...:::Tara Nicolette Monroe:::...
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Tara Monroe
Tara Monroe's Apartment

It's another cold afternoon in Harmoney. Tara Monroe is in her newly rented apartmet tending to some basic house cleaning. She carries a laundry basket off her hip as she enters into the small but nicely furnished living room. She has a seat on the couch and starts to fold the clothes as she looks down at her three and a half year old daughter Jessica, who is sitting on the floor engrossed in the tv set. Tara smiles warmly and goes back to folding.

~*Jessica James*~ ~laughing~ Mommy, he's so silly. He tickles me to death.

~*Tara Monroe*~ ~laughing~ Tickles you to death? I don't want Mommy's little angel being tickled to death. What do you want me to fix you for lunch? How about a nice grilled cheese sandwich?

~*Jessica James*~ Sounds yummy. Isn't Aunty Julie bringing Gracie over? Mommy, can she stay the night? Please? We'll be really good. We can watch some movies and eat popcorn and we can play dress up! Oh! You and Aunty Julie can play dress up too! Please Mommy? Please?

~*Tara Monroe*~ ~smiling~ We'll see honey, we'll see. I'll have to ask Aunty Julie. Let me put these clothes up and I'll make lunch. If you hear the doorbell ring, don't answer it. Let Mommy do it, okay?

~*Jessica James*~ Is it cause you don't want the boogie man getting me Mommy? Is that why? Cause I'm not afraid of him. He doesn't scare me. I can wrestle! Just like Daddy taught me!

~*Tara Monroe*~ I'm sure you can baby but still, let Mommy get it.

Jessica nods and goes back to watching tv. Tara gives a small smile as she picks up a stack of clothes and puts them away. She puts the basket back into the laundry room and goes into the kitchen to prepare lunch. Fifteen minutes later, there is someone at the door. Jessica jumps up and meets Tara so she can wait to see who it could be. The door is opened and in walks Julie Ryba, holding to her daughter Gracie. Gracie reaches for Tara and hugs her tightly before squirming to be let go. She and Jessica hug tightly.

~*Jessica James*~ Come on Gracie, I'm watching cartoons! I'll put in a movie for us. Mommy showed me how and I can do it real good. Hi Aunty Julie!

~*Julie Ryba*~ Hi Jessica. Before you run off with Gracie, can I have a great big hug? I've really missed you.

Jessica nods and hugs Julie before finally taking Gracie's hand and running off into the living room to watch a movie. Tara and Julie smile as they exchange a hug. Tara leads Julie into the small dining room. They have a seat at the table and are able to keep a close eye on the children.

~*Tara Monroe*~ Can I get you something to drink?

~*Julie Ryba*~ Oh no, I'm okay. This place looks great Tara. It's gorgeous and just so cute. The perfect size for you and Jessica.

~*Tara Monroe*~ Thank you. We love it. I'm so glad you brought Gracie over. Jessica was getting so restless without someone to play with. She's absolutely beautiful Julie. A doll. She's looking more and more like you.

~*Julie Ryba*~ Well thank you very much but I have to say the same about Jessica. She defenitely took after her mother. She's so well mannered too. How is she liking Harmoney?

~*Tara Monroe*~ She likes it alright she's just very bored right now. She needs a few friends but with Gracie being here and the boys, she'll do just fine. What about you? How are you liking it here in Harmoney?

~*Julie Ryba*~ It's not Georgia. I miss the big town but it's okay. It's peaceful and most of my friends are here. Plus, I'm working for Vince so I can't complain about it. The kids like it too. It's much more stable for them. This way Michael can't be in and out of our lives.

~*Tara Monroe*~ Do you think he'd want to be in and out of your lives?

~*Julie Ryba*~ No, not really. He seems to like not being in our lives at all. I mean, I don't mind him not wanting to be with me, but it's him not being a father to Noah and Gracie that upsets me so much. What did they ever do to him? He was so excited about Noah and Gracie, well he wasn't there for when she was born, but still. Even if things fell apart after I had Gracie, that doesn't mean it was her fault and that he should hate her. He's probably off with Druj anyway. They probably have kids together and he probably spends every single second with them.

~*Tara Monroe*~ Hey, don't let it get to you, okay? This is a fresh new start for all of us. Seems like we all have men in our lives that won't spend time with their kids. Jesse still keeps in touch with Jessica. He's promised to come visit every chance he gets and when the WFS is in town. He's keeping our location a secret from Death and from Widowmaker. God, how I ended up with those two, I'll never know. And I never thought in a million years that it would be Jesse that would stand by me and not one of those two.

~*Julie Ryba*~ I don't know much about Widowmaker, but I really thought you and Death would live happily ever after. He raised Jessica like she was his own. He was there for her. He even protected her from Amy. When you called and told me that you weren't together anymore, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. You never did tell me what happend. Do you care to talk about it now?

~*Tara Monroe*~ It was just....hard. It was very hard. ~teary eyed~ He changed Julie. He changed so quickly. He went from being so loving and caring towards me and Jessica to being...different. Very different. It's too hard to talk about. One day, but not today. I'm sorry.

~*Julie Ryba*~ ~smiling warmly~ I know sweetie, I know. It's perfectly alright. You can tell me when you're ready. But you and Jessica are okay now?

~*Tara Monroe*~ ~sniffling~ Yeah, we're okay. She's adjusting so well and she's her Mommy's girl. It's always been me and Jessica. I've put her through so much. Two men who wanted to be there for her and then turned their backs on us. But no matter what Julie, my daughter has always comes first. I don't care how hot a guy was or what he had to offer, if he wasn't willing to include Jessica, then I had no time for him. She's my life Julie, and I could never hurt her. And knowing that I put her in such a bad position twice, it kills me. I know with Widowmaker she was too young to really know but Death was such a Daddy to her. She loved him so much. He was her protector and then he went pyscho. I just...~sighs~ I really hope this whole WWE thing works out and that Harmoney proves to be safer for me and my daughter. But enough about me. How are Gracie and Noah? Do they ask about Michael?

~*Julie Ryba*~ Noah does. Gracie doesn't think to. She has the odd question on occassion but Michael hasn't seen her since she was a year and a half. She doesn't even remember him. It just crushes me. These kids will never know their father and if they ever do see him again, I don't know if I could ever let him take them any place. I'd be afraid that he'd keep them. Especially if he's with "her". She'd want that. She'd want to take my children just so she could torture me. I'm surprised they haven't already tried to prove me to be a bad mother. But you know what? We won't worry on all that. This is a fresh new start for all of us. For us to get away from all thost jerks that did us wrong. Let's just focus on having happy careers and raising happy children.

~*Tara Monroe*~ ~smiling~ You're right. Speaking of children though, Jessica wants to know if Gracie can stay the night. You can stay to if you want. We could do some catching up and maybe after the girls fall asleep, we could watch a few movies ourselves and things. What do you say?

~*Julie Ryba*~ Sounds like fun. Oh wow, an old fashioned slumber party. I'll just have to call Jennifer and tell her to watch Noah for the night. He's always having fun with Christopher and poor Gracie doesn't get much girl time. She's really missed Jessica. Mind if I use the phone to call Jennifer?

Tara nods and points toward the kitchen where the phone is located. Julie smiles and heads off to call her friend Jennifer. Tara gets up and goes into the living room to inform the girls that they will have a slumber party. Just the four of them. Tara was already loving her new life in Harmoney. One surrounded by friendly faces and lots of opportunity.