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Grandia first appeared on the now long defunct Saturn around 1997. Worthwhile RPG's on the Saturn were badly needed and there wasn't many with probably only Panzer Dragoon Saga, Albert Gaiden Oddesey, and Shining Force III being the only good ones. Sadly, Grandia was never released outside of Japan and the people who did import the game had bear with an a lot of Japanese dialog. They were totally missing out one of the most important parts of an RPG - the story! Otherwise Grandia was an excellent RPG and this was a shame. Roll on 1999 (I use the dates for the European realease because I live in Ireland so they may not be the same where you are living!^^) and Grandia was realeased on the PlayStation! It shortly came to America and later to Europe. I have played it only on PlayStation and it easily became my favourite RPG! Manuel - Shock Manuel - Shock