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Good Vs Evil

Android 17-4/20/04

**Tournament Update**

Here is the new changes for the tourney

**Here is the Tourney Bracket**

**The numbers by the side indicate the match number**

**The planet the chatroom where you are to fight in**

**You dont have to be on that planet that is only where your fighting at**

**Please meet at your location at 2:158*

**when both members are there you may start fighting** 

*Post in the hypobolic tie chamber if you won or lost
who you fought and what member you lost to so i may assign you to the next room* 

First Match ups  
1. Goku vs Android 13 (Earth)
2. Bardock vs Gotenks (Namek)
3. Majin Vegeta vs Winner of match 2 (New Vegeta)
4. Android 17 vs Winner of match 1 (Meat)

In addition the tourney will be double elimination

5. Loser of match 1 vs Loser of match 2 (Kanassa)
6. Loser of Match 3 vs Loser of match 4 (Voon)

7. Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of match 4 (Plant) 
8. Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of match 6 (Yardat)

9. Winner of Match 5 vs Winner of Match 6 (New Namek)
10. Winner of Match 7 vs Winner of Match 8 (Freiza)
11. Winner of Match 9 vs Loser of Match 10 (Dark Star)
12 Winner of Match 10 vs Winner of Match 11 (Hypobolic)

Winner of match 12 is the official champion


1st 1 Item Under $801 Zenni, other under $501 Zenni
2nd 1 Item Under $501 Zenni
3rd 1 Item Under $301 Zenni
4th $1,000 Zenni
5th $1,500 Zenni
6th $1,700 Zenni

Earth DragonBalls: Restored
Namek DargonBalls: Restored
New Namek Dargon Balls: Restored
Dark Star Dargon Balls: Restored, free web site submission and promotion to the search engines 

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