeta starts to power up his gold aura surronds both him and Gokou.Gokou who is a bit surprised lets his gaurd down and Vegeta head buts him Gokou loses his blance and is kicked into the air by Vegeta who then fades only to appear above him in the air and hammer him back down again as Gokou falls back Vegeta fades above him and starts to pound him in the chest with his strongest punches,Vegeta then violently thrusts his knee into Gokous stomach,Gokou however catches Vegetas knee and pushes him off.The two hit the ground feet first and stand across from one another.Vegeta is breating heavily as is Gokou,then without warning Gokou appears in front of Vegeta and elbows him then turns around and sweeps him to the ground as he falls Vegeta kicks at gokou also knocking him the ground.Both fade before hitting the ground and appear in the air throwing punches and kicks at one another neither side seems to be gaining the upper hand.Gokou then powers up a bit more and the two go at it agian this time however Gokou's punches all connect with Vegeta,Gokou then fades only to appear above vegeta and fliip kick him into the ground.Vegeta hits the ground and jumps up quickly seeming to not have been hurt at all.Gokou then cups his hands and draws them back,Vegeta knows what he is planing and waits for him to fire
"KAAAAAMEEEEEHAAAAAAAA"Gokou yells his hands drawn back.
Vegeta stands and girts his teeth waiting anxiously for the blast to come down"....................."
"MEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"Gokou then thrusts his hands forward and fires it.
Vegeta catches the beam and is almost knocked to the ground instantly,his eyes widen with surprise as he sees Gokou is going all out on this one.Vegeta forces himself up and stands upright trying to hold off the blast,there is a stand still for a few moments then the beam begins to inch closer to the ground forcing Vegeta back even more.Vegeta starts to think about events that have occured in his life first he sees his battle with Gokou,then his death at the hands of Frieza,as he thinks a thought runs through his mind "Always second to someone" he then sees Gohan Battling Cell and how he helped in the end,next he sees his battles with Gokou,Majin Buu,as well as kid Buu,the thought goes across his mind again"I was always second to someone,I was never strong enough never"he then thinks of the battle with Gokou as Bebi Vegeta then the fight with Super 17 and against the Shenlongs."I was always second to someone....even with bulmas machine my powers wore off i was only second to Kakarot....i won't live in his shadow any longer" Vegeta then snaps out of it he is now about to hit the ground when he yells out"I WILL NOT LOSE AGAIN!!!" The earth underneath him begins to spilt and the edges begin to flot off of the ground as this happens his ki begins to skyrocket.There is a bright light and nothing can be seen,when the light has died down Gokou lands on the ground and turns back to his normal state.Vegeta sits on his knees still powering up he then stops and looks at gokou who is standing in front of him with a hurge grin on his face.Vegeta then stands to his feet and shakes his head in disbelief
"Congratulations Vegeta i think your ready to go back now heh heh"Gokou still smiles at him
Vegeta runs his hand through his hair then smirks"Hmph! Kakarot send me back to earth now i think ill show Zetral what real power is"
So its finally happened Vegeta has transformed into the third level of a Super Saiyan but will it be enough to stand up against zetral and will ubuu really stand up to Zetral all these will be answered and more in the next episode.