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DBAM Episodes 1-6

Episode 1:Peaceful times

It has been 7 years since the last attack of Shen Long, and the dissapearance of the great and well known Son Goku, but now that that has passed and Goku is gone, everyone has gone on with their natural lives. Vegeta still keeps up his training at where Bulma's Deceased parents once lived, and now Bulma is living there still as always. Trunks has taken over the Capsule Corp,while Goten lives at his father's old home. Chi-Chi and Bulma still talk, and are very old. Kuririn,Tien, and Yamcha passed over, while the lonely 18 then also died. Chaut Zu now lives at the Turtle Island place with the very old and still perverted Roshi.Gohan is now a grandfather, raising his grandchild with his wife, Videl.Ubuu has been on his own, and like the rest of the Z fighters, miss the thrill of the battle that used to go on.New Heroes and Z Fighters now began to show up, such as the two new Shinsu Brothers, Hiru and Laguna. Although they help the Z team out, they still do their own training with each other a bit far away from the Capsule Corp. And long ago, when Goku has dissapeared, so did the mysterious namek, Piccolo. No one has heard of the two, but still they carry out their busy lives.In the streets one day, Trunks and Goten were talking about old time they used to have, when all of the sudden a lady then screamed out.
"HEY, THAT MAN STOLE MY PURSE!!!" she yelled, as if asking for help. Goten smiled a bit as then Trunks looked at him.
"Why did you smile, the lady's purse was stolen." Trunks asked with a quizzical look on his face. Goten then pointed at a man running into an alley way with the purse.
"There he is, let's get him!" Goten shouted, then running after the man and turning into the alleyway.
"But Goten, I just washed this suit, and I have a buisness meeting soon!" Trunks shouted angrily, then he sighed and ran after the excited Goten.
Meanwhile, back at the Capsule Corp Industry, Vegeta was training in the gravity machine. Sweat dripped off his chin and drizzled down his cheeks and face as he breathed heavily. He then began to power up.
"YAHH!!!" He screamed loudly, he then began to power up, as the gravity also went up.1,500.2,000.2,500. The gravity kept going up and up as he then suddenly blasted into SSJ, his hair growing yellow and spiky now, he continued to scream as a golden aura surrounded his body. He then blasted into SSJ2, his hair grew a bit more and grew spikier, his muscles began to bulge as the gravity increased along with his power, his mouth open wide, an angry, yet serious look on his face. Suddenly, his hair began to grow long, and his eyebrows began to dissapear, his eyes were still turqoise. His power increased greatly, and his muscles grew bigger, but just before he can reach it fully, his hair went back to normal color and back to it's original state as he then fell to his hands and knees, breathing heavily. The gravity then also began to drop, as sweat beaded off his face and hit the ground, leaving a temporary stain there.
"Damn...if I can hit the third stage, then I can reach my full power in the fourth stage...Damn you Kakorot, how did you do it!"
In the alleyway, Goten then grabbed the man by his arm and the man shouted angrily.
"Hey, what are you doing?" he said, his eyebrows lowered.
"You are a thief, you bastard" Goten said, then smirking.
"Yeah, so? It's a living." The man said cockily. "And who's going to stop me, a kid like you?" he laughed out.Trunks then stopped in front of his best friend and the thief.
"I wouldn't mess with him, he is very crazy and loco" He said, dusting off his suit.
"You two are just kids compared to me, in your twenty's. I am thiry-five years old, I can kick your ass anyday!" he said. Just before the man can speak, Goten elbowed him in the side of the face> The man fell to the side and hit the ground with a loud thud. Trunks just looked at Goten.
"You could of killed him you know." he said. Goten just laughed.
"It was a love tap, I swear man." he then picked the purse up and then walked out of the alleyway. Trunks followed to see Goten handing back the purse to the lady.
"Oh thank you so much!" She said, her eyes glimmered.
"No problem ma'm" Goten said proudly, then turned to Trunks. "Let's go--" he then stopped short.Trunks noticed the look on his face, and then asked with a worried look of his own.
"What's wrong, bro?"
"You feel that ch-chi? It's Enormous, and it's...."
"AT THE LOOKOUT!!!" They both shouted, then jumping up and flying into the air, leaving a blue vapor trail behind them both.
A few miles away from the city, Ubuu looked up and smiled, then flying into the air to the lookout, screaming.
At Pan's house, Gohan was in the backyard with his grandson, Gohsan.
"You Ready, Grandpa?" the boy asked, then getting in a stance. The Old Gohan nodded his head, then they both leaped at each other. Gohan was going very slow, since his grandchild was only 5 years old, he thew slow punches at Gohsan, as his grandchild kept block them, doing a very good job for a kid his age. Finally, they both stopped in their tracks, looking up at the sky.
"You feel that, grandpa?" the boy asked.
"Yes, Yes I do Gohsan. And it's at the lookout."
"You're right Grandpa, can we go check it out?"
"I will, not you though."Gohan replied, still looking at the sky.
"Why not?" Gohsan asked with a sad look.
"You are young still, Gohsan" Gohan said.
A female voice then came in. "Well, whatever it is, I am coming" said Pan. Gohsan cried "MOMMY!" and went and hugged her.
"Fine" Said Gohan. "But don't get into any trouble." and with that all three of them jumped into the air and began to fly to the lookout.
Vegeta then stopped his training and looked up, he sensed this chi too, and then he walked out of the gravity room, popping a Senzu in his mouth, then flying into the air after the lookout without a word.
Everyone has sensed this powerful chi at the lookout, but is it a good one or evil one? Well, you're going to have to wait for the next Episode of DBAM!

