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Lhadro Harabec Arctous

This page was built so that you all may enjoy a little bit of information about my character, Harabec. First a little information about my self. I have played Castle Marrach for over 17 months and Harabec has been here as long as I have. I wouldn't get curious about any alts I have because frankly, I don't have any. I'm living way down here in vail Arizona secluded from alot of things. Any other info you would like just ask and maybe I will give it to you.

Enjoy the site and what creativity I was actually able to pull from my mind to create it, and please, read my simple rules, below, before you proceed to any other parts of this site.

[ Purple Room ] [ Dinning Hall ] [ Harabec's History ] [ Friends & Foes ] [ The Quest ] [ Battle Guild ]

Rules about this site: