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The Smith Family- Tubby, Donna, G.G. Saul, & Sophia
The Smith Family Home

It's a chilly day in Harmoney. The snow was finally beginning to show signs of melting but the wind could still slice you in two. Sophia Smith stirs awake in her bedroom. She sits up and stretches before collapsing back onto her bed. She lays there with her eyes open for a while and doesn't even try to move until she hears her mother's resounding voice.

Donna: Sophia Smith! Get up! You'll be late for your first class!

Sophia: Coming Ma!

Sophia lets a loud sigh escape her and then slowly pulls herself out of the bed. She slips on her fave slippers and wonders down the steps rubbing her eyes. Her Wildcat pajama bottoms on and a tight Wildcat shirt. She was defenitely a fan of her college team. She rumages through a junk drawer in the kitchen and finds a hair band. She pulls her hair up sloppily and heads for the fridge. Her mother was hard at work cooking up breakfast. She manages to kiss Sophia on the cheek as she passes her and heads back for the stove.

Donna: Morning baby. How did you sleep?

Sophia: Alright I guess. These early classes are going to be the death of me. Especially after practice. I'm aching all over and my legs are bothering me bad. Where's Saul?

Saul: Right here. Aww did you miss me Sis?

Saul Smith, Sophia's brother, comes walking up behind her. He wraps his arms around his sister's waist and smothers her neck in kisses til she laughs and shoves him off. She closes the fridge door and playfully hits his back as he tries to go to the breakfast table.

Saul: Mom! She's hitting me! Tell her we'll lose our next game if the manager is injured.

Sophia: Lose the game cause you are injured? Saul, you value your position far too much. The boys could win without you. ~laughs~

Donna: Alright you two, that's enough. Have a seat. Your father will be down soon. Sophia, take some aspirin if your legs are bothering you and remember...

Sophia: Stretching is the most important part of any athletic event. Gotcha Ma. ~rolls eyes~

Donna: Don't you roll those eyes at me or I'll dot them for you.

Saul: Ha ha, she told you.

Donna: Now that's enough from you. I don't need you chiming in when I'm talking to your sister. Have a seat or you'll go without breakfast. ~yelling upstairs~ Orlando Smith! Get your butt on down here or you'll go without!

Sophia and Saul poke and laugh at each other as they head to the table. They have a seat as Donna comes walking over and slides eggs off onto their plate. Their father, known better as Tubby, comes down the steps still tieing his tie. He stops in front of Donna who lays the frying pan down and finishes his tie off for him. He kisses his wife on the cheek and then gives one to Sophia and a wave to Saul before sitting down. He grabs up the sports section of the newspaper and flips on the small tv in the kitchen to watch highlights from ESPN. Sophia drinks her juice and watches intently as Donna herself finally has a seat. She sighes when she sees her two children and husband zoning out to the tv.

Donna: ~sighing~ I really wish you wouldn't have a tv in the kitchen. It's breakfast. We're suppose to be talking. Not catching up on the games from last night. It's bad enough the two of you stay up so late watching them. They aren't going to highlight anything you missed. What? Did you go to the bathroom and now you are afraid you missed something?

Sophia: No, we take turns. When I gotta go, Dad and Saul watch and bring me up to speed on commercial and vice versa. We totally have this covered Mom. ~laughs~ Dad, do you think Chuck will go pro next year?

Tubby: Well, he has potential but I'm hoping he'll choose education over money for now.

Saul: Sorta like Tayshaun right? Thank God for his mother demanding he finish his college education or we would have been screwed. ~laughs~

Tubby: Saul, there are other players on our team. Whether he went or stayed, we still had a solid team.

Sophia: That's right, a solid team. ~sticks out her tongue at Saul~ I'm kidding Bro. You know I love you.

Saul: I bet you do. Hey Dad, when are we going to scrimmage against the Cards? I think that might come in handy ya know.

Sophia: Dad! That would be great! We could kick Rick Pitino's as...umm butt.

Donna: That's right missy, you better watch your language. I'll wash that mouth of yours out with soap. Now, no more basketball talk, please. Especially about Rick Pitino. You'll give your father heartburn. Eat up and get going. You'll all be late.

Sophia: How come every single time I mention Rick Pitino in this house, I get "You'll give your father heartburn?" Mom, Dad and Rick get along just fine. It's me who hates the Cardinals. Well, me and the other Wildcat fans. ~laughs~

Tubby: It has nothing to do with liking him or not liking him Sophie. He's a nice enough guy. People just try to build a huge feud between the two of us just cause we coach at rival colleges. You know how I feel about hype.

Sophia: ~picking at her plate~ Yeah, I know Dad. I'm just saying, I don't like the man. I know you two get along okay, but I just don't like him. You know how I feel. If they hate the Wildcats, I hate them. It's that simple. I bleed blue Dad. ~smiles~ Speaking of which, Mom, I have practice tomorrow and then we have the game on Sunday. Could you wash my uniform for me?

Saul: Gee Soph, can't you do anything for yourself?

Sophia: Shut up Saul. You're twenty-four and you still live at home. Besides, Mom always washed your uniforms when you played basketball.

Saul looks annoyed with his sister and shoves her a little. She shoves back only to get shoved a little harder. She let's out a small yell and grabs her arm. She frowns a little as she whinces in pain. Saul looks apologetic as he looks at her arm.

Saul: Aww man, I'm sorry Sis. I didn't mean to hurt you. You, okay?

Donna: That's what you get for rough housing. She's not G.G. Saul. She's a girl. Take it easy on her. You okay baby?

Sophia: Yeah, I'm okay. It wasn't his fault. I hurt myself from the other day.

Tubby: ~looking serious~ What happend? Sophia, did you get into another fight? Spill it.

Sophia: ~sighing~ It wasn't like that. We got a new student and Amber was introducing her. She mentioned that you were my dad and she started laughing. She asked what I was doing living with a black family. I told her I was adopted obviously but that it didn't matter anyway. That we don't see it like I'm white and you're black. But, she kept laughing and asked if I was trying to be black. So we sorta got into it. Daddy you know I hate it when people do that. Besides, it's gotten better lately. Most of the people know you are my dad and they don't give me lip. It's only the new people.

Tubby throws down his napkin and shakes his head. He let's out a sigh and holds out his arms. Sophia gets up and has a seat on his lap cuddling up to him. He kisses her forehead and exchanges a warm smile with Donna and Saul.

Tubby: Don't let it bother you. You're our baby and we love you. Color doesn't make a bit of difference. We raised you and we love you. Just try to control that temper of yours. You get far too out of hand. It's the Italian in you. ~laughs~

Donna: No, it's the Tubby in her. You may give the look but you can also give a verbal lashing. ~laughs~ But he's right Sophia. We're your family and we love you. You're our daughter and you always will be. You know all of this. Okay? Finish up your breakfast and get to school. I'll take care of your uniform for you.

Sophia smiles and kisses her Dad's cheek. She smothers her mother in kisses after getting off her father's lap. She blows a playful kiss at her brother and then heads off upstairs to get ready for the day.