...::: The Bischoff Family:::...
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The Bischoff Family
|-::-| The Bischoff Family |-::-|

It's a lazy Saturday in the Bischoff family home. Eric is enjoying the down time at home by kicking back on the sofa and watching a few sport highlights. His daughter Brooklyn is seated on the floor indian style. She rests comfortabley on a blanket that has been spread out for her two twin brothers, Ethan and Elijah to have a seat on while they play with their toys. As the three chatter and play, Eric smiles down at the them. His wife, Lauren, is in the kitchen working on dinner. Their activities continue on for a few undistrubed moments until Eric looks down at Brooklyn and begins to speak.

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... You enjoying yourself Brookie?

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... Well, as much as I can in the company of two year olds. ~laughs~ Nah, they're fun. How about you Dad? Glad to be relaxing?

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... Yeah, it's nice. It's just really weird. I feel like I should be doing something, ya know? Maybe I'm use to working. Anyway, how's school going?

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... About the same. I like this school a lot. It's big and I was scared it would be hard to fit in at first, but I guess the bigger a school is, the more chance there is of fitting in some place.

Brooklyn looks back to her brothers and bites on her lip. She looks a little nervous and then turns back to her father.

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... Dad? Do you think we could stay here? I mean, not move anymore? I really like it here and I just..well I know it's your and Mom's decision where we go and what we do, and I know it's sorta for our own protection to move, I just wanna stay.

Eric looks at her and gives a warm smile. He motions for her to come have a seat next to him. She hops up and sits down next to him. He wraps an arm around her as they both kick their feet up onto the coffee table.

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... I promise you Brookie, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure we don't have to move around anymore. I really like it here too and I don't think it's fair to keep moving you around all the time. You need a place to call home and your mother and I are trying to do that for you and for your brothers. My job with Vince is going great and as for James, well he hasn't even tried bothering us, knock on wood. So I promise you, as long as it seems possible and safe for us to be here, we will be. Will that work for you?

Brooklyn smiles happily at Eric and hugs him tightly. He kisses her forehead and gives her a tight squeeze.

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... Yeah, that works for me. Thanks. So umm you really haven't heard from James? Nothing at all? That's good, right?

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... Well, to be honest, I don't know. No, I haven't heard from him but I don't know if that's good cause he's leaving us alone or if it means he has something up his sleeve. But the last time I checked, he was busy in some other wrestling federation. Maybe he's too busy with that to bother with us anymore. Either way, you know I keep an eye out. You're safe Brooke, just like I promised you would be.

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... Yeah, I know Dad. I trust you. I was just wanting to know how things were going with him....Maybe...I'm gonna help Mom. Mind watching Ethan and Eli?

Eric looks a little concerned at Brooklyn but nods and smiles. She kisses his cheek and then rushes off to the kitchen where she has a seat on a stool next to the kitchen isle. She smiles at her mother and then piddles with a wooden spoon. Lauren smiles back at her daughter as she continues to work on dinner.

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... What's the matter baby? Did you get bored of the boys?

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... No, not really. Just felt like a change of scene and I thought Dad could use the time with the little squirts.

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... Well that was sweet of you but you know your father would like time with you too. You don't have to worry about dinner sweetheart, I have it under control. You can go back into the living room with your Dad if you'd like.

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... No, that's okay. I can help set the table when it's closer to dinner time. So, Mom, how's life? Did you like your trip backstage with Dad?

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... Umm yes, yes I did. I got to meet quite a few people actually. Made new friends and even met someone that knows James. Do you remember Julie? Julie Peyton?

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... Julie Peyton? Umm yeah, I think I remember James mentioning her a few times. Why? Is that who you met?

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... Yes it is. She's really sweet and we have plans later on in the next few weeks. She's really busy it seems. Your father says she's a new executive to the company as well as being a tv character. She's gorgeous too. You'll have to meet her. I think she'd really get along with you. Plus she has two kids. Umm Noah and Gracie I believe it was. More or so around Ethan and Elijah's age. Just a year or so older. We should have them over some night.

...:::Brooklyn Cornett:::... Sounds like fun. I'll get the plates for dinner.

Lauren looks a little oddly at her daughter who slides off her stool and heads to grab plates for dinner. Rather than say anything, Lauren lets her odd behavior pass. Hours later, after dinner has been cleared away and the twins tucked into bed as well as Brooklyn, Lauren finds herself heading to bed. Eric is waiting for her as she slips into her side of the bed. She finishes rubbing lotion into her hands and then slides over to rest her head onto Eric's chest. He keeps her close as he holds out a piece of paper in front of him to read.

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... Eric? I'm really worried about Brooke. She's acting so strange. It's like nothing interests her and she seems to change the topic of conversation really quickly.

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... Really? She's been doing it to you too? She and I were having a nice talk in the living room and out of the blue, she just decided to go help you. It's like she didn't want to talk to me anymore. I thought I must have said something wrong. You don't think she's just being a teenager, do you?

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... ~sighing~ I don't know. Maybe. I just...I wish I knew what was going through her head. One minute she's fine and the next she's acting depressed.

...:::Eric Bischoff:::... So in other words, she's well on her way to being a woman? ~laughs~ I'm sorry sweetheart. But I do know what you mean. She's not acting like herself. How about we give it a few more weeks and then talk to her about it if things haven't changed? Maybe she could benefit from a therapist. Goodness knows this whole family probably needs one after the deal we've all been through.

...:::Lauren Bischoff:::... I couldn't agree more. Well, I suppose we'll try it then. Give her time to change and if not, just talk with her. Maybe seeing a therapist is what she really needs. If she can't talk to us and tell us what's the matter, maybe she can talk to someone else. I just hope it works. Come on, lights out. You don't need to stay up all night reading that.

Lauren kisses Eric's cheek and gives him a nice "I love you" before cuddling up to him. Eric smiles warmly and puts his paper down on the bedside table. He flips the lamp off and kisses his wife and returns the "I love you" before closing his eyes. Neither of the two find it easy to sleep as they are both worried about their daughter. But with a bit of luck, it would all work out in the end.