Preview of The Next Episode!: Goten and Trunks reach the lookout, to find a mysterious figure they recognize, but don't believe what he has become. Who is it? Keep Watching for the next Episode 2:To Hell With Peace

Episode 2:To Hell With Peace
Last Time on DBAM: Peace has returned ever since Piccolo and Goku dissapeared. But one day, as Goten and Trunks were walking down the street, they sensed an evil power at the lookout. Ubuu, Gohan, Pan, and even Gohan's grandson Gohsan sensed it, and began to make their way to the lookout.

Goten and Trunks landed on the white tiles of the lookout and quickly looked around. All seemed to be in place, but what freaked them out was that Mr. Popo wasn't even watering his flowers. Dende has also dissapeared, and the only thing they could sense was an evil chi around there somewhere.
"Hey Dende, where are you?" Goten called out, but then was lightly hit in the stomach by his friend. Goten quietly said "Hey, what's the big ide--" But he cut himself off when he saw a mysterious figure standing there.
The man was the hgiht of about 5'10. He has two strands that formed an "M" in the front of his hair. But his hair sprouted and went down long, just ending right about the mid back(just about below the shoulders). He had white gloves covering his hands and white boots covering his feet. He was also wearing a piece of Saiya-jin Zet Armor, which had yellow straps going over his shoulders to keep it hanging. His eyebrows were as black as his cold eyes, which just stared at them. His lips curved into a small smirk. His arms were crossed over his chest as he then said.
"Well my my, look who came by"
"Where is Dende, and who are you?" Goten yelled at the figure.
"My name does not matter now does it, fool." replied the mysterious figure.
"Why I oughta wring your damn neck" Goten shouted back, but Trunks held him back for now.
"Where is Dende, that is all we want to know." asked the suited Saiya-jin.
"I don't know a Dende, nor do I care."
"That's it, your going to get your ass beat!" Goten shouted, p owering up to SSJ now. He then jumped at the figure,throwing a punch, but the figure just moved his head and lifted up his knee. Goten was hit hard in the stomach, and he did a front flip over it and landed o n his back with a thud.
"Pathetic, and I'm not even in SSJ" the figure spat on the ground.He then uncrossed his arms and got in his fighting stance.
"Don't mock me damn you!" Goten said, getting up.
Trunks powered up into his SSJ State and jumped at the man,and Goten followed. No matter what Punch or kick they threw,the man either blocked them or dodged them with ease. They just kept rapidly thrown attacks at them though, which couldn't be seen to the normal eye. Finally, he grabbed Goten's arm and pulled him towards himself,lifting his knee into his stomach. Goten was dizzy, blood fell from his mouth. The figure threw Goten into the wall, which had a body crater in the wall, just lieing stuck there. Trunks threw his foot at the figure, but the figure just moved to the side, grabbed his leg, and tossed him towards Goten. He then faced his palm at the back of Trunks, then releasing a blue chi ball into his back. Trunks yelled in pain, whizzing towards Goten with a chi ball on his back, pushing him forward. They all collided with a huge explosion. Dust kicked up, and the wall crumbled into pieces. The figure then crossed his arms over his chest, a serious look on his face. When the dust finally cleared, Trunks and Goten were lying there covered with the wall pieces over them. Both of them were back in their normal state, and didn't even twitch.
The figure turned his head to see more people land on the lookout. It was an older look adult, then a female adult, and a young boy. He snorted, sensing their power level. But he was amused to find another power coming to him, excactly equal to his.
"Hey you, where is Goten and Trunks!?" Pan shouted with anger. No answer came out though. Gohan already knew though, seeing the wall crumbled on top of them. "Well, if you don't wanna tell me, then maybe I should pummel it out of you!" Pan shouted, then cracking her knuckles with a smirk.
The figure only began to laugh though. "A female beat me, that's a good one. Sorry woman, but there is no way you can beat me."
Pan got pissed, but Gohsan retorted. "I'll help you beat this guy up mommy" Gohsan said, keeping his eyes locked on the man.
"Not like a child is going to help you." the man said with a smirk. Without any further exchangement of conversation, Pan and Gohsan darted at the man now. Gohan just watched now, getting ready in case they needed help.
Pan and Gohsan threw punches and kicks in unision on either side of the man, and the man now had his arms uncrossed. He just blocked all of their attempts of hitting him. Then, with ease, he elbowed Pan on the side of the face and she screamed, flying into the rail and it broke. She was out cold though, and just fell towards the ground. Gohsan screamed out "MOMMY! I'll get you for that" and began to throw hundreds of punches, but the man just kept his arms up over his face and chest as the kid just pounded his forearms and hands. He was amazed how fast this kid was going, but still this was no match to the man. The man took advantage of his shot and then lightly punched Gohsan in the stomach. Gohsan fell to his knees, holding his stomach, then with a slight and high pitched grunt, he fell forward on his face. The man then looked down at the kid and smirked. He brought back his leg and kicked Gohsan in the stomach with the tip of his boot, which sent the kid zooming across the lookout, and finally hit the ground and safely stopped by the railing.
"Stop where you are, Hiru" Gohan said, floating up above the railing where Pan was falling, only he held his daughter in his arms. She lied there limpless in his arms.
"Who's going to stop me,a pathetic fool like you?" Hiru said evily, watching Gohan float down.
"Maybe I will" He said, putting down his daughter lightly on the ground.

