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What is CTA?
CTA is the abbreviation for Citron Training Academy, which its own first opening pretty much failed during 2001.

CTA v2?
Citron Training Academy reopened once again under the name Highart Academy in the middle of 2001 to 2002 - the second version. It was actually better than expected, however, there were still quite a few problems we are actually trying to solve right now.

What's the plan?
Highart Academy was completely shut down by the end of 2002 and was decided there would be no thing such as a comeback. On the other hand, it has taken us a whole year to work on a new concept. A more complex and easy rpg game suited for EVERYONE.

Highart Academy will reopen soon.

Date expected


Futuristic - Realism

Former Students

+ Aberikon Tetsama
+ Damien Starben
+ Devian Ex
+ Drakaen Silverwind
+ Flint Enduro
+ Gael Zein'Hellvik
+ Inferal Stronghold
+ Ishtar Malik
+ Russell Kit
+ Sakura Blade
+ Skye Lightfeather
+ Xen Raven
+ Yukina Swords

If one of the mentioned above is your character, please contact Lucien

>Tutors [2]
>Instructors [2]
>Nurse [1]

Highart Academy is a boarding school specialized in battle training such as skills' improvement, strategy, style, performance and synchronization plus sport activities; and in addition it will include basic tutoring on most subjects during the daily routines. The academy offers more than what's mentioned. Once you are accepted you are fully under the Academy's custody. You ought to do as told by any of your superiors without questioning or else you will be removed from your current position.

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The character creation process will be the actual admission test. Take as much time as you need to fill the form. Once the form is sent to its destination, there will be no further changes until the next season.

We will begin to receive the application forms three weeks before the exact opening date, which you should stay updated for.


Nov.10.03::RPG concept already modified. Working on "world" and uniforms.

You can check Highart Academy's former site out.

This is just a temporary site

The Academy emblem and its new site is being designed at the moment, apparently, it has not yet been decided if we will use either a more advanced HTML layout or if we'll be working with Flash Animation.

Credits go to for the image and also DDG.

For further information, suggestions or complains, contact or seek Lucien or the Headmistress.

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