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Ryudo Age: 17 Height: 176cm Weight: 64kg Official Biography: Ryudo makes his living as a Geohound, bouncing from job to job, completing them regardless of moral judgement. Ever since he was a child, he has taken his training seriously and now even his colleagues recognise his superior skills with the sword. Characterised as being cynical and pessimistic, Ryudo pushes forward, intent on getting the job at hand done. Ryudo loves to pick on his travelling companion, Skye. Although they sound harsh to one another at times, Skye is perhaps the only one who truly understands Ryudo. Skye Age: 40 Official Biography: Skye is Ryudo's most reliable partner and friend. Upon meeting Ryudo two years prior, he immediately took an interest in the closed-hearted Ryudo and thus began to journey with him. Acting as Ryudo' sole confident, Skye remains the only one to which Ryudo can share his life experience and deepest feelings with. Ryudo's indifference brings out the paternal side of Skye, who always seeks to refine Ryudo's often harsh tone of voice. Millenia Age: ? Height: 163cm Weight: 53kg Official Biography: Millenia is somewhat of a mystery. Somewhat capricious and impatient, Millenia cannot stand indecisiveness and is quick to pout when things do not go her way. Millenia is a mystery girl who appears suddenly. Although her hair is really long and beautiful, she keeps it in a strange hairdo. She says she hates to cut it but hates it even more to leave it hanging out. She is capricious and impatient and cannot stand slow and uncertain people. She is quick to pout when she doesn't get her way, going wild without a whit of concern for the lives of others. But she also has a soft spot for small and cute things, always trying to pet them. She is wild and uninhibited but she is really.... Elena Age: 17 Height: 158cm Weight: 45kg Official Biography: Elena is a "Granas Songstress". Although the name Songstress may sound high and noble, she is really just an acolyte in the Sisters of Granas who happens to be good at singing. She may seem to be trying to be helpful to people, but she is probably more like a busybody who just can't leave someone in trouble well alone. After entering the Church of Granas with its teachings to save those who are suffering, she begins to take care even of the other Sisters in the church. She has loved singing ever since she was little, and wishes that her singing could banish Darkness from the hearts of people and bring back the light. Roan Age: 13 Height: 145cm Weight: 37kg Official Biography: Roan is a who seems to be on a journey to find something. His silky blond hair makes him quite charming. Seemingly aware that others think he is cute, he is often fawned by adults. He sometimes uses oddly adult language. He seems to be well bred with perfect table manners and dresses well, taking pains to make sure his clothes stay clean even on a long journey. There is nothing to dislike about his manner and he gets along with everyone on the long trip, being the owner of a bright, distinct personality which makes everyone smile and feel good. Tio Age: ? (but appears to be a teenager) Height: 153cm Weight: 41kg Official Biography: Tio is an automation produced at the time of the Battle of Good and Evil long ago. She looks just like a human, but she has no feelings and can do nothing but carry out the orders she is given. When she is treated like a human or asked for her own opinion, she can only give a confused expression. She often tries to imitate actions which are unnecessary for her, such as eating food, perhaps because she is trying to understand what it is to be human. Melfice Age: 22 Height: 179cm Weight: 67kg Official Biography: Melfice has an elegant face and a peculiar appearance. His eyes have a cold-blooded gleam and an insane smile is always on his face. His actions are always full of ingenuity but the results they bring are nothing but cruel and inhuman. His swordsmanship is flowing and elegant, but he attacks his enemies mercilessly. Called the "Demon Man of Ruination" who brings ruination, corruption and chaos, he is said to bring a terrible curse to man and land alike by merely passing through. Mareg Age: late 30's Height: 193cm Weight: 113kg Official Biography: Mareg is a beast-man who has been searching for the evil enemy who had attacked his village. He is a hunter at home in nature who walks across fields and mountains without making a sound, ever intent on his prey. The basis for his actions is not on theory or logic, but rather what he feels from the flow of nature, and he believes that living according to this way of thinking is life itself. He has a hearty personality and an equally hearty appetite which can be astonishing to those around. He has a stern countenance but a kind nature. Zera Innocentius Age: 58 Official Biography: Zera Innocentius is His Holiness, the Pope of the Church of Granas. As the central personality of a world-wide religion, he is a well known man. At the Granas Cathedral, he has continued to pray for the happiness and prosperity of mankind and preach about the second coming of the holy God Granas in order to save the cursed world. Selene Age: 23 Official Biography: Selene is a high priestess in the church of Granas. Many people are said to be taken by her noble and beautiful, almost ephemeral appearance. Her smile is full of affection and her eyes shine with a strong will in search of righteousness. However, in addition to her kind expression she also has the face of a merciless inquisitor of heretics. She travels around on her own to various lands around the world with the Knights under her control in order to prevent the Revival of Valmar. She and her Cathedral Knights are known as the Hammer of Granas. Carro Official Biography: These animals live in underground passages and caverns. Their distinctive big tails can shine to light up dark dungeons. Other than liking dark places, little is known about these animals, but if you make friends with them, they might just help out Ryudo and his party on his journey.