This evil man is known as Hiru! But isn't he one of the Shinsu Brothers? He was supposed to be a good guy, what has gotten into him? Will Gohan be able to stop Hiru from doing anymore damage, and who is the man equal in the beast's power? You'll have to find out on the next episode of DBAM!

Preview of the Next Episode!: Hiru and Gohan go head on head, but who will win? Also, the man equal in power shows up, only know as the prince of all saiya-jins! And what's this, Hiru can go SSJ2? Keep watching for the next Episode 3: Gohan's Stand!

Episode 3 Gohan's Stand
Last time on DBAM!- Trunks and Goten landed on the lookout first, to find out that Dende and Mr. Popo were missing. After two minutes of searching, a young saiya-jin wearing saiya-jin battle clothes stood before them. Goten and Trunks demanded where Popo and Dende were, but got no answer. After a brief battle, Goten and Trunks soon realized this warrior was not to be toyed with. Gohan, Pan, and Gohsan finally made their way to the lookout, to find Goten and Trunks totally annihalated! In anger, Pan and Gohsan attacked, but failed to beat the warrior. Gohan finally revealed him as Hiru, one of the Shinsu Brothers!

Hiru stood with his arms crossed over his saiya-jin battle armor, which was barely scratched from all the battling. He was still in his Super Saiya-Jin mode. As Gohan looked at him, he saw some sort of resemblence of Vegeta in Hiru. His height for one, and two his hair. Gohan tried to remember the past of the two brothers that joined them shortly awhile ago. What he heard, their father was related to the Royal family.
"Just to let you know, Hiru, I ain't a pushover like everyone else you fought."
"Don't underestimate me, My super saiya-jin powers will crush you" Hiru snapped back. His body had a flare around it.
"Oh really, well, let's see how well you do against this level!" Gohan yelled, as he then began to power up. Dust kicked up around him as he blasted into SSJ, but he wasn't done yet. The ground underneath him cracked, and his feet were planted hard on the tiles of the Kami lookout. He yelled some more as his hair grew a lot more spikes and his muscles grew also. He blasted into SSJ2 with ease, and then stood straight up. This only made Hiru smirk.
"Oh, so you have hit an ascended super saiya-jin level too? Well maybe this'll be interesting after all..." He said, his arms still crossed, he blasted into SSJ2 with ease. His flare grew bigger and he just stood there, a crater under him also. Gohan stood in shock, he didn't know Hiru hit SSJ2 also. "Prepare to lose!" Hiru yelled as he then darted after Gohan.
Hiru threw a punch at Gohan's face while still darting to him, but Gohan ducked and his fist brushed his hair. He then stood up as fast as he can and rammed his opponent right in the gut. Hiru bent into his shoulder and grunted. Up he went, soaring like an eagle. Hiru did a flip in midair and floated there, laughing as he did. Gohan returned his laugh with a ki blast. Hiru palmed it away to the right and it flew into a nearby mountain.
Gohan jumped into the air after Hiru and they got into combat. They appearred all around the Kami lookout, throwing attacks at each other and blocking the other's attempts to hit him. Finally, Hiru kneed Gohan right in the stomach. Gohan grunted and spit flew out of his mouth, slightly colored red. Hiru just smirked and then hammered his back. Gohan went down to the ground. Gohan flipped and landed on his feet and jumped right back up after Hiru. He threw his foot into Hiru's gut, but then he dissapeared.
"What?" Gohan said, looking to the right. but he was hit right in the cheek. Gohan was caught off-balence and flew to the left. Hiru darted after him and yelled "DIE" and Drop kicked the flying Gohan right in the chest. Gohan yelled in pain and flew off Kami's lookout. He lost his flight and began to fall the long way down to the ground. Hit hit the ground with a crash and dust kicked up. Hiru flew down and landed in front of the dust and watched. A golden flare appeared and then Gohan's face, darting out of the dust. With a yell he nailed Hiru right in the stomach. Hiru grunted and stumbled back, but didn't get a chance to move, for Gohan made his attack. All around him, he threw punches and kicks. Hiru closed his eyes and he was hit all over, taking all the hits and moving around from them without being able to see his opponent.
