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DBAM Episodes 11-13

Episode 11 Round 2

On the last episode we found our heros had been completely healed as piccolo lay hurt on the battlefield a friend came to his add in hopes of stopping Zetral,meanwhile back on the Kaioshins planet Vegeta's rage was pushed to the limit as he finally transformed into the third level of a Super Saiyan but will it be enough to stop Zetral.

Ubuu waits for a moment to see if Zetral then smiles and fades out,Ubuus eyes widen as he is kicked in the side and sent flying he regains control and darts back at Zetral then swings but Zetral moves to quickly and Ubuu misses.Ubuu looks around everywhere and doesn't see him anywhere.Ubuu then realizes where he is then turns swiftly and kicks Zetral catches his leg and drives his elbow into Ubuus leg.Ubuu yells out in pain and falls to the ground as Zetral releases his leg.Zetral leaps into the air and looks pissed off.Ubuu appears behind him and starts to punch with all the power he has left Zetral just looks at him as he does this.

"You know,you all certainly have alot of spirit you really would make good slaves with the porper athourity"Zetral looks down at ubuu as he continues his assalt

Zetral frowns then pummels Ubuu with his fist sending him into the ground Ubuu lands right next to the beaten Piccolo neither of the two move now.Meanwhile back at Korins Tower everyone wants to go back to battle but someone refuses to let them.

Goten punches the ground shaking the foundation of Korins small Tower"Come on Gohan we need to get back there both Piccolo and Ubuu will be done for at this rate" Trunks then powers up to SSJ as do Goten and Laguna.
Gohan finally sighs and gives in"Fine lets go back but Gohsan and Pan you two are to stay here don't go anywhere got me?"

Pan and Gohsan both nod as the other warriors fly off back to the battle field.Back on the sence of the battle Zetral looks pretty pissed off and seems as if he is sick of waiting for someone to come battle him.Ubuu and Piccolo lay motionless on the ground still to hurt from there earlier battle to even move.

"Im through waiting" with those three words Zetral powers up a blast and begins to float above the earth as he ascends he begins to create a massive ball of ki he soon stops floating yet continues to charge."Now it ends"Zetral throws the ball of ki directly at the earth,Gohan and the others stop in there tracks as they know there is nothing they can do the beam flies towards the earth at rapid speed but before the beam can hit it is deflected away.Zetral turns with a huge grin on his face to see vegeta floating a little ways under him.Vegeta hovers there for a moment then lands close to Piccolo and Ubuu.Zetral fades out and appears on the ground a few feet from Vegeta.The two warriors examine one another,both know what will happen next yet neither one of them seems to rush into it.Vegeta crosses his arms then cocks his head to the side and smiles,Zetral stops smiling and grips his fist tightly.

Zetral grits his teeth and starts to power up "Don't you people die!!"
"Whats wrong,are you afraid,don't worry this won't take long,so go ahead and talk all you want,because i promise the next few words you say will be your last" Vegeta says in a cocky voice as his hair blows in the wind.

Meanwhile Gohan,Laguna,Hiru,Goten and Trunks still haven't moved,they know Vegeta is back and are somewhat hesistant to return to the battle feild at this time,they all look at one another but don't say a word,when Trunks finally speaks out.

"Hey my dad probably doesn't want us to interfer..."before he can finished he is cut off by Hiru

Hiru looks pissed and snarles at Trunks"Who cares what he wants im going to rip that guy apart for that cheap shot"

Goten voices his opinion as well "No way we shouldn't interfer,trunks is right his dad has way to much pride for us to waltz over and help out,we should go get Piccolo and Ubuu then get outta there"

Laguna darts at Goten and grabs him by his collar "How the hell can you call yourself a saiyan Goten,its pretty pathetic that your afraid to go over and fight"

"Leave him alone ok!!"Trunks pushes Laguna off of goten knocking him into Hiru.

"Ok im sick of this you two weaklings are holding us back,so im gonna deal with you both right now"Hiru raises his arms and gets in a fighting stance as does Laguna

Goten powers up "Hey if you wanna fight then come on,ill kick both your asses"Trunks hovers till he is next to Goten and powers up as well.

Well it seems like there will be two battles going on,but the odd thing is i thought those were the good guys what will the outcome of this battle be and what about Vegeta and Zetral well looks llike you gotta wait for the next episode to find out.

