...:::The Smith Family:::...
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The Smith Family- Tubby, Donna, G.G. Saul, & Sophia
College Gym

It's practice time for the Wildcats. Coach Smith has demanded his players be at the gym at 6:00 am. He didn't want a repeat of last year. Although it was a good year, the team lost a key game, forcing them out of the big NCAA championship. As practice comes to an end three hours later, Sophia Smith comes into the gym in her warm up gear. She was on the cheerleading team and even though they were in training for their own championship, the stricter practicing schedule hadn't started for them. Sophia drops her bag off next to a row of seats sat up for the team. Her father was giving last minute insights to the boys who were seated on the floor and on a few chairs. Sophia comes behind her father and wraps her arms around him. He smiles warmly and pats her hands before continuing to drill the team. Sophia lets go of her hold after a few moments and has a seat indian style on the floor next to Cliff Hawkins and Chuck Hayes. Chuck throws an arm around her and pulls her into a headlock. Sophia slaps at him til he releases her. Tubby looks at them strictly.

Tubby: Chuck, if you can't focus long enough for me to tell you about what we need to do in order to win this game, then what makes me think you can focus long enough on the court to win it?

Chuck: I..

Tubby: Exactly. And Sophia, if you can't leave the players alone, you'll be sitting outside til practice is completely over young lady.

Sophia: ~shyly~ Yes sir. Sorry.

Tubby nods and shoots her a small wink. She perks back up as he finishes his speech. He signals the end of practice and everyone breaks. Sophia stands up directly and turns to Cliff Hawkins. She throws her arms around his neck and the two share a long passionate kiss. Tubby rolls his eyes and laughs as he parts the two.

Tubby: Cliff, if I didn't know you so well, I'd have popped you one a long time ago. ~laughs~ That's enough of that now. Break it up. Sophia has practice and you need to hit the showers.

Tubby slaps the stat book against Cliff's shoulder and then heads off to the locker room. Cliff smiles at Sophia as they share another slow kiss. They keep their embrace tight as they pull back and gaze into each others eyes.

Cliff: How long is practice today? We're still going out after right? My class doesn't start til late this afternoon.

Sophia: Yeah, I don't have any classes today. Practice should be over around noon so we'll go out after that. Why don't you get a nap in? You'll fall asleep during class. We need our number one ball handler in tip top shape for the game. Gotta keep those assists up baby.

Cliff: ~smiling~ Yeah, yeah. Best hands on the team, or so they say. I just get the ball where it needs to go. Anyone with half a brain could do that much. I'll probably head out with Gerald some place. I think Erik and Chuck said something about going too. We'll probably just grab some breakfast or do some lifting. But if it gets boring, I'll grab a nap. Pick you up at 12:30 then? That'll give you time to shower. Oh, unless you wanted me here to help ya? ~grins~

Sophia: So you can see the other cheerleaders naked as well? I think not Cliff Hawkins! ~laughs~ If you take a nap, we can shower together later before your class, alright? Now get lost before those hot cheerleaders show up and try to seduce you. You're our hottest player baby.

Cliff grins as he and Sophia share another long kiss. He slaps her bottom before heading off to the showers. Hours later Sophia herself is in desperate need of a shower. She's in her practice shorts and tank and has taken her tennis shoes off at the end of practice. She uses a towel to dry her face as she fumbles with her gym bag and other belongings. Sophia glances up and does a double take. Sitting up high was Coach Rick Pitino from an opposing team. He looks stunned that Sophia has seen him and stands to leave. Sophia makes a mental note to talk to her father. Coach Pitino wasn't to be close to their team but the oddest thing was, he had sat in during a cheerleading practice and not a basketball one. Sophia shrugs it off and decides to head off with Cliff who was more than likely outside waiting on her. Hours later, it's dinner time in the Smith home and Cliff Hawkins has been told his presence was required thanks to Mrs. Smith's desire to keep him fed while he was dating her daughter. The family sits around the table eating dinner. Saul is placed on one side of the table with Cliff and Sophia on the other. Tubby and Donna are at the seperate heads of the dinner table eating away at the large dinner cooked by Donna.

Donna: Cliff, you should eat more. It's good to have something on your stomach.

Cliff: What's the point? Coach will just make me work it all off tomorrow. ~laughs~

Saul: Maybe Mom will let you take some of this for lunch tomorrow. ~laughs~ You're such a free loader.

Tubby: And what do you think you are? ~laughs and looks at Sophia~ Sophie, what's the matter? You aren't saying much. You usually quiz me on practice and how well you think we'll do during the next game. Are you sick or something?

Sophia: No, just curious...Dad, I saw Coach Pitino at my practice today. It was so odd cause I figured if he'd sit in on any practice it would be during one of your practices. I saw him but he seemed like it upset him or shocked him that I did and rushed straight off. Did you two have a scheduled meeting today or anything?

Tubby tries to hide his shock as he takes another bite of his dinner. He nods at his daughter and wipes his mouth, buying him some time. Donna herself looks a bit nervous as she shoves her dinner around with her fork. Tubby takes a drink of his milk and then clears his throat.

Tubby: Yeah, we had a lunch scheduled and we got our wires crossed. He thought I was there and I was really off running a quick errand. So he said he'd wait for me to come pick him up. I must have arrived just as your practice was letting out. He knows you aren't exactly "Pro-Cardinals" ~laughs~

Sophia: Hmmm...well, I suppose so. I just think it's odd. He could have come to say hi at least. I would never be rude to a family friend. Even if they do coach our biggest rival ever. Now that we have that settled, how well are we going to do this year? All the way boys or no?

Cliff: ~laughing~ Baby, we can't predict that. Last year we had a great team but Keith got hurt really bad. Stuff like that happens. Depends on the other teams and how bad we want it. Course...~playfully~ can't win when we're being run ragged...~looks at Tubby~

Tubby: And you can't play at all if you make the coach mad. ~laughs~ Quit goofing off. You're one of our hardest working players but you didn't hear me say that. ~winks~ What about you Sophia? How's the squad looking this year?

Saul: Hot! Very, very hot! Especially Lori.

Sophia: Saul! That's sick! That's my friend!

Cliff: And a hot looking friend at that. Now that's what I'm talking about Saul. Lay some love on me.

The boys laugh and share a quick high five much to Sophia's disliking. She hits Cliff's shoulder hard and glares at him before rolling her eyes and trying to avert her attention to her father. Saul points at Cliff and laughs as he goes back to his dinner.

Sophia: As I was saying before my brother and soon-to-be, ex-boyfriend interrupted....~glares at Cliff and then looks back to her father~ It's looking good. We'll go all the way this year. You can always count on the cheerleaders to bring home a few trophies.

Cliff: Coah, I'd like for you to take notice of how I was physically abused and if I can't shoot the ball come game day, it was an inside job. She's probably secretly plotting with Coach Pitino in order for us to lose our game to them. So yeah, I'm gonna need the next few practices off.

Donna: Oh Cliff, hush. You asked for it. Now eat up and quit your complaining before I turn Sophia loose on you. She has quite the temper.

Sophia: Yeah and I am not plotting with Rick Pitino. He's the enemy. But Dad seems to like him so I'd never be mean to him. And you are on probation Mr. Hawkins.

Cliff: Probation? Baby, have I ever told you how much I love you? Cause I do. I love you a lot. A whole big bunch. ~smiles~

Sophia: Love you too but you aren't getting away that easily. Now eat dinner before I get annoyed further.

Saul laughs at Cliff again who just shrugs and laughs to himself. He goes back to eating as the family engages in small talk and finishing off their dinner for the night.