Gohan finally planted his palms into Hiru's chest and released a Double Kikou ha right into him. Hiru flew back and crashed into the ground. Gohan thought he got him good, but Hiru got up with a smirk. Hiru wiped the blood off of his lip, then he got in his stance and yelled "No more games!".
Before Gohan made a move, Hiru kicked him right in the gut and was kneed in the jaw, causing him to fly into the air. Up Gohan went. Hiru zanzoukened right on the side of Gohan and then elbowed him in the cheek. Gohan flew to the right. Before Gohan knew it, Hiru was above him and kicked him down to the ground. Gohan flew to the ground and rolled a bit, but was on his feet and cupped his hands at his right side of the waist. A blew ki was glowing in his hand.
"Ka-" he began, the ball getting bigger as he powered up more. A golden flare surrounded him and the ball got bigger. "Me-" Hiru just stood there in his stance and watched Gohan power up his ball. He just smirked and said "Interesting...".
"ha-" Gohan said, his ball got huge and the cocky Hiru just stood there. "me...." Gohan then threw his palms at Hiru and Hiru's eyebrows rose. His palms were together and his fingers curled over, the ball blue turned in a beam and flung at Hiru. "HA!!!!!!!!"
Hiru dodged to the side just in time before the blue beam hit him. Gohan then used his ki to turn the beam around.
"You moron, you missed me!" Hiru laughed. But then out of the corner of his eye, saw a blue light. He turned. BOOM! he was hit. Him and the beam shot right into the ground. An explosion occurred and a huge hole was in the ground, dust kicked up everywhere. Gohan stood there, huffing and puffing. He looked over at the dust and smiled, seeing Hiru wasn't up. But a sound came that stabbed his heart and made it sink to his feet
"You think that beam was enough to take me down?"
"No...way...!" Gohan said, turning around to see Hiru standing with his arms down his sides. He had a very serious look on his face.
"It's time to end this" Hiru said as he appeared right in front of Gohan. Gohan was shocked and was elbowed in the gut. He bent over and Hiru kicked him in the face, which sent him on his back. Hiru flew into the air and then powered up.He was facing full front to his opponent, as he rose his arm up and had his palm open in front of his chest. His palm was facing upwards, towards the sky. His fingers were curled just a little, and a small yellow ball appeared floating above his hand. As he powered up, sparks of electricity flowed through him and passed into the ball. When he was finally satisfied, he began to say the name of his move. "Sonic...". He drew more power from within himself at this time and his arm began to shake and glow more with power, all being inserted into this finisher. "Blast!" he finally yelled, he threw his arm out in front of him with his palm facing Gohan, but his left hand holding onto his right wrist to support his arm. His fingers were spread out and still a little curled as the ball soared towards Gohan. Gohan had just gotten up, and saw the yellow ball flying towards him. He jumped up just in time, the ball missing him, and the explosion beginning to form was right at his feet. What the old saiya-jin didn't notice was Hiru was right behind him, and had another chi blast flinged right at Gohan. This took him by surprise, sending Gohan right into the fires of the explosion. Hiru stood above the carnage, and when all was finally settled, he could see Gohan back in his normal state on the ground.
"I'm...finished..." Gohan thought to himself. Hiru just laughed
"You are nothing compared to my skills" he finally said. But before he got to do anything else, who else to show up then the Prince of all Saiya-jins.
Vegeta stood behind Hiru, looked at what he did to Gohan. He sensed that Pan, Gohsan, his son, and Goten were all out.
"So, you're the guy causing all the trouble, eh?" he finally said. Hiru turned around. "You know, if it were me, they'd all be dead by now."
"What are you to tell me what to do, old man." he said.
"Don't you know who I am, I am the Prince of all Saiya-jins, Vegeta"
Hiru heard the name before a long time ago, but he couldn't place his finger on it. "Doesn't matter to me, you'll be scorched by my abilities in seconds if you dare stand in my way!"
"Let's prove it then, shall we?" Vegeta said, smirking.