On the next episode of DBN Zetral and Vegeta go head up in a fight with zetral but are his new powers enough to take down the mighty warrior or is all this in vain find out next time on DBN

Episode 12 Princes Power

On the last Episode of DBN Zetral got tired of waiting and decided to get ride of the earth and with Piccolo and Ubuu out cold it seemed as if he would succeed in his evil deed when out of no where Vegeta showed up and stopped the attack,Meanwhile it Goten and Trunks are about to go head up against Hiru and Laguna.

"What are you waiting for Vegeta power up to a Super Saiyan,You know as a normal Saiyan your nothing to me" Zetral smiled as he mocked Vegeta

Vegeta then powered up to the Second level of a Super Saiyan,Zetral powered up as well the ground began to splint as the two auras smashed into each other.Zetral stopped and let his aura die out Vegeta did the same and a slight wind blew across the ground neither fighter even bothered to blink knowing it could be a fatal mistake if they did.Vegeta smiled and darted at Zetral,who stepped to the side and punched Vegeta in the chest,Zetral then grabbed him by his hair and punched him a few times in the gut then through Vegeta into the air,Vegeta stopped himself and looked down at Zetral.Zetral then smiled and faded,Vegetas eyes widend and gasped Zetral appered beside him before he could react and kicked him downward towards the earth Zetral faded yet again only to appear behind Vegeta and kick him back into the air Zetral faded once more appearing next to Vegeta he through a kick at Vegeta but this time Vegeta caught his leg and drove his elbow into Zetrals leg,Vegeta then uppercutted him in the face still holding on to his leg Vegeta began to use his free hand to pound Zetral.Unable to recover that quickly Zetral was getting pounded by Vegeta,after a few minutes of this Vegeta finally slung zetral into the ground making a huge crator where he hit Vegeta prepared a blast but gets kneed in the back and begins to fall out of the sky Zetral darts after him and the two begin to swing rapidly at one another there fist smash into each othersVegeta swings with his other hand and Zetral grabs his arms the two seem to smile sightly as there battle continues to wage on,Meanwhile Goten,Trunks,Hiru,and Laguna stand ready to fight with one another while gohan is too focused on the battle with Vegeta to notice

Hiru smiles then speaks one last time"Heh ready boys were not gonna go easy on you"

With that Goten dashes at Laguna while Trunks jumps at Hiru,the four of them start off pretty even none of them seems to be gaining any ground till Goten is caught off guard by a left hook from Laguna,Trunks swiftly turns to help his friend and is elbowed in the side of the mouth sending him sprailing after Goten the two stop themselves and look each other in the eyes then land on the ground and nod.They stand side to side with one another then put there hands together.

They then aim at Hiru and Laugna and yell out"Burning Kamehameha!!!!!!"

Laguna smiles "Nice...."

The two borthers fire a blasts of there own the two attacks are on a collision course but before they ramb into one another Gohan finally notices them fighting.He imediately flies between the blasts and deflects them both,Hey then looks pissed off but shurgs it off and turns his attention back to the battle.On the battle field Vegeta stands across from Zetral and seems a bit winded and out of breath while Zetral doesn't show any sign of fatigue.

"Whats wrong Vegeta you look tired...heh....I must admit you are much stronger than any of these other fools but still your nothing compared to me,you see while you are at your full potential i have only been using about 80 percent of my true power"Zetral smiles just as cocky as every.

Vegeta begins to laughin uncontrollably "You know it would be much better if you had of gone all out from the begining,just like that fool Freiza,toying with me only increase my power stupid,besides i haven't used my full power....allow me to show you how strong i really am"

"Be my guest Vegeta,poor fool you decive yourself but go ahead power up more"Zetral laughs as a bit as he talks

"YOU HAVE ONLY SEEN AND HEARD OF SUPER SAIYAN AND THE SECOND LEVEL,ALLOW ME TO SHOW YOU LEVEL 3!!AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"With that vegetas muscles begin to bulge out and his power starts to shake the very foundation of the earth.

The force of pure energy knocks Zetral off his feet and into a nearby mountain,back with Gohan and the others they all stand in amazment at Vegetas power the ground around them begins to shake.Gohan stands with his mouth wide open,while Trunks has a huge smile on his face as does Goten,Laguna can't belive the power he is feeling and as for Hiru Vegeta's power seems to anger him,back on Kaioshins Planet a pleased Gokou monitors the battle with Kaioshin standing close to him with Kibito.

