...::: Think You Can Handle The Epitome Of Perfection?:::...
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Julie Peyton-Ryba: Making Perfection Look Easy!
|-::-| 'The Epitome of Perfection' Julie Peyton-Ryba|-::-|

It's yet another busy and hectic day in the world that is wrestling entertainment. Lucky enough, it's hours before a house show and Julie Ryba known as Julie Peyton on screen, is enjoying herself while awaiting the action to pick up. She was performing her new duties as a WWE executive and on screen persona. It was part of her job to check on the wrestlers and to help clear up storylines and see to it that things ran smoothly. As Julie walks the halls, she passes an open door and hears her name being called. She back tracks and pokes her head through the door. She smiles warmly when she sees Ric Flair. He smiles back at her and motions for her to come into the locker room as it was only him and he was dressed fully. Julie nods and walks in with an amused look on her face.

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... What's up Ric? You need any help or anything?

...:::Ric Flair:::... No, no. Just wanting to ask how things were going with you. You enjoying yourself here in the WWE?

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... Oh defenitely. It's different from the XWL and other places I've been to but on the whole, I like it.

...:::Ric Flair:::... Different? Different how?

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... Well in the XWL things weren't scripted. What happend really happend. It was fun but at the same time it was very draining. Cameras were around all the time and you literally lived your life out on camera. It wasn't very safe that way either. When I was single it was fine and even after I got married, I didn't have a problem with it but after Noah was born, seclusion and privacy became important, ya know? I didn't want Noah and now Gracie growing up in that. It wasn't safe and things got worse after Gracie was born...oh dear. Here I am telling you my entire life story. ~laughs~

...:::Ric Flair:::... Oh, no no. Don't be bothered by it. It's nice to hear your take on things. Most of the women around here just smile and nod when you talk to them. ~laughs~ So, you have two little ones? Where's your husband? If you don't mind me asking that is.

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... No, not at all. We're divorced. We have been for about two and a half years or so. Ever since Gracie was about six months. She's three now and Noah is four, almost five. They live with me and we live in a huge house with Jennifer. It's a nice arrangement and the kids seem to enjoy themselves. Plus I love working for the WWE. I know it's hard hours for some people but with what I was use to, this is easy. ~laughs~

...:::Ric Flair:::... Well, when you think about how it was for you, I suppose it is easy for you. But it'll get hard after a while, I can promise you that much. But if it ever gets too hard on you and you want a break, look me up. We could have dinner or just a cup of coffee some night if you'd like.

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... ~smiling warmly~ I think I'd like that. In fact, I'd love it. I'll be sure to let you know. ~looking at her watch~ Oh, I'm sorry Ric. I promised to be in the main meeting room in five minutes. Mr. McMahon wants to go over some last minute changes. See you around then?

...:::Ric Flair:::... Defenitely. It was nice talking to you. Good luck tonight.

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... You too.

Julie smiles politely and heads out of the room. She smiles to herself as she walks the halls. She rounds a corner and almost plows right into her good friend Tara Monroe. The two jerk and then laugh as they share a quick hug. It's then that Julie notices a brunette standing next to Tara. She looks a little confused at her friend as she glances to the brunette and smiles.

...:::Tara Monroe:::... Oh, sorry Jules. I completely forgot. You shocked me there. Julie, this is Lauren Bischoff. Lauren, this is Julie Ryba. Lauren is Eric's wife and she's just out visiting and things. Oh and you'll be surprised to know, she was once engaged to James Cornett and they even have a daughter together.

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... Wow, really? James Cornett? And now you're with Eric Bischoff? I knew he had a new wife and things but I didn't know it was you. Sorry, that sounded almost rude. It's just really nice to meet you. I'm an old friend of James Cornett's and Michael Ryba's ex-wife. I don't know if you know who that is or not.

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... Oh yes, I know. James told me a lot about you Julie. It's a pleasure to meet you. I never in a million years thought I'd run into people that knew James. Then again, he had a lot of friends.

...:::Tara Monroe:::... And even more enemies from what I was told. Sorry, I've never met the man personally but I've only ever heard horror stories about him. Julie and him were good friends but they were too close for Michael's liking and that led to plenty of fights.

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... Well I eventually saw the light and realised how sexist James could be. Oh dear, this isn't a "Let's bash James Cornett" session. I'm awfully sorry Lauren. We honestly aren't trying to be rude.

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... ~laughing~ No, no. It's perfectly alright. James isn't my favorite person either. In fact, I sorta screwed him over just to be rid of him. But I won't bore you ladies with that. I'm just doing a little visiting since the arena was close tonight. My daughter Brooke wanted to come with me but I left her in charge of the twins.

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... You have twins? How cute. I love kids. I'd like to meet them some time. I'll have to introduce you to Noah and Gracie as well. And Tara's little girl Jessica is just the cutest lil thing. But did you say you screwed James Cornett over? I would pay to see that. ~laughs~

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... You can. It's all on tape. In fact, we have it at home. You should come over for a screening Jules. ~laughs~

Eric Bischoff comes strolling up from out of no where. He wraps his arm around Lauren's shoulder and kisses her cheek. She smiles warmly as she cuddles in close to him and wraps her arms around his waist.

...:::Tara Monroe:::... On tape, huh? Sounds like we need a nice slumber party. ~laughs~ Wow, I bet Jennifer would like to see that as well. We weren't kidding Eric. We really want to see it. I never met James Cornett but he sounds dreadful and I'm always up for a good laugh or two.

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... It's quite hilarious if I do say so myself. Eric was such the little genius coming up with the whole plan. It's one of the reasons I married him. For his mind and his adorable cocky attitude. ~laughs~

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... ~grinning~ Well what can I say? I'm cocky cause I know I'm just that damn good. Maybe you ladies should go out one night and have a nice ladies night.

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... I could use one of those and it would be nice getting to know you better Lauren. We'll have to do that. Jennifer would love to join too. Get us those tapes and we'll have a slumber party! ~laughs~ Oh but guys, I gotta go. I told Vince like fifteen minutes ago I'd meet him. Eric, are you headed that way?

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... Actually yeah, I'm headed that way. Care to escort me Mrs. Ryba? Or well, former Mrs. Ryba? ~laughs~

...:::Julie Peyton-Ryba:::... ~laughing~ I'd love to Mr. Bischoff. Lauren, it was nice to meet you. I'd love to get together for a nice outing. Maybe you and Tara can hash out the details and if you do, give me a call and Jennifer and I will be there. Tara, give Jessica kisses from her Aunty Julie. Bye hun.

Eric kisses Lauren on the cheek and gives her an "I love you" before hooking arms with Julie. She waves bye to Tara and Lauren and then heads off down the hall, laughing and chatting with Eric.