It seems that Gohan was no match for the Shinsu brother Hiru! But Before Hiru could do any more damage to the fallen Z fighters, Vegeta shows up to stop him. Will he be a match for the demonic Hiru? Find out on the next Episode of DBAM!
Next Time on DBAM- Hiru and Vegeta battle it out, fighting for the victory. Which one of these two arrogant and pride filled Saiya-jin's win, find out on the next Episode:Battle of Pride!

Episode 4 Battle of Pride

Last time on DBAM- Gohan made his stand against the evil Hiru, and thrown his most powerful attack, the Kamehameha! But when the dust cleared,Hiru stood there, with only a little decrease of PL and his black jumpsuit being torn up and the top left of his armor now gone. With a smirk, Hiru took down Gohan and used his Big Bang Attack against him. Before he could do any more damage, the one and only Prince of all Saiya-jins to show up and save the day. Which one of these two arrogant and pride filled saiya-jin will win. Does Vegeta have what it takes to stop the chaos?

"Do you think you have what it takes to beat my abilities?" Hiru mocked Vegeta.
"I think I can do more then beat you, if I wanted to, I could send you to the next Dimension." Vegeta said calmly.
"Oh is that so, well, let's see if you can prove that!" Hiru yelled, and powered up a bit. His body was glowing with a powerful golden flare.
"No more talk then, let's do this" Vegeta said, powering up to SSJ2 easily.
The two saiya-jin darted at each other. All over the place they appeared and Hiru was attempting to hit the old Saiya-jin. But Vegeta only just dodged and blocked his attacks. Hiru was getting frustrated and angry, his face showing it. his teeth were gritted, and jumped back to throw a double kikou ha at him. But before he could form it, Vegeta was in front of him, with his knee in his gut! Hiru's flare dissapeared as he keeled into his knee, but then was kicked back and he flew. Vegeta powered up a chi ball and threw it at the young saiya-jin. It hit him head on and he flew faster, right into a mountain!
Hiru was lying in his own body printed crater, as his upperbody bent up and he looked at the prince of all saiya-jins. It hurt him, and he was enraged by this. He then powered up and yelled, darting at him once again. He tried to ram him, but Vegeta moved to the side and Hiru zoomed right past him. Hiru stopped and turned around, breathing heavily. He then managed to point a finger at Vegeta.
"Stop playing games and fight me head on"
"Your arrogance will get to you, I learned that a long time ago" Vegeta said with a smirk, mocking him.
"I'll show you!" Hiru yelled, darting at Vegeta. Vegeta then powered up also and clashed with him. They desperately were looking for an advantage during their brawl. Hiru finally got it and elbowed Vegeta right on the side of the face. Vegeta's head turned and then he turned and nailed Hiru in the face with his fist. Hiru's head jerked back, but then he got balence and kneed Vegeta right in the jaw. Vegeta flew up and then did a flip in mid air and during this he flung a kikou ha right at Hiru.
Hiru deflected it and then zanzoukened in front of Vegeta. Vegeta tried to punch him in the face again, But Hiru ducked and then darted his shoulder into his gut. Vegeta grunted and flew higher into the air. Hiru flew in front of Vegeta and then began to punch him in the gut. With each punch, spit and blood flew out of Vegeta's mouth. Hiru had a smirk of delight with each punch he delivered into the old saiya-jin. A few punched later, Hiru snap kicked Vegeta in the neck. Vegeta's eyes closed as he went to the side and lost his chi to continue flying. He started to fall out of the air, his back facing the ground. Hiru darted down and landed right on Vegeta's stomach while he was still in the air. Down they flew faster. Vegeta crashed into the ground with Hiru's weight on him and the weight of gravity. Vegeta screamed in pain as he lied there.
"You fool, I told you you'd be burnt by my abilities!" Hiru yelled. He then kicked him across the dirt and Vegeta rolled helplessly across the ground. Hiru smirked and darted after Vegeta. Before he could do another move, Vegeta sat up and punched Hiru right in the gut, right in the soft spot of the broken armor he was wearing. Hiru stumbled back holding his stomach in pain. Vegeta jumped up and flew to him, double punching him right in the chest. Hiru flew back from this hit, his hair flying foward and his eyes closed tight in pain. He landed on the dirt and skidded a bit, a dirt trench being formed with his own body.
"Who's the fool now?" Vegeta mocked Hiru's words. Hiru stood up and breathed heavily again. This old saiya-jin was giving him a good workout.
"I' you...damn it" Hiru said. He then yelled and powered up. "I will not be beaten by you!" he then darted back at Vegeta. "You're going to die!" Hiru yelled with a smirk. Vegeta planted his feet in the dirt. Hiru tried to punch him but Vegeta grabbed his fist. The young saiya-jin the tried hitting him with the other fist. Vegeta grabbed that too, and both of them powered up. Hiru then kneed him right in the gut and Vegeta lost his balence. Hiru then snap kicked him in his leg, which caused him to fall on one knee. Hiru laughed and then back handed him across the face, his hand being in a fist when he did this. Vegeta landed on his stomach. His power flickered.
"I'm...getting too do this..." He thought. He got onto his hands and knees. Hiru just looked down at the struggling warrior, and kicked him right in the stomach! Vegeta flew into the air a bit and then landed on his stomach again. His hair went back to its normal color. Vegeta was out cold.
"For an old man, you're a good warrior" Hiru said. "Too bad I will have to kill you" Hiru darted up and floated there in the air. He floated before the lookout and smirked. "You all were idiots to think that you all could beat me...not you will all go to the next dimension!"
Hiru put his hands up over his head, but his hands were also a little behind it also. A huge white ball was formed above his hands as he powered it more and more. His flare grew huge and so did ther ball, and when he was satisfied, he threw his hands in front of him, his thumbs touching and yelled "Dragon Canon!" and fired the beam. Vegeta awoke and saw this, but couldn't do anything about it, and he went out again. Gohan was awake though, and he had watery eyes. "I'm sorry, Pan and Gohsan, I shouldn't of brought you guys here, I failed you."
Hiru just smirked, but before the beam could hit, it was deflected! Hiru got pissed and watch his work go right into a mountain. He looked around, very angry at whoever did this.
"What do you think you're doing?" Someone said above him. He looked up and said two figures standing there.
It seems that even though Vegeta had a hold on Hiru, he was still beaten! Hiru was about to kill everyone but, his Dragon Canon was deflected by two figures in the shadows. Who are these people? Find out on the next Episode of DBAM!

Preview of the next Episode- The two figures just saved everyone's lives that fought the evil Hiru, and they also go head on head with each other. Who will win during this grueling bout? Find out on the next Episode 5- Two Heroes!

Episode 5: Two Heroes!

Last time on DBAM- The two arrogant and pride filled saiya-jin's battled it out, and after a long and tiring battle, Hiru was still the victor. Hiru acknowledged Vegeta as being "strong for an old man" but still said he was no match for his fighting abilities. Hiru was about to demolish the whole area with his Dragon Canon when two figures deflected it out of the way. Hiru was angry and looked up to see who destroyed his work.