"Looks like your pep talk really helped huh Gokou"Kaioshin smiles while glancing up at Gokou

Gokou doesn't say a word only smiles,back on earth Vegeta is still powering up his power is almost blocking out the sun itself,the sky begins to turn black as Vegetas eyes white out his hair begins to grown longer and longer,till it is eventually to his waist Vegeta then slows down his face looking at the ground,Zetral climbs out of the ruble very pissed off and covered with cuts and bruises he dashes till he is in right in front of Vegeta.
Zetral uppercuts Vegeta"You bastard how dare you no one will make a fool of me"
Vegetas head tilts upwards,he then looks Zetral in the eyes and smiles his voice is now very deep and calm"Ouch.....heh heh" with that Vegeta kicks Zetral in the chest sending him heading back towards the mountain,Zetral stops himself but Vegeta is to quick for him and appears above him and double axe handles him into the gound,Vegeta floats into the air and swiftly turns to his left Zetrals fist,"Nice try your pretty fast when your mad Zetral" Zetral yells out of anger and starts to swing violently at Vegeta who easily evades him,Vegeta then grabs his fist and knees him the mouth then spin kicks him in the chest sending him heading back towards the ground.

Vegeta turns his plam upward and points it down at Zetral"Its over BIG BANG ATTACK" "AHH!!!!!"Zetral is helpless and hit by the blast which sends him smashing head first into the ground. Vegeta waits for the smoke to clear looking down to see if Zetral survived,when the smoke is gone a beaten Zetral is holding his hand into the air and holding a red ball of ki in his hand,Vegeta smiles a bit "Your so damn stupid,you know im feeling genorus today,so ill make a deal with you,get off this planet and go somewhere return here another time when you are more powerful atleast then i can have some sport with you." Zetral blinded with rage doesn't accept he only yells out of anger "DIE!!!!!"with that Zetral fires his red blast,Vegeta deflects the blast then fades out,he appears behind Zetral and punches him in the spine then narrows his eyes and grabs him by the arm,Vegeta then flings him into the air as he goes up Zetral keeps his eyes locked on Vegeta still inraged without a word Vegeta fires a minor blast that completely destorys Zetral all that falls from the sky are ashes Vegeta then smiles and begins to laugh. "HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!" Gohan,Goten,Trunks and Laguna Yell out. Hiru looks very angry but doesn't say anything,Vegeta then powers down and looks up into the sky the sun shines down on him warming his face he smiles then speaks".....Thanks.....Kakarot,now don't ever expect me to say that again!!!" Gokou beings to laugh histeracly at Vegeta "Same old Vegeta that guy will never change" Vegeta walks to Ubuu and throws him over his shoulder "Pretty pathetic kid,you didn't last two minutes" Ubuu laughs weakly and smiles"You did it Vegeta.....i didn't think you could,guess i was wrong.........i can walk thanks,wheres Piccolo and Dende?" Vegeta laughs and flies off leaving Ubuu confused and standing alone,looks like Zetral has been defeated now peace will return to the earth or will it? On the next episode of DBN Laguna takes a trip,while on Kames lookout Piccolo takes Gohsan and Pan through some intense training sessions till someone finds there way to Kames lookout and whats this shes got a chrush on.......Piccolo?? wanna find out about the whole episode? well gotta wait for Episode 13 peace returns.

Episode 13 Peace Returns

On the last episode of DBN Vegeta showed Zetral his final power and the two went head to head in battle but it was evident that Zetral was no match fot the power of Vegeta as the Saiyan prince beat Zetral with little trouble at all.It seems as if peace has returned to the earth but what is going on right now in everyones lives lets take a look.

Outside the Capsule Corp compound Trunks is sitting in the loby waiting for more customers to enter unlike most days everything is going slow,when he suddenly hears Bra yelling from the back of the compound Trunks jumps from his seat and runs towards the back,as he runs down the hall way he thinks of what could be wrong and he prepares for the worst as he continues he runs past his room he darts inside and grabs his sword then continues down the hall way till he reaches Bras room,he stands outside the room his sword drawn and waits to hear what happens next,Bra shreaks again and Trunks bursts into the room.Trunks sees Bra being held by some shadowy figure Trunks emidiatly pushes Bra aside and slashes at her attacker he slices the guys shirt in two the guy stands there sweating bullets.

