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Harmony and Sin: A FrogGames RPG

Some Great Things About H&S...

This is Harmony and Sin, My RPG I made using a little bit of DND 3.5, D20 Fantasy, and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. I have created monsters, races, classes, dieties, spirits, spells, weapons, armor, tools, a currency system, and the list goes on. But do you know the story behind H&S??? Well, you're about to, so here you go... In the world of Halcyon, there is a balnce between harmony and sin, good and evil, life and death. This balance, called Yifemood-Yaatinil (In the speech of Mystari, this means 'The God-birth/Daemon-birth Balance') keeps everything in line: the food chain, birth and death, order and chaos, ect. This is the way the Creator had pictured it...but pictures dont last forever. In an instant, The Creator's Brother, who is unknown to the Halcyon world, created a daemon army, which he proudly called The Darc Horde. It consisted of many kinds of monsters, including evil dragons, daemons, nagas, vampires, succubi, beholders, and a few newer monsters like froggoyles, boneyard golems, acid elementals, great etichoran wurms, and others of evil's creative mind. He ordered them to rid the world of the holiness of his brother, and replace it with fear of the army of the Darc Horde. The many lands of Halcyon became ruins as the Darc Horde ravaged it. The daemons of the army slaughtered the humaniod creatures. Elven maidens were raped, Human children were enslaved, Mystari men used their armies to fight back, but failed horribly. The Creator couldn't watch his children become like this. So he created two beings, who he called Rei and Sphyr. He sent them into the world to fight off the Darc Horde. Once the gaurdians entered, they released a light so bright, it blinded the evil beings but strengthened the victums of them. With this light glowing, all of Halcyon fought back with a new determination. In mere weeks the Darc Horde became only a small 15000 troops and retreated into the darkness of caverns and dungeons. With the help of the two gaurdians, Halcyon was safe again. Rei and Sphyr were given one token each, a masterwork dragon sword for Sphyr and a masterwork magical bow for Rei. They took these items honorably, but hid them after blessing them with godly powers... Now the world is within balance again... the balance of Harmony and Sin... That's the story of how this game got its name... but its the campaign that matters, right?? Well guess what? I'll have the first campaign up in about two months from today, which is 12-07-04. So come by on 2-08-05 for the first campaign!