"What the hell has gotten into you, man" Said Hiru's brother,Laguna. His hair was short, and permanently spiked up in short strands. He also had two strands coming down before his eyes. Laguna was taller then his younger brother. Hiru had a little bit of bigger muscles then Laguna, but Laguna also held his own good build. Laguna was leaner and was 6'1 in height, black eyebrows, black eyes, the normal looks of a saiya-jin. He was wearing a black gi with a red undershirt, red wrist bands, red boots, and a red belt. Where his heart was was a Japanese sign that meant "Laguna" and on the back was a symbol that meant "Human Defender of Earth". Although he was not human, he considered himself as one. "Why are you causing all of this trouble."
Ubuu was standing next to Laguna and had his arms down his side, a serious look glued to his face. He looked around and saw all his friends out cold and hurt, and Gohan just watching in disbelief. He turned to Laguna. "Let's beat some sense into this guy"
Hiru just has his arms crossed and looked pissed. He didn't answer his older brother or said anything to Ubuu about his remark. Laguna came to a conclusion that he didn't remember him.
"Maybe I should beat some sense into you?" He asked, but in a joking tone.
"When I get done with you, you'll be nothing but dust" Hiru replied with a smirk.
"Is that so? Well let's see about that" Laguna said, powering up into SSJ2 with ease. His hair stayed the same, but only grew more spikes and his eyes brows changed color.
"Let me help you" Ubuu said with excitement. He couldn't wait for a fight, it's been 7 long years."
"No, I will take care of him on my own, you go around and feed everyone a senzu bean." Laguna said, in his stance and having no facial expression.
Hiru just smirked and laughed some. "Maybe you should bring him to help you, you'll be finished in seconds!" Hiru said, then also getting in his stance.
Ubuu stood in disagreement, but he had no chance, and he didn't want to argue with Laguna. He darted to the lookout where Pan and Gohsan were knocked out.
With no more words, Hiru and Laguna dissapeared and reappeared in the air, beginning to make their assaults and defenses as they attacked each other. Laguna seemed to be forcing Hiru back though, as Hiru blocked and dodged the moves Laguna threw at him.
Ubuu was on the lookout, looking over and sensed Goten and Trunks too. Their chi was so low that he was forced to go to them first. He ran over to the crumbles of the once standing wall and saw a blue suited arm sticking out of it. Trunks's finger twitched, a sign of life. He grabbed his arm and dragged him out of burial ground. He lifted up his head and signed, pulling off the brown pouch that was filled with beans. He opened it and then popped it into the suited saiya-jin's mouth, forcing him to chew it and swallow it. In seconds, his eyes popped open. He looked up at the sky, and then Ubuu.
"U-U-...Ubuu?" He asked as if he was god.
"Yeah it's me, here, take these beans and help Gohan and Vegeta. They're in the fields below."
"My f-father's here? Is he alright?" Trunks asked, jumping to his feet. He took the beans from Ubuu.
"Yeah, he has a chi left, so he should be fine, now go quickly" Ubuu said, as he began to throw the stones to find Goten. Trunks jumped into the air and floated down to the dirt. He looked up and saw the two brothers battling all over the sky. Their movement was so fast it was hard to keep up with them.
Hiru tried to snap kicked Laguna on his head but Laguna ducked and tried to knee him in the gut, and Hiru jumped back. Laguna jumped at Hiru again and began to rapidly throw his fists and feet at him, trying to hit him. They ended up spinning in circles, Hiru on the defensive again, flying everywhere.Hiru laughed a little bit, being amused by the battle.
"Give up, you fool" He yelled, blocking one of Laguna's oncoming fists.
"You have an attitude problem that needs adjustment, bro" Laguna said seriously.
Gohan stood up next to Trunks and looked in awe at the battle that was going on. He watched Hiru get kneed in the and then hammered to the ground. But all he did was disappear and reappear above Laguna, kicking him to the side. Then they both dissapeared. They saw very faint images of them hitting each other back and forth here and there, but their normal eyes couldn't see. All they could feel was the rise and lowering of their chi's, and the lightning bolts zooming around from each blow they did.
Out of no where, Hiru flew down and landed in front of them. He just made a crater, but flare again and darted back up. Laguna reappeared. His eyebrows went up and he was hit right in the stomach by Hiru's fist. Laguna keeled and Hiru took his advantaged, beging to punch and kick him back across the air. His fist and foot glowed with yellow ki and as he hit him. He then jammed his palm into his stomach and released a small kikou ha, which sent him back. He caught himself though, rolling off the small blast. He breathed heavily, Hiru was doing the same.