"TRUNKS WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!!" Bra asks with a very angry look on her face

Trunks turns around looking at Bra "....I heard you scream and i thought you were being attacked"

Bra still very angry walks to Trunks and hits him across the back of the head"You idiot thats not an attacker its Iori!!!" the young man steps out of the shadows his shirt sliced in two his eyes are wide open and he is breathin heavily

Trunks drops the sword and his mouth drops to the floor "What Iori you mean the guy that delivers our stuff.....Oh damn im sorry i didn't know....HEY!! what were you two doing anyway"

"I was helping miss Bra,she asked me to come into her room and when i entered i knocked her down i proceeded to help her up when you came in" Iori stands there still sweating looking at Trunks,who just smiles and steps out of Ioris way,the young man jumps up and runs out of the room leaving Bra very angry at Trunks.Meanwhile out at Kames lookout Piccolo stands looking over the edge,while Popo waters the flowers and Dende meanwhile is standing behind piccolo watching to see what he does,Piccolo turns his back from the edge and begins to walk back when he hears a loud noise he turns swiftly to see what it was there floating behind him are Pan,Gohsan and someone else Piccolo has never seen before.Piccolo gets an angry look on his face,the three land and smile at Piccolo.

Pan speaks first,she stands still looking the same as ever with her bandana "Hey Piccolo"

Piccolo replys quickly "Hello Pan,not to seem like a rude host but why are you here?"

"WE CAME TO TRAIN!!!" Gohsan blurts out of no where
Piccolo growls a bit and stares at the girl"So you want my training,alright fine but why is she here"

"Tehee,im only here to watch,Im Mai nice to meet you...Piccolo" The girl smiles and blushs as Piccolo stares at her

Piccolo sweats a bit "Just don't get in the way,alright you two lets get started.Oh and if you get beat up to badly by me go to dende he will heal you both"

Piccolo then got in a fighting stance and motioned for the other two to come on,Pan and Gohsan stood looking very confused,they thought it would be a little slower pace but from the looks of it piccolo wants to get down to buissness from the get go,Gohsan leaps at Piccolo and begins to swing rapidly Piccolo easily dodges his attacks,Pan jumps in and begins to do the same as Gohsan yet Piccolo still dodges with no trouble,the two of them are darting aroun dthe lookout still throwing punches and kicks while piccolo has yet to even try and land a punch.The young girl Mai just looks around at them smiling having no idea whats going on since she can bearly keep up with them anyway,Gohsan gets annoyed and stops attacking Pan stops as well and stands next to him.The two look pretty pissed off and worn out Piccolo on the other hand has a huge grin on his face knowing the two can't beat him.

"This isn't fair piccolo your far to strong for us"Gohsan speaks softly in a scared voice,Piccolo then fades in front of him elbowing him in the mouth then turns around and spin kicks pan in the ribs the two of them end up on oppisite sides of Piccolo.

Piccolo narrows his eyes and turns to them both as he speaks"Lesson one boys and girls....always keep your gaurd up and try not to talk to much,your big mouth got you both hit"

Gohsan stands up and wipes the blood away from his face,he then begins to power up a white aura surrounds him as he does this,Pan doesn't do anything she just watches for a moment then spits on the ground.

"Hahahahaha,Piccolo want to see something huh ill show you how strong i really am" with those words gohsan attacks picccolo from behind without looking piccolo dodges his kick then turns around and punches him square in the face,Gohsan skids across the ground and right into some of Popos flowers.Pan powers up now but much faster than Gohsan did she then darts at Piccolo and kicks at his face,Piccolo once again dodges her attacks and back up into another set of Popos flowers,Popo sees this and steps in.

Popo yells out at the top of his lungs "OH NO PICCOLO BEHIND YOU!!"

Piccolo turns around to see and is kicked right in the face,he then smahes into the fall going clear through it,Gohsan stands up with a his mouth wide open and runs next to Pan.The two look at each other then at Popo then to Mai they don't know what to do and there isn't a sound from the area where Piccolo landed.

" didn't kill him did you?"Gohsan asked looking really scared

Just then Piccolo bursts out of the ruble viens bulging from his forehead "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DAMNIT POPO!!!!!!!!!!! NEXT TIME STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!!!"

Popo sweats a bit and looks away then Mai runs to Piccolo and warps her arms around him "Oh thank goodness i thought you were hurt,your so cute i just couldn't bear to see you get hurt"

Piccolo breaks the girls hold then turns his back on them all "thats enough training for today.............and next time don't bring her along"
Mai smiles and Pan,Gohsan and Dende all break begin to laugh,Piccolo turns arond and growls and Pan Mai and Gohsan dart off,Dende then smiles and continues laughing to himself.

Well it looks like life is back to normal or so it seems but what about the other Z fighters well gotta wait till the next episode to find out. On the next Episode of DBN Gohan,Goten and Ubuu run into a little trouble at a baseball game,while Laguna sets out on an adventure of his own meanwhile back at the capsule corparation Gravitron Vegeta trains with Hiru however,it seems like both Vegeta and Hiru will be facing there toughest oppent ever Bulma!!!,Wanna see more you will on the next Episode Fighting days