"You've gotten much better, Hiru"
"Don't play games with me!" Hiru yelled as they both dissappeared again.
Vegeta stood alone in his spot, watching the two fight. He thought they were pretty good, and noticed they had similar traits to....
Gohsan and Pan stood on the balcony. "Where are they, Mommy?" Gohsan asked. He was too slow and too young to see where they were, or at least what the adults could see. She tried to point it out to him. "where?" he asked scratching his head.
"Forget it" Pan said, trying to keep up.
Hiru and Laguna both jumped back, Hiru was breathing heavily while Laguna maintained his breath. He began to power up a masenkou behind him secretly. "running out of Juice, eh bro?"
Hiru just growled and jumped at Laguna again, but this time he was ready. He flung his hands in front of him and released the orange chi beam while screaming "Masenkou Ha!" Hiru hit it head on and he flew towards the ground with full momentum. Laguna faded on the ground. He Raised his hands above his head and charged another one. It wasn't as powerful, but he couldn't waste time. "Masenkou ha!!!!!!" he yelled, firing it at Hiru. It hit his back, and he was ramshacked by the two beams. BOOOMMMM!!!!!! A huge explosion occurred. Laguna fell onto one knee, bleeding and beaten up from the long bout. He looked up and saw Hiru falling, slamming head first on the ground 100 feet away from his position. He saw his hair went back to it's normal color.
"Heh...looks lose.." he puffed out, then falling on his back and losing his SSJ state.
"He did it!" Pan, Gohsan, Goten, Trunks, and Ubuu yelled, jumping with glee. Gohan and Vegeta just smiled to themselves.
Ubuu flew down to Laguna's aid first. After a few munching and crunching, Laguna stood up. He flexed his muscles quickly, feeling the new power. He smiled. "Go help my brother now." he said.
Ubuu jumped to Hiru quickly. He looked down at the fallen saiya-jin warrior that cause so much trouble. He looked back at Laguna in disagreement about healing him. Laguna nodded his head, telling him it's alright. Ubuu popped in his last senzu and forced him to eat it. Hiru opened his eyes and looked at Ubuu. His eyebrows lowered and he looked pissed as always. Ubuu offered his hand to help him up.
"I don't need your help" He said, standing up. He was fully healed, but his outfit looked like he was beaten to death. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked over at Laguna across from him.
"You ok, lil bro?" Laguna shouted from afar.
Hiru felt his new increase and smirked. "Of course"
All the Z fighters gathered around on the lookout and talked about what happened. Hiru stood away from them, his back facing them and his arms crossed over his chest.
"Hey, Hiru, why don't you join us?" Laguna asked with a smile. Hiru turned his head a bit so he can see them with his perphrial vision, but then shook his head and looked back out off the lookout without a word.
"Why did you do all this, Hiru?" Vegeta asked, a serious tone in his voice.
"I don't remember anything before landing on the lookout." he replied.
"What DO you remember, Hiru" Gohsan asked.
"All I remember is doing my training when a gray figure approached me. We got into a battle. Then everything went black. That's all I remember." Hiru said. "Zeratul" He thought to himself.
"Do you know his name?" GOhan asked.
"No. And stop asking me questions" Hiru finally said. Then he thought to himself. "I want to face him again before everyone else gets involved. He was a fool to toy with me....I'll show him!"
"Pan, Gohsan, it's time for you guys to leave. We'll take care of it from here." Gohan said. He didn't like the comment Hiru threw at him. He was too filled with pride and too arragont to ever get along with. HE couldn't understand how Laguna lived with him.
"Aw, come on Grandpa" Gohsan whined.
"Your grandpa is right, Gohsan, this is a little out of your league" Pan interruped, grabbing his hand. They both then flew off to go home.
The Z team tried to come up with an explanation why Hiru would do the damage and not remember. They tried to talk to him about it, but he just told them not to bother him. But after awhile, they stopped talking.
"You guys feel that?" Ubuu asked. Vegeta's eyes just widened. "That''s evil...and...wait..there's..two?"
Gohan then yelled with nervousness "Shit I just sent Gohsan and Pan home in that direction!" he yelled.
"We gotta catch up!" Goten yelled. "Hey, where did Hiru go?"
Hiru was far ahead of the Z fighters already. "Ha ha ha! I'm coming Zeratul...and nothing is in my way to stop me!"

It seems that Hiru finally met his match and was beaten. But after he was beaten, he explained that he doesn't remember what happened. After sending Gohsan and Pan home, They talked about what could of happened, when they sensed two evil chi's, in Pan and Gohsan's direction! Anxious to regain his pride as a saiya-jin, Hiru left before the Z fighter's knew it. Who are the two evil chi's? Find out on the next episode of DBAM!

Preview of the next episode! Pan and Gohsan run into a figure who is one of the evil doers! All the Z fighters try to fly their way to get to them to save them. Will They arrive too late? Find out on the next Episode 6: Confusion!

Episode 6:Confusion!

Last Time on DBAM- Laguna and Ubuu seemed to come at the right time, and Laguna and Hiru got into a huge brawl! While Laguna kept Hiru occupied, Ubuu went around and healed everyone. After a long and tiring bout, it seems that Laguna came out to be the victor. Hiru seemed to be back to his normal, arrogant self, but says he doesn't remember anything, or makes them believe he doesn't know more then he does. Meanwhile, Gohan sends Pan and Gohsan home, and then the Z fighters realize that Pan and Gohsan are heading the direction of Evil Chi's!

"I want to know why we couldn't stay, Mommy. We're strong, right? We're just as strong as Hiru and Laguna and Vegeta, and even Grandpa!" Gohsan asked, still flying to keep up with his mother.
"Yes, we are very strong, Gohsan, but this is a little out of your league, kiddo. You're only five years old, I mean, you shouldn't be fighting big fights like this."
"But you said we're-"
"Just keep flying, darlin'" Pan said. She didn't have an idea what they were about to run into.
"I feel Hiru...." Laguna said, blasting on faster. "He is way ahead of us, what made him run off so quickly?"
No reply came from the Z fighters, but they also blasted up faster to keep up with the anxious saiya-jin.
"God, Please, make us reach Gohsan and Pan alright..." Gohan thought, a displeasing look spreading over his face. Vegeta kept his silence, his eyebrows lowered, also deep in thought.
Hiru flew past a mountain, leaving a blue vapor trail behind him. His arms were at his sides, his body flaring blue. "I don't recognize that other chi..." he thought to himself. "No matter, he will be scorched if he stands in my way!" he laughed evily.
Pan and Gohsan was getting closer and closer to home. "I can't wait to eat something" Gohsan said with a happy laugh. "I'm so hungry!"
Pan smiled. "We'll, I'll cook you a grilled cheese sandwich when we get home!"
"Oh boy!" Gohsan said. Before they got any closer to that grilled cheese sandwich, A figure faded in front of the two. They both stopped and yelped, jumping back a bit and floating in the air. Pan was shocked.
"Well, my my, what are you two doing out here all alone? I thought you'd like to some company to accompany you home...." the man said with a laugh. Pan's dark black eyes scanned over the man. He had purple skin, with no hair. He was wearing a blue scouter over his right eye, which flashed some alien foreign language that only he was able to understand. He was wearing alien clothes too, a white plain baggy outfit that went to his ankles. He wasn't wearing any shoes, and he had a red scarf on, that flapped in the wind. He raised his hand and clicked his scouter. He went to Pan first. The scouter bleeped a few time, coming up with some alien numbers. "Ha, not a very high level, but you're just a woman so.." this made Pan very angry. He moved over to Gohsan and only got two short bleeps and he laughed as if it was a joke. "Don't tell me Zeratul sent me here to kill a bunch of weaklings like you...waste of my damn time."
Pan and Gohsan only got into their stance and looked at each other, and then the figure.
"I'm sorry, I didn't properly introduce myself. My name's Sai, and that will be the last name you'll here before I kill you.
"Don't count on it!" Pan shouted.
Gohsan replied. "Yeah, I'm very strong!"
"Whatever, kid, let's hope they have grilled cheese in the other world!" He laughed at his own joke. Out of no where, he was in front of Pan. Pan was shocked and tried to move but she was too slow. He smacked her right across the face and sent her flying. Gohsan was enraged with this and he darted after the man. He tried to throw his punch, but all he hit was an image of Sai. He turned around to get kicked in the stomach. Gohsan went flying and started to plummet to the ground. Pan jumped to her feet and ran under her son, catching him in her arms. Sai just laughed and faded in front of the two.
"Hey, purple freak!" A cocky voice said. Sai turned around to see a man in a saiya-jin outfit that was black and beaten up.
"Why don't you get a real challenge?" Said the cocky Hiru.
Sai clicked on his scouter and turned it at Hiru. It bleeped much more then when it was on Pan and Gohsan. "Hm, not bad for an earthling." He said. "But, I'm still stronger then you, piece of cake."
"Ha! Don't make me laugh!" Hiru said. "Go To Hell!!" Hiru yelled as he darted down at Sai. Pan stepped back with Gohsan still in her arms. Pan watched Sai appear in front of Hiru with a blur and hit him to the ground.
"Hiru...what're you doing...go ssj!" Pan thought to herself. Hiru hit the ground. He was hit unexpectadly.
"Ha, you're nothing" Hiru jumped up and was enraged by those words.
Hiru darted back up and soon was being pummeled, not seeing where Sai was. Pan couldn't even see where Sai was, he just saw Hiru getting the crap kicked out of him. She put her son down.
"Come on!" Sai laughed, punching into Hiru's gut rapidly. But Hiru opened his eyes and smirked, grabbing his fists.He powered up wildly and then yelled.
"My turn, Damn It!!" He yelled, a flare engulfing him. He blasted into SSJ two. Sai's scouter bleeped wildly.
"No way..." He said. Hiru kneed him in the gut and then punched him around a bit. But before he could deliver the final blow, something came over him. He suddenly fell out of SSJ and his arms and legs came together as if he was tied up. He grunted and tried to move, but he couldn't. "Oh, that's right, as long as Zeratul has control over you, you are nothing!" Sai laughed. Hiru stopped struggling and looked pissed.
"Fight me yourself, you coward!" Hiru yelled angrily. Sai hammered Hiru to the ground.
"Shutup!" He yelled. He then turned to Pan and Gohsan.
"Now that that weakling is done and over with, the grim reaper comes for you!" he yelled. Pan growled. Sai darted down and landed on Pan in a second. Right on her head. No sound escaped from her lips, she was out.
"Mommy!" Gohsan's eyes filled with tears. "You'll pay for that!"
"Oh really..." Sai said, facing his palm at the kid's face. A huge ball appeared right before his nose. Gohsan was frozen with fear. His feet felt like glue as he trembled, water finally coming down his cheek.
"Have fun in hell, kid" Sai snorted. His neck suddenly snapped in and then he flew back before Gohsan's eyes. Gohsan looked up into the air to see a man standing there, holding his mother in one arm. He was wearing a turban, and his cape blew in the wind.

It seems that Hiru was not the bad guy beind it all! Hiru caught up with the trapped Pan and Gohsan, but he seems to have a handicap in this match for the man known Zeratul stopped him in battle. Sai, having complete advantage again, tried to kill Gohsan, but this mysterious man butted in. Who is he? Find out on the next thrilling episode of DBAM!

Next time on DBAM- The mysterious man saved Gohsan, but has no help from the rushing Z fighters still trying to catch up. Hiru is still down, so this man must take on the powerful Sai by himself. Can he do it? Find out on the next episode of DBAM